Written by Anonymous

08 Feb 2019

So I met this couple at keys on Florida road, it was beautiful night and her hubby decided to leave me and her alone, we go on the dance floor exploring each other's moves she starts grinding on me and before you know it my thick cock was rubbing on her ass. She was shocked because she didn't believe a man so young could be so well.... Endowed.

We head to my car, hubby is still no where to be found

She starts kissing me and gets on top of me grinding and rubbing her pussy on my dick

She gets off and sucks me gagging and bearly able to get her mouth past the first 5cm of my cock.

She heads out and she tells me to come over the next night.

The next night I go over

She tells me her hubby has bought a "few toys" for us after a few drinks we get all touchy

I'm gripping on her thigh craving to slide in

Before I do she takes me to the bedroom where there is handcuffs and a sex whip

I ripped off her clothes

Kissing her everywhere

Sucking on her clit and making sure her wet thick pussy is nice and wet for me

I pin her down handcuffing her

I tease her with just the tip of my dick sliding in and out she enjoys it and moans

And then bam

I slide all 27cm of me in her

She screams and moans calling me daddy

I'm pounding and I can feel her jucies on my balls

Her head is tilted back and she can't take it no more

She orgasms multiple times trying to close her legs but I forced them open so she could have that orgasm longer

I flip her over and give her doggystyle

She screams and moans

She calls me daddy and I am on edge an hour later

I cum inside her filling her pussy up with a beautiful creampie

She's breathing heavily and she comes back down on me and kisses my cock

What a wonderful night indeed it was.

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