Written by Robert01

23 Mar 2012

Hi I hope you all enjoy my story it totally true. I had been divorced or seperateted for about a year when I ndt Kay, she was exceptionally stunning. About 6 foot tall with the sexiest ass I had ever seen 6n a woman. Every thing was tightly packed and what ever she wore made an impression. Kay had a 34 C breast that was extremely perky. She did not wear underwear as it made her feel sexy. This she told me to start with. As you can imagine I was crazy for her and we had sex day and night. Ond day Kay explained that she wamted me to find and watch another man fuck her. As you can imagine this had me excited. No thats not true ha ha I was very excited and very hard day and night. The ided really appealed to us both but finding a suitable man to fuck your lady is not easy. One Frgfday evening we were out at our local pub having a few drinks when Kay noticed a man Jeff at the pub. He was not good lookhng more your average guy. I offered to buy him a few drinks and then invited him to join us at home. Jeff accepted and I kind of liked this huy. We arrived at our place and knowing what she had in mind I suggested she freshen up while I poured drinks. Jeff and I were in the lounge when Kay returned. She was wearing just a Black silk nighty. Immediately Jeff and I kmew there was nothing under it. Kay was not extrovert but also not shy. Her body showed through the gown and both Jeff and I wanted her. After a few drinks and some chat we decided to play Poker. It was an even game between Jeff and I as Kay was not good at cards. It was dowm to the final hand and we were deciding what to bet when Kay suggested she be the prize. The winner could have what ever he wanted. We both agreed and naturally I lost.

We all had a nervous laugh and Kay went to pour more drinks. When she returned Jeff asked me if he could have his prize. I agreed. .Jeff then instructed Kay to come to him and he gently removed her gown telling her to keep quiet. kay stood naked bef6re him. The one thing I loved about Kay was she allways had a clean shaven Pussy allways very smooth and it protruded likd a Beetles Bonet.

Jeff immediately started to kiss and lick her. I think we both did not know what to do so done nothing. It was not long before I could see that she was enjoying what he was doing. i watched him open her legs and slip several fingers inside her. Kay was groaning and enjoying it. Jeff then moved her to the couch and indicated for me to come and sit closer to her. He repuested that we kiss while he stripped off all his cloths in front of us.

Jeffs cock was hard and it pointed out towards Kay. He then explained to us both that he was going to take his time and fuck her and that H rhould kiss her while he does so that I can feel and experience how she enjoys it. We agreed. I could see him open her legs and pull her closer to him. Jeff was kneeling on the floor in front of the couch and had her bum off the couch and her legs open to take him in. As I kissed her I could feel her moan and breath as he entered her.Jeff was in no hurry and he wanted to make sure I knew he was fucking her. He used slow long and powerfull thrusts. pulling his cock almost all the way out then pushing it in again in a way that made her moan. Kay was goana cum. I could tell by the way she was breathing and kissing me. When it haqened I could tell she started to shake and got very wet. It was wow exciting. Jeff then asked if he could finish and of3fred to cum on her pussy but az then we both wanted it inside. When he came it was alot and he filled her up. We all enjoyed it and Jeff slept owm the couch. In the bedroom wow the two of us fucked she was so excited and so wet. As you can imaghne Jeff was invited back to fuck her many times.