Written by wannabecuck13

07 Apr 2014

The story ur about to read is 3 years old.. my wife unfortunately has taken herself out of this lifestyle but she is capable of being naughty.. I hope u guys and tell me if I did get cuckolded.. This is my true session.. the first time i felt cuckolded by her

This is my first time sharing our sex life on form of text. Hope i am worthy of a read.

This is the story of me, my wife (reefy) and our very first BBC bull (Mark).

Personal Info:

We are high school sweethearts who were lucky and strong enough to end up marrying each other.

We are both of indian ethnicity. Reefy (age: 27 now) has always been a shy, modest and sober girl (both physically and mentally)as she comes from a strong islamic background and i was her first and currently only lover she has ever been with. She is around 1.60 meters tall and very pretty (definitely as far as i am concerned the prettiest girl i have been with).

Her best asset has always been her lips

(BJ lips :D ) and her ghetto-licious ass.

I particularly love her voice the most as she speaks in an incredibly seductive tone ( her moans are great enough to cum for).. ( mmmmm :p)

I (Age: 28) am roughly 1.75 meters tall, i have always been athletic from my youthful days. In fact i have played a sport on a national level (soccer) till i was 22. Considering my track record with women i am what you call above average in looks ;)

I am packing an average size man down there ( 6" but thickish), but i make up for the shortage with stamina and techniques. My best asset would be my attitude towards sex as i believe sex is better when considered as a recreational part of my life.

We only got married 2 years ago but we have been sexually active with each other for over 10+ years before we got married. So you can imagine we have done everything a couple can conventionally do. We have always had a great sex life but 4 years ago things started to get a little dull in the bedroom, even though we were both well versed in sexual techniques. As I am proud to say that reefy has experienced the joys of multiple orgasm and squirting. "mmmm" I LOVE TO SUCK HER SWOLLEN CLIT AFTER SHE CUMS. She is (in one word) DELICIOUS.

We found ourselves exploring new ideas to bring to bed 4 years ago ( Reefy ruled out FMF before we even started searching for ideas which was sad for me!! ).

We started watching Group Sex movies during our HOT sessions and i noticed her interest in being the centre of attention between other men. I thought this was a natural desire since i have been her only lover. So i started to indulge into her sexual interest. We started introducing fictional sexual characters watching me fuck her, which also started getting me more and more attracted to the idea of watching her with other men.

I researched more of couples that share each other and found swinger sites. I convinced her to join a site where i gave her complete control of the pics that she was willing to put up as this would be our soft method of sharing her.

Reefy was very reluctant at first but in a few months after she received such raving comments about her sexy but modest pics (mostly pic her in Lacey Lingerie!!) and a rare few of her soaking wet pussy after i would make her squirt. She would make me take pics for her to share and i was loving every second the new addition to our sex life. I would ask her to chat on the site and enjoy the company and attention that i was confident she would get. And as i mentioned she got a lotta attention. Guys were flooding our inbox with dirty mails and sexual requests. I used to get so turned on reading the sexual desires of other men with my wife..

I convinced her to go a step further, like skype'ing with the guys she found attractive and enjoyed the company of. She told me that she would feel like she would be cheating with me if she cammed with other men, but while she told me this i let out a soft moan and i shot a thick cumload in my pants which now she can see.

I was embarrassed about exploding so suddenly in my pants. Reefy was shocked by what she saw, she asked me what happened? I tried to explain but i couldn't think of any excuse. So i told her the truth. I told her of my desires of watching her be the centre of attention just like the wives from the amatuer MFM flicks we would watch. I begged her to suck my wet but still rock hard cock.

And she slid my cum wet pants off and saw my cock is still hard. She smiled and asked me if i was still up for a romp session.

I told her to suck my cock clean first and so i can show her how excited i am feeling imagining her cam'ing with other men. That day WE FUCKED LIKE CRAZY, she even begged me to cum on her face (To describe the sex we in a word " sinfull") mmmm.

We started skype'ing with other guys as a couple at first. I would let the other men tell me how they would like to watch me fuck her, some had some dirty idea's but reefy was only comfortable to perform some of the requests. She did however enjoyed more when she was positioned on her knees and hands facing the screen so she could watch other men rub themselves off watching her getting fucked long and hard. i would often show other guys how HER thick cum looks on my cock and i would tell her to finish me off with her sexy lips. All the men enjoyed that bit the most, watch her lick her own cum of my wet and obviously very sensitive cock and than watch me explode with thick strands of cumshots on her lips and face..

Our sexlife has never been as great as it became at that point. It me, my hot wife and a cyber stranger. She would tell me that some guys have asked her to skype alone.

I told her " baby, I Love u and if you would like to experience this alone. You may as long as you tell me immediately.

Our sex life continued to thrive under these new conditions and she started camming with other guys alone but would immediately call me and tell me about them.

One day I just logged onto skype as i wanted to give myself a good tug reading her sexcapades with other men. I found msgs from a week old. and she has been chatting to this guy ( Mark ) for a week and i could see she has been video chatting with Mark ( whom later I learned has a 9" thick black cock) more than a few times. I remember reefy mentioning him once to me but i didn't know why she didn't tell me about all the times she would come online to flirt with this guy. I read all the messages between them and i was shocked reading what she spoke to him about.

She described his cock as the hottest cock she has ever seen, she told him my hubby has a smooth thick cock but not as enormous and good looking as yours.

At this point i was angry but at the same time i was nursing a mad erection. I kept reading and soon discovered they shared dirty pics via email and this was something she definitely did not tell me about. I started jerking off immediately harder and harder thinking how she has given into her lust towards this man. I shot my load all over my hands and my legs.

I felt satisfied but confused.

I felt betrayed by her but at the same time my cum dripping cock was still rock solid and throbbing.

I waited for her to come home and i confronted her about Mark. She immediately started apologizing about what she did.

She started promising that she would not do it again ( honestly i didnt want her to stop anymore but i played along )

I demanded to see all the pics they secretly shared with each other.

She opened a hidden folder on my pc (she is daring woman :-D ).

This folder had several pics of her fingering, posing like a playboy centerfold. It was HOT i was not angry anymore, now i was just hot and horny.

I told her not to worry, she looked confused at first but as I unzipped my pants and flaunted my cum wet cock to her she threw me a naughty smile ( she was turned on now too).

She immediately started sucking my cock, she started telling me how she fingers herself every night thinking of Marks big black cock. I asked her to show me his pics and i was shocked as he was at least 9 " long and Thick like hell.. I asked her if he sent more pics. She showed me a hidden folder which contained mark unloading huge loads on reefy's provative pictures.. I immediately shot the biggest facial i have ever given my wife.. she was surprised at how much i came while thinking about her and mark.