21 Oct 2016

The Home coming!

Monday 17 October, I awake to the sound of my phone's alarm. I lean over and press the dismiss button. Silence! I suppress a yawn stretch my body and sat up in bed. It dawned on me - today is the day - I have to fetch my husband at the airport. He has been gone a full 6 months.

I jump out of bed and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet pot and relieved myself. I looked at my pussy, thinking today you are having a party, what a lucky girl! I got into the shower and as the warm water cascaded over my breasts, my nipples tingled and stood erect. At the same time I became aware of that base feeling of intense sexual need.

I finished up in the shower and got dressed. I decided to wear a black short dress quite a few centimeters above my knees. It fitted me like a second skin. I decided not to wear panties. I know my husband would like it. The clock showed 10:30, Qatar Airlines lands at 11:10, ample time still for a cup of coffee and then drive to Cape Town International. I parked the car in a corner parking slightly obscured by pillars.

I felt a sense of total eagerness and excitement in seeing him, I couldn't wait. Then I spotted him and our eyes locked, my heart was racing and I was breathing rapidly. He scooped me up in his arms and kissed me. The world stood still. I felt his hardon and it took all my willpower not to touch it in front of all the people standing around. As he put me down his hands stroked over my body resting on my butt and moving his hand forward, he touched my pussy. He smiled when he felt my wetness and said: "Great! You're not wearing panties!" I just smiled.

He stood with his arms wrapped around me as we waited for the luggage and again I felt his bulge! He was certainly in the mood. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear. He scooped up his luggage placed it on the trolley and we proceeded to the lifts. We reached the car and it was then that he just grabbed me and kissed me rubbing his hands all over my body. He pressed me against the car and deftly unzipped his fly, and took out his rock hard throbbing cock. Pre-cum was dripping from the tip. He wore no boxers nor an underpants. I thought he planned this! He shoved his cock into my pussy and just held it there - still - deep inside - I wanted to move but he held me still, his mouth on my neck, kissing it seductively. It sent shivers through my body and played havoc in my pussy. I heard voices and looked back, two ladies were going to their car. They looked at us and smiled and I politely smiled back thinking I wonder if you can see that I have cock deep inside my pussy.

Without warning my husband lifted me off the ground and onto his hips and fucked me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and just enjoyed this beautiful fuck ride. He pushed hard and deep, he couldn't hold back anymore and he just exploded deep inside me. It was incredible, this intense feeling of mutual orgasmic bliss. I've never fucked in public before. The feeling was exhilarating. What a blessing for wet wipes, it sure came in handy. The drive home took too long for both of us. I wanted to fuck him, ride him, sit on top of his cock and rock away. I wanted to suck him and I needed him to eat my pussy.

We reached home and headed straight for the bedroom and fucked the morning away! I'm glad my man is back, but I'm not giving up on his 62 year old friend! A girl has to have a substitute when her husband leaves on 18 November.