Written by redrose

12 Nov 2013

We are driving down the highway, its a beautiful sunny day one can see for miles its so clear. We don't have a care in the world. Your hand is softly caressing my knee, I have my hand on your thigh. I look over at you, smile and think how much I have come to love you in such a short time. You sense I am watching you and turn to look at me. You smile and lean over to kiss me tenderly, your kiss sends electrical currents through my body. My nipples instantly become erect. You notice and laugh as you slide your hand further up my thigh under my skirt. You look me in the eye as your hand slides up my thigh and reach my pants, I open my legs slightly as you slide my pants over and slip your fingers into my warm, wet pussy. I put my left foot onto the dashboard and my right leg as far to the right as possible, opening myself for you. I put my hands on top of yours pushing it deeper into me. I can hear my juices as your fingers thrusting into my pussy. My juices are flowing freely. You thrust deeper into me and I can hear a soft suction noise as you do so. I pull your hand out and lick your fingers one by one, not taking my eyes off yours. I lean over and kiss you allowing you to taste my juices. While I kiss you I rub your cock through your shorts, you are so hard. I slip my hand inside and pull your throbbing cock out I lower my head into your lap and begin suck you softly, just the head to begin with and steadily your whole cock. You moan softly under your breath and push my head down onto your cock forcing me to go down further onto your cock. I feel my eyes water as I begin to gag but I continue to suck you. I feel my juices gushing out of me wetting my seat in the process.

I feel the car begin to slow down and turn off the main road. Finally you stop the car and tell me to stop and climb out, I do so. I wait for you, I feel my juices start to run slowly down my legs. My pussy is throbbing from desire.

You move me in front of the car, push me down onto the bonnet. You lift my skirt up and rip my panties off. You part my legs and proceed to finger my cunt. I press myself down onto the bonnet and push my bum out towards you. You stop finger me and part my bum cheeks, slowly I feel you slide your cock into my bum, I cry out from pure pleasure as I feel your cock enter me, I feel a bit of pain but I love it. You thrust slow and deep to begin with but isn't long before you are fucking my arse, fast, deep and hard. I tell you to fuck me harder, to punish me and make me your whore. You become even more excited and thrust harder forcing my hips against the bonnet, hurting me a little but I ignore the pain and just enjoy you fucking me.

I feel you begin to shudder and tremble, you withdraw your cock from my arse, move away slightly, turn me around and force me onto my knees. In your excitement you rip my shirt open and ask me to remove it and my bra, I do so. I barely have them removed when I feel your hot semen shoot onto my breast, I open my mouth and guide your cock into my mouth and swallow as much as I can. You just keep shooting into my mouth, you trust deeper into my mouth forcing me to give you deep throat. My eyes begin to fill up with tears, they flow down my cheeks as I feel myself gush again. The juices running down my legs freely. I feel your semen beginning to dribble from my mouth and land onto my boobs. Finally you have no more left to shoot. You stop thrusting and allow me to suck your cock clean. Your knees become weak and you sit on the grass next to me, you smile and look into my eyes, tell me you love me more and more each second. You pull me to you and hold me so tight as if your life depended on it. You reach for my bra and help me put it on, you reach for my blouse, and slip it onto my shoulder, try and do what buttons are left on there, I giggle at you clumsy attempt at helping me get dressed. Finally we are both calm and satisfied and we proceed to our home.