Written by No Name

19 Oct 2015

Well after my experience with Sipho my hunger became even worse.As fate would have it last week Tuesday my hubby informs me he and the guys are taking their motorcycles and going on a, let's call it a mini rally for the weekend.This is nothing new and although he really wants me to go with him I had other thoughts on my mind.Friday morning just past seven in the morning my husband left.I had a couple of errands to run so after he left I took a shower,got dressed and went to the mall.Getting into my car I couldn't help and smile as I looked at my cars bonnet recalling how Sipho fucked me senseless.After I finished my errands I phoned one of my friends to hear if she wanted to have lunch,but she and her husband where out of town for the day.This was when I decided to rather go home and have lunch by my pool.Arriving home I couldn't wait to get into my bathing suit and fix myself some lunch,grab a cold bottle of wine and get into my pool.Fifteen minutes later I was sitting next to my brilliant blue pool,having green salad and a ice cold glass of wine under the shade of the lapa.After lunch I took a refreshing dip in the pool before having some more wine.Maybe it was the wine but at some point realised I was getting extremely aroused again and thinking of me and Sipho I really needed a black cock in me.I could feel my pussy getting wet.To my dismay Sipho had found a better job,I was happy for him but would miss him.With this my attention turned to my next door neighbour.A tall,athletic man,musculer build and most important black.Except for the quick hellos at our gates or the occasional quick chat when we pass each other while jogging I don't know very much about him,accept that he is a an engineer and divorced.Although our pool area is very private,at a certain point in the backyard my neighbour can see into my yard and I can look onto their balcony.With devious thoughts in my head I took of by bathing suit and put on my bathrobe and walked to this spot in the backyard.Hoping but not expecting to see my neighbour I waited for about 10 minutes.To my utter relieve and surprise he was home and came out standing with a beer on his balcony.Looking at this musculer man I immediatly became wet again.Waiting for the right moment when he would look in my direction I stood their with my arms folded.Then it happend turning his head towards me I opened my bathing suit exposing my breast and womenhood to him.I'm sure he couldn't believe what he was seeing,covering myself up again I gestured to him to come over.Minutes later I heard the bell at the front gate,seeing that its Andile I pressed the remote to open the gate.From the kitchen window I gestured to him to meet me at the back."Hi,welcome"I said to him while giving him a slutty smile."Hi baby,thanks"he replied with lust in his eyes.We walked up to the lapa."Can I get you something to drink"I asked as he took a seet."Ja a beer please"he replied.The fridge behind the bar counter under the lapa was stacked with all sorts of drinks from cooldrinks to alcohol.I got him a beer and a cyder for myself.I took a seat adjacent him.Enjoying our drinks we talked and laughed all the time knowing he is here for sex and he must be as horny as hell,I know I was.....Feeling really tipsy I couldn't stand it anymore.From my crossed legs position I slowly undid my bathrobe.I uncrossed my legs and seductively spread my legs wide open.There I was sitting breasts and WET pussy uncovered.Looking at Andile I could see the absolute lust in eyes.Putting down his beer he got up and walk over to me kneeling down infront of me putting my legs over his shoulders.Softly he caressed my pussy running his finger in my slit.With his thumb and index finger her exposed my clit,slowly teasing it with his tongue."Wait"I said as I pushed him away."Let's go inside"I said as we got up and went to my bedroom.Inside my bedroom I took of my bathrobe and got down on the bed my husband and I sleep on,have made love on.....Spreading my legs Andile got in between my legs and started eating my pussy,o my god my nipples where so hard and my juices where flowing.After what seemed forever he got to his feet.Sitting up with him standing infront of me he slowly pulled down his pants,pulling the pant over the bulge revealed the biggest,hardest and thinkest cock I have ever seen.To describe his cock was about 20cm long,about as thick as a dumpy beer bottle.I put my hands on his ass and pulled him closer taking his penis in my mouth.It was difficult at first but I managed to get him in my mouth.The taste of his manhood and his precum tasted so good.I didn't blow him to long I didn't want him to cum yet.Letting go if him I lay down on my back and spread my legs wide open.Getting onto the be with me Angile took position between my legs.Before penetrating me he asked if I want a condom,I said no........He took hold of his cock and playfully rubbed the head over my pussy.I felt his penis slowly starting to separate my pussylips.He was huge the biggest I ever had in me and slowly he worked his way into me,eventualy manage to accept him better and we got a rythm going.It was incredable having this musculer bull on top of me fucking me with his black manhood.Wrapping my legs around him and digging my nails into his back I enjoyed the fucking he was giving me,even a couple of times touching my cervix with his cockhead.Kissing my breasts and sucking on my nipplesI couldn't control my moans anymore I was on the edge of an orgasm,his penis rubbing and stimulating my clit.I could feel I was close,my muscles started to contract and I felt pressure building followed by intense release of pleasure,radiatic from my clit to rest of my body.Through all this Andile kept on thrusting harder and faster,our crotches slapping as we fucked.His moans and thrusts became more and more intense until finally with one last intense thrust he pushed his cockhead right up against my cervix and ejaculating stream after stream of white semen against my cervix.I felt his cock jerk and jump inside me and the warm feeling of semen inside me.We just lay there him on top of me,every no again I still felt his cock jerk inside me.After a couple of minutes he slowly withdrew from me,I saw the contrast of white semen on his black penis what n beautiful sight.Lying on my back I eventually felt the backflow of semen from my vagina,I couldn't believe it the quantity,it had formed a poolon my bed.We had sex for the rest of the weekend,he only went home on Sunday morning.As I am writing this encounter there is still residual semen leaking from me.