Written by No name

17 Oct 2015

If there is something that woman don't always admit to it is when they are sex addicts.Usually this is something that you would associate with men,but I am a sex addict.To draw you a picture of how I look,I am 25 year old married woman,brown hair,brown eyes,fair skin,my height 161 cm, weight 70kg,and my measurements 38-34-40.My husband and I enjoy a healthy sex life but he doesn't know about my addiction.I have always enjoyed sex with multiple partners outside my marriage that my husband doesn't know about.I have had sex in the strangest places from cars next to the road to ally ways.All my lovers were always white men and I never crossed racial lines,mainly because I was raised this way.This however does not mean that I haven't fantasized about a hard black cock fucking my white pussy.One Thursday evening when my husband came home he tells me he has to leave early on Friday morning for Durban to collect engine part at the port and he will only be back on Friday night late since we live Johannesburg.So Friday morning he leaves at 2 am and ones I am awake I am awake and I can't fall asleep again.Rather that just lying in bed watching tv I decided to tidy the house and do some laundry at 2:30 in the morning!By 5:30 I was finished and the sun was already starting to rise.Sitting on my bed I browsed internet on my laptop and came across the porn websites I like to visit.On the one video I see this white girl getting fucked by a black guy made me as wet as a river.I just knew today will be the day.At 8am our gardener Sipho arrived for work.During the day he works in our garden and studies part time to become a lawyer.I have always admired his well build body,strong and musculer.By 9:00 I couldn't stand it any more.I quickly took a shower and got ready.I put on a cool summer dress but no panties and went outside.I found Sipho my the pool cleaning the filter."Morning Sipho how are you."I greeted."Morning Yolandi fine and you"he replied."Fine thanks"I responded as I walked into the garage to get my plan in motion.Even if he is our gardener he is only a year younger than me so from the first time I met him I asked him to call me by my name.Standing in the garage I was dripping wet and desperite for a cock in me!"Sipho can you please help me"I called out.Moments later he was in the garage asking what he can help me with."Can you please get me that box on the shelve I can't reach it please"I said.As he turned to the shelves trying to reach the box I sat down on my car bonnet and lifted up my dress,exposing my wet dripping pussy.As Sipho turned around he was so shocked he dropped the box and stared at my pussy."Sipho do you want me"I asked him while running my finger over my pussy.He couldn't outer a word but I could see his penis getting erect inside his pants.I reach to him and pulled him closer."Its ok I want you to have me".Slowly he ran his fingers over my pussy slipping his middle finger into me,shivers ran up my spine as we kissed.Feeling his erection through his pants in my hands made me even more wet.I was mesmerized.I pulled down is pants and his erect penis pointed at me as I opened a condom and slipped it onto his penis.With one hand I guided is penis to my wet pussy,finding his mark Sipho pushed and slid into me.O god I was in ecstasy with this man fucking me so hard on my car bonnet.I don't know how long he fucked me or how loud I was but I could feel my orgasm approaching.I couple of time Sipho slipped out of me but would penetrate me immediatly again.It was all to much for me as I started moaning loudly as my orgasm washed over me.I was just lying there having my strongest orgasm ever and Sipho thrusting into me like a bull.Seconds later I felt Sipho fucking harder and faster and then him moaning loudly he as he also reached orgasm.He could feel his penis pulsing in me pumping load after load of sperm into me.Luckly we used a condom.After minutes just lying in each other arms on my car bonnet we got up.As Sipho pulled his softning penis out of me shock almost made my hart stop.He wasn't wearing the condom!"Where's the condom"I yelled as I jumped up.There on the ground the condom was lying all wet and shriveled up at our feet.I looked at Siphos penis covered in sperm and reached down running my hand over my pussy,my hand was covered in semen.I could feel semen seeping down my leg."Yolandi I'm I'm I'm sorry I don't know what happend I didn't do it on purpose"he said visibly shocked."Its ok Sipho"I said as I put my arms around him and hugged him.I picked up the condom and went to take a shower.At first I was shocked but as I got use to the idea I actually got excited thinking about Sipho sperm inside me and the idea of fucking my husband tonight.