Written by Lee's Experiences

03 Dec 2014

“I want to taste your pussy” Rob whispered into my ear, I could not believe what he was saying to me. I had come inside to get more ice out of the freezer when I noticed Rob had followed me into the house, he had walked up behind me and just blurted it out when I least expected it. “What?” I responded without thinking, “I have been watching you over the wall for months now, in your short dresses and your little bikini and I bet you have a sweet tasting pussy” he replied. I was shocked but intrigued, my pussy gave a little flash of interest and I knew I was not altogether against the idea. Maybe it was the alcohol thinking for me or maybe the chats I had been having with Gene over the last few months. Whatever it was, I was seriously considering Rob’s offer, I have always enjoyed men that are open and tell me what they want rather than those that date me and spoil me with the sole intention of getting in my pants.

I bent over the chest freezer to get some ice, knowing that my sun dress was very short and that I was now giving Rob a good look at my tight ass. Even though I am in my 40’s and have had two children, I still have a good body. My small 34C breasts have finally paid off because they are too small to have sagged and gotten stretch marks. I am always proud to shower at the clubhouse after going to the beach because I know I look as good, if not better than some of the young girls that also shower there.

Rob’s words were slowly sinking in and I must have liked the idea because I could feel I was getting damp between my legs. Before I could get up from the freezer I heard footsteps entering the room and heard Jose, Rob’s buddies voice, “Oh you are in here” he said, “I was hoping she would be on her own”. No Rob answered him, “I followed her to see if she would let me lick her pussy, now I am admiring her ass”, “yes I know” answered Jose, “I have been watching it all night and hoping she would let me fuck her tonight, I was just sneaking in to ask her when I found you here”

I straightened myself up and spun around, “you guys know I am married?” I asked them, “that is my husband out there!” “yes we know but he is old and very fat, surely he can’t be satisfying you?” Jose stated very casually, “maybe it is time you had a good fucking so that you can see what you are missing out on”.

Gene and I had been speaking about this for a while now, he knew that I was getting frustrated and that my urges needed to be fulfilled, we had discussed the fact that it would be better to look for someone that would join us in the bedroom, or wherever it would be, that Gene would still be part of the sex, playing with me, joining in where he could, even fucking me but that his weak erection and PE was becoming a problem that left me frustrated rather than satisfied. If we could find the right guy or guys to play with us that understand that they are just there to satisfy me and would get some awesome sex in the process then we would consider bringing others into our sex life. I lost my virgin very young and had tried most things by the time I met Gene and he was always a great and open minded lover, he allowed me to play around with different ideas over the years and we even tried MMF, FFM, swinging and some public sex over the years. Doing a version of soft cuckolding was Gene’s idea, “find guys that you will not get attached to, maybe younger than you or do group things, anything that could never lead to guys feeling that they fucked you and now have rights to you”, well this is one of those times I thought to myself as the two guys stood watching me and waiting for a response. “What about your wife Rob?” I asked, “What would she think of the idea?”. “Well at least you are not saying no” he said quietly, a naughty glint flashing in his eye “what she does not know will not hurt her” “No it does not work that way” I said, “if something were to happen here then my husband and your wife would need to agree, or it is not happening”. “Well I’m single” laughed Jose, “can I fuck you anyway?”, “Only if my husband gives permission and gets to also have fun with us” I heard myself say, obviously my mouth was working faster than my brain, because I had now gotten myself into a situation I could not get myself out of and I did not know how I had done this. “Will you show me your pussy at least” Rob asked me, “if I can’t taste it can I at least see it?” I did not take long to think about this, I was really horny at the thought of the guys working me over and the alcohol had taken over my inhibitions, I slipped my panties off, dropping them to the floor and lifted my dress over my head, I was standing there totally naked, not the first time in my life that I was naked at a party, but the first time I was the only one. The guys could not believe what they were seeing, my pert tits were tight and my nipples were hard, they were eyeing me all the way down to my bare pussy, taking every inch of my slim, neat body. “Fuck” exclaimed Rob, “she has no hair from the neck down, I have never licked a clean shaver pussy before” I could see the bulge in his pants; he definitely liked what he saw. “Please could I just taste it? I just have to taste your pussy please” he begged, well… “What’s on offer?” I asked, “you have seen what you will be getting, what am I getting”.

Rob stuck his tongue out to show me what he was offering, placing his fingers around his tongue in a “V” shape and flicking it up and down, this did not interest me as much as watching Jose who was undoing his belt and opening his jeans, he dropped his jeans to the ground and lowered his shorts to show me the biggest cock I had ever seen, and I have seen lots of cocks over the years, it was more of a python than a cock, this thing was huge, long and thick and I made a decision right there and there that, with or without permission I was going to spend time on that thing tonight, even if it meant that Rob was also going to fuck me, wife or no wife. I slipped my dress back over my head and headed for the door, “where are you going?” they asked, “to get permission!” I called over my shoulder. I left the room in such a hurry that I left my panties behind.

I causally sat next to Gene who was sitting outside near the braai and chatting to the other guests, “where have you been?” he asked “do you remember our chats about me finding guys to fuck and group sex?” I answered him, “yes I remember” Gene said hesitantly, “what about it?” I smiled at him, “I think I have just found the first guy, his cock is so huge it scared me out of my panties” Gene sat quietly for a few moments and then asked me if I was sure that I was ready and who the guy was. “Jose and Rob and I am sure that I want to jump Jose” I said, “Rob is just getting lucky because he was in the right place at the right time”. Gene smiled at me, “take them over to our place, I will join you there and don’t have too much fun before I get there!”

I told the guys to make an excuse and to meet me at my house in ten minutes; I slipped off to the house, poured myself a stiff drink and removed my dress. I lay on the sofa, my legs slightly spread, waiting for the guys to come over.

Maybe there will be enough interest for me to tell you more about what happened that night and some of my other experiences, time will tell.