Written by skollie_smit

15 Jan 2013

It was a late afternoon and i have been driving for quite a while. As i was about to turn i saw two ladies hitcing a ride, being tired and still a way to go i decided to stop and lo and behold they accepted the offer.

Driving along we exchainged pleasantrys and just as a matter off fact i mentioned being quite a naugty guy. Filly the young lady next to me gave me the slightest of winks and this got me going. As a matter off fact i toutched her on the upper thy ever so lightly and saw that this was met by a aproving smile. The township where they were going was a way further then the place i was on my way to. Filly asked me my phone number and told me that she never met a white guy that she had such a good laugh with and if i would be interested to continue the conversation .

About two hours later i received a call ,Filly asked me if there was a posibility for me to fetch her as she could not get me out off her head . I was thinking exactly the same thing but did not mention that her pert boobs and nicely shaped thy's was that witch kept my mind racing. driving to the township horny thaughts passed my mind as wel as a slight feeling off angst, as i was turning fifty soon and she being twenty for one and me being white and she being black the other . At this point i have to mention that this to me was a first. Cloke and dagger was the way i had to pick her up as she was shy for her people to see her with a boer, to me this only made me more horny.

The car did not even make the first corner when she took my hand rubbing my fingers and placing my hands on her thy slightly nudging it towards her . Boy was i turned on she removed her pantyhose, her skin like velvet under my toutch. She ever so slowly opened her legs stil driving i had it dificult concentrating on the road whilst her warm leg was begging more.

as my fingers crawled towards her deep inner thy i felt a warm glow like feeling she had no panty on and she was so wet that it felt like a dam that burst.

As we came to my room we started kissing, her lips full and sweet her tong darting in and out off my mouth ,Golly it was like two heated annimals let loose. She started stripping my pants grabbing my manhood that was so stif it hurt . Removing her blouse i could not keep my eyes from the most buetifull brests i ever laid my eyes appon, She turned around and told me that she like being fucked from behind ,her pussy was dripping wet and not in the mood to be invited again i moved in slowly letting my swollen head caressing her clit this drove her into a gasping frenzy begging me to fuck her. The temptation to keep on teasing her was abruptly cut short when she could not stand it annymore grabing my cock she about forced me into her. OOOOOHH fuking amazing i just did not want this to end her tight pussy clamping down on me she revving backwards everytime i moved in, She started making animal sounds louder louder woweee ssssssssshit she came with sutch vigor and enthusiasm that i exploded inside her to soon. Shuddering with pleasure we fel down on my bed laying for a few minutes, to exausted to move orr talk.

Later on she asked me to take her back ,she probably could see the dissapointment on my face and told me that i should come visit shortly as she had had the most exilirating experience of her life and hope that we see each other shortley.

The next visit as the others that followed have been as much fun as the first and even better .