Written by Lezelle

31 Dec 2017

As one of only three female chartered accountants at top level in the company i take my work extremely serious and put in long hours to insure my work is immaculate this includes some weekends and holidays.It's past 22:00 as i drive home from my office in Randburg feeling restless.The whole day i have had this,to put it rudely,a horny feeling.A tight feeling in my loins and the desire to be filled by a man.I have been married for 5 years to my husband and although i love him my sexual desires is a hunger he cant satisfy and although we never openly spoke of it he ones found a used female condom i forgot to throw away after having a sexual encounter.As i am driving i spot this African guy hitchhiking.I felt tingling in my pussy as i thought of the idea of having my first black lover.I pulled over and saw him approaching the passenger door.The surprise on his face was evident when he saw it was a white woman driving the car and offering him a lift.I asked him where he was going and after telling me i told him to get in.At first he was hesitant but realising their was no other lifts he got in and we drove off.We started talking your basic chit chat.By now my pussy was soaking wet for this guy next you me.I knew i had to act immediatly and calmly pulled over to the side of the road,opened my handbag and took out a condom.I looked at him with a smile and asked if he was interested.He looked at me and with a grin on his face took the condom from me and i knew it was on.We looked for a private place and found a spot behind a petrol station.He unzipped his pants and out popped this massive black cock.There in the dark i stroked it and eventually gave him a blowjob.His cock was massive.By this time i was dripping wet.I reclined my car seat and he moved over to me.We started kissing as he pulled down by panties from under my skirt with one hand.He started caressing my pussy and gently finger fucked me while we kissed.The whole time i felt his massive cock pressing against my thigh,only centimeter from from my pussy.I was in heaven with this guy kissing me,eventually my legs where spread open and he was on top of me kissing me and caressing my now exposed breasts.He almost send me over the edge as he started teasing me by poking his cock against my wet pussy,but not entering me.I knew he had not put the condom on yet.I could take now more!I put my hands on his buttocks and whispered to him its ok.I pulled him closer and felt as his cock gently entered me spreading my pussy lips.I was entranced as this man filled me with his massive cock.Every gentle thrust every kiss was ecstasy.I cant remember how many times he made me cum.Eventually his thrusts became more harder and intense.I was his fuck toy and i loved it.Suddenly he stiffend up and with one final hard thrust deep into me he shot his cum into me.It was so intense as he jerked ontop of me filling me.I dont know how long we just stayed like that with him ontop and inside me.He got of me and with this this river of semen came running out onto my car seat.I cleaned myself with some tissues and pulled my panties back up.We both had a cigarette before i drove off and i dropped him at his place.When i got home i took a shower,my panties was cum stained and wet.I made sure i left them in such a way that my husband would see them.Already half asleep my felt my husband get into bed behind me and felt his erect cock against my buttocks.He slightly lifted my leg and felt him enter me.He didnt take long and after a few thrusts he came in me.He was no match for my black lover.My period has been late this month so well see what happens......