15 Mar 2017

The mind is such an amazingly powerful sex machine. It can dream up the most of erotic scenes. It can pave plans to get there. It can even sometimes bring together the role players.

It has been a long awaited dream of mine to arrange a lingerie show for couples. If you have teenagers at home, logistics could easily become a hamper to many ideas – more so the more erotic ones. But with a strong mind set, there often would be a solution of sorts…

Good quality lingerie generally is well designed, well manufactured clothes that often (I’d say always…) deserves to be seen by OTHERS for longer than the 5 minutes it is often used to seduce, prior to disappearing.

About a year ago I arranged with a local lingerie shop (not quite a boutique, neither a common franchise) to bring selected lingerie and sexy evening dresses along to a house party. We used a friend’s house in Summerstrand (plenty space & no kids) and I arranged for a stripper lady (a without the sleaze one) to join us for the evening. Strange, but often one needs a trigger to get an event of this nature going. Clever me asked her to bring a (boy)friend with and nobody realized she was there in the capacity of “stripper”. (I don’t quite like the word when it comes to sophisticated women getting rid of their clothes at the rhythm of music.)

So..the evening started slowly with nice music, cheese & wine, a few “shots” for some and a brief run-down on a few sex toys. It is understandable that (let’s call her Vez – the shop owner) need to do a bit a sales talk…

And then she started to go through the clothes, starting with the evening dresses. If you can find someone knowledge-able on dress codes & evening dresses, it helps quite a bit. And Vez knew her story. I know, because most of the dresses had to be worn without bra’s, or panties, or both. They were designed for that….And when she asked who wants to try on the first dress, Kim, the “get rid of clothes”-lady, had her hand in the air instantly. She disappeared into a room pre-arranged for changing clothes, and came out, parading a much-revealing dress under huge appreciation.

And so Vez continued to the next dress. I was surprised that one of the other women was quick to volunteer as the next “model.” The “crowd” was amazing. Much appreciation was shown for the courage & willingness of the ladies to “model”. The general tone was one of disappearing into the ”change room” and coming back into the “show room” under considerable verbal and other appreciation. She would then walk the entire room, slowly, spending time in front of all eager eyes. Most of the dresses were either see-through, or revealing quite a bit. All but one lady took part.

And then we got to the more intimate lingerie. Some could be tried on (e.g. corsettes) whilst other had to be bought before you could wear them. Soon it became too much of an effort to use the “change room’. Kim set the tone by taking off her clothes (yes, everything) to try on a bra. And most of the others followed. Soon the “show room” became filled with naked and semi-naked women at various stages of trying something on, before doing a few lapses of honour to show off.

And then came the peak of the evening….the panties, thongs, g-strings…One lady had something very tiny in her hands, looking across to hubby with “would you mind paying for these” – eyes. He did not respond in good time and one of the other men said he will pay for the pantie, she can sure take it and try it on – which she promptly did right there. And that set the tone for the rest of the evening. Mr X would buy something (very small) for Ms Y, Mr Y for Ms Z, etc, etc. All women left the house that night, with fine lace or silk that was bought for them by another man…

The evening exceeded my expectations, yet for those that want to try something similar with a group of close friends, the following wise words of advice. Even women with the most fantastic bodies, still are very sensitive to their perceived weaknesses in looks. Regrettably, but fact. More so the women that had children and no post birth boob job. (My personal preference is for natural – by far). Hence, not a single nasty or semi-nasty word is required at an evening of this nature. Appreciate the women, their courage & willingness, give them credit for what they do…and do compliment them.

You may just be surprised what an evening like this could offer….