Written by Sharon69

01 Jan 2015

Having never been to a swingers club, our first visit was a nervous but fulfilling experience. We entered the club and was expecting a hoard of people to rush us. But were pleasantly surprised when we realised that it's as normal as can be. After a few drinks my wife(Paula ) started to loosen up on the dance floor. She's hot, I mean really hot! Dressed in tight leather shorts, black fishnet stockings, a reavealing black lace top and bitch pumps, she got quite a few hearts racing on the night!

Being the flirt she is, started teasing a guy on the dance floor, who was like a puppy begging for a treat. She danced with him nonetheless, grinding her hips against his groin, circling him like a shark, and basically torturing the shit out of him. I then noticed her rubbing his huge bulge, and it really got my blood flowing. I watched in awe as the two of them gyrated , thrust, roll, and did every sort of dirty dance possible. Then the two of them walked towards me, and Paula whispered into my ear, "this is the guy I want to fuck" . We all disappeared to one of the rooms. By then my heart was racing as it was always our fantasy for me to watch Paula being fucked. When we got to the room the two of them could not keep their hands of each other, ripping their clothes off and kissing passionately. He went down on Paula and munched her till she screamed for him to stop.

As he put on a condom I began to have second thoughts. But just then there was a knock on the door. I opened nervously not knowing what to expect. But to my sheer delight there in the doorway stood a ravishing indian lady. It was the guys wife! She watched the whole dance floor episode and was also getting turned on. She didnt need to ask, I gently pulled her into the room and she greeted her hubby with a slobbery kiss. I thought to myself, am I dreaming? Turns out she also had her eye on my wife! I'm no slouch in the looks category but I prefer watching. The two of them hot stuck into her. I've never seen my wife kiss another woman. I thought I was gonna shoot my load instantly. The dude eventually did start to fuck her . His wife straddled herself over Paula's face. Paula licked her sooo good while being fucked good and proper, but could not scream the way she normally does as she had a mouthful of pussy. Her muffled screams were however quite intense. She then went on her knees and got taken from behind.....her favourite position. The dudes wife licked Paula's clit while he fucked her. She came so hard all over his cock. The two then started licking his cock together, slipping their tongues into each other's mouth every now and then. He shot his load over their faces and they obligingly clean each other's face.

It was a night to remember!