Written by Charles Man Harris

15 Nov 2016

i have been on swinging sites on and off since 2005 out of curiosity. meet interesting people here. this website is the best on the eyes. not complicated. however. and. unfortunately it has what all websites like this has. a corner somewhere, where single men end up conjuring around members pictures and drool over and over, and harass the uniqueness of this playground.

the one thing that remains the same is the "Harvey Wallbangers". an acronym for the elite group of single men who befoul the purpose of this lifestyle on this website. couples?. this is not at all meant for the males in your relationships.

i was never fond of viewing a female members page where the wallbangers pop by every photograph where they can, have a textual ejaculation by commenting "Ooh yea, would love to lick that baby". what are you thinking, that you will get laid. really... i feel it is my duty as a fellow man to tell you this..... she does not know who you are my china.... get real...... take some time and introduce yourself before you tell her how you want to spread your very, very special sperm all over her.

Google has over 2 billion websites indexed. i am sure there are hundreds of websites that has pickup lines ... because posting."i would love to see what is under the bonnet". stopped working round about my first erection. and that was 1974. please help me out. is it that you think, that that woman's body, is shaking in anticipation when you write "Nice landing strip"?. You are not talking to another man guys. this is a woman. she is not going to get excited when you use terms like landing strip. get to know her before you baptize her body parts.

The idea how you go from profile to profile and make these sexually senseless comments goes beyond my understanding.

The woman here, just like you, are here to live out fantasies. explore their female being. sooth some curiousness's. or just make up for whatever useless "shit for men" they spent months or years getting away from. You are not going to score guys, your lack of creativity is sad.

you cannot go from picture to picture and ejaculate your emotional IQ of 1.9 all over them because you think they are desperate. you are the desperate lot. and yes.. before some tender male ego gets upset. there are some who are not like this i know. but, there are these men...

To the wallbangers..... Woman are here to pick n man, a fixer of fantasies. a lover, a screamer generator, an orgasm organizer. she wants to trust you and let you into her world. allow you to adore her desires.

If you cannot fathom how to treat a woman properly, then, have some common decency towards her, and treat her in the least, as another human being, words meant in disrespect has no passion....

otherwise you are going to be masturbating all over your stomach until the inevitability of life catches up.