18 Apr 2017

I met her in cyber world (yes, right here), thereafter in real world. She is very real. She is sexy (as per my definition). She is extremely responsive. And, like all of us, she has limits.

Sometimes limits need to be put to the test – either deliberately, or, sometimes co-incidentally.

One Friday afternoon the following words let themselves out of my mouth without prior permission from the owner of my mouth :

“Ms, do you want to join me to a swingers’ party tonight? In fact, it could possibly be better described by an 'orgy'. ”

Ms Sexy is not a great fan of orgies and she started to asked the ‘normal’ questions :

She :” Where – what venue? Who else is going to attend? “

Me :”I am not allowed to tell you. It’s a highly secretive monthly meeting involving high profile professionals from town.”

She :” Uhmm…how do I know that I will be safe.”

Me :”You need to trust me – the main principle upon which the existence of the group is based, is complete trust.”

She: “…And I cannot have an idea of the approximate location of the venue…? Summerstrand? Humewood, Broadwood, Lovemore Heights ?...”

Me : “No. Members are only informed about the venue (which move around) 1 to 2 hours ahead of time. It is done for the sake of discretion.”

She : “ Uhmm….”

Me : “There are 2 further ‘problems’ – things that do not fall within your frame of limits..”

She : “And that is ?”

Me : “There is an initiation ceremony for new members. You will be a new member. And secondly, no condoms are allowed.”

She : “No ways! Count me out.”

And the mails died for a few minutes….Then

She : “Why are condoms not allowed?”

Me: “The group’s main principle is mutual trust. Yet all members need to undergo monthly tests for HIV and other diseases. It is offered free of charge due the over supply of medical doctors and specialists on the group. At entrance a test will be done and the results will be available by the time the second round of drinks have been served.”

She : “No ways!”

And the mails died for a few minutes….Then

She : “How do I know that the HIV testing procedure would be medically trustworthy and clean?”

Me : “You need to trust me.”

And the mails died for a few minutes….Then

She : “What does the initiation ceremony entails ?”

Me : “ You will be on ‘display’ at some stage during the evening. Each male member of the group would have the right to have sex with you during this time.”

She : “No ways! “

And the mails died for a few minutes….Then

She : “How many male members are in the group ? “

Me : “Approximately 25. They may not all attend every ‘meeting’ though.”

She : “No ways! Forget it!”

And the mails died for a few minutes….Then

She : “Tell me about the members. Give me a ‘typical’ profile.”

Me: “They are all high profile professionals from town: Lawyers, engineers, GP’s, specialists…People that cannot afford to be exposed or linked to this life style. Don’t be too surprised to find your gynaecologist there.”

She : “How do I know that’s true?”

Me : “You need to trust me. At further meetings you would have the opportunity to enter into ‘normal’ conversation with them. You are intelligent. Put them to the test.”

Etc. etc. etc.

She eventually joined me to the party. Or not. Take your guess…