Written by youngblood_11

07 Sep 2014

So I have been chatting to this particular guy for a while now on the site. Been chatting about various fantasies and desires each of us are willing to do. This story is about our first encounter of some awesome play we have recently had. We met at a small guesthouse/ lodge. He checked the two of us into our room. It was a single room, with lots of space to play. The double bed was so inviting, could just picture what was to happen on those pure white sheets.

As we went in, he locked the door behind us, it was my first time with another man, I was unsure of what to expect, but I knew, hiding under those jeans was a massive throbbing cock waiting to jump out and join in on the action. He stripped down to bare his all.... He has an amazing body I need to add. Not 1 ounce of fat... I coulnt keep my eyes off of him. My eyes wondered until they were fixed on his massive meat sausage... It was huge. I thought of how I was going to fit that inside of me someday.... The image is now vivid of me riding him like a horse in the future.

By now I had dimmed the lights, and stripped down to just my undies, my hard on, pressing against the material like a prisoner trying to escape from prison. I was soo hard and horny, I couldn't resist to lie next to the lover, and stare at his beauty while jerking myself off... After only a few strokes,I was so close to climax, so had to stop and slow down. I did so, taking some more lube, and spreading it on my cock and balls. He too did the same. We were both so hard, all I could think of was sucking his dick. But I was a lil hesitant as it was my 1st time, so we agreed to keep to ourselves for starters.

It was not long until he was kneeling over me, and I squirted my love juices about 1 metre in the air which he totally adored. I had cum all over my arm and my stomach. He edged closer and adored me as I lay breathing deeply before I cleaned up. I wouldve really enjoyed it if he had at that moment cum on my stomach too...but I was out of luck today. I stared at his piece of meat some more and watched him wank...

I saw him spread his ass wide as if to say, I'm ready for u, but I had shrunk and my cock was rather soft, it wouldve been a while before I could cum again. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up.

Next time will be a whole heap better.