Written by Edtiber33

25 Sep 2014

I have had the pleasure of some really exciting experiences, including threesomes with couples, fucking a guys wife during the day while she filmed it to show him. All a lot of fun! I have done plenty wild things and been VERY naughty, as I am sure have you.

Probably the craziest thing I have done (not the best sex by a long way! - but certainly the most crazy for now) was in Dullstroom a few years back. We went for a mates bachelor party. He organized a dinner at a cool restaurant the that was followed by a whiskey tasting after dinner. It was a group of guys that I knew quite a few of them, but wasn't a group of my close mates. During dinner we were served by a cute dark haired waitress, she was in her "uniform" and wasn't all that sexy because of the t shirt etc......

Anyway, the evening progressed and we went into the whiskey tasting, drinking more and more. This girl was around, waiting on us, but wasn't really chatting or flirting much at all. Anyway, we finished up and left - on our way out the door I kinda chirped her in passing that we were headed for the Duck and Trout. She smiled.

In the duck and trout, we had a few drinks and all of sudden who was there! Anyway, it was down down time for the bachelor etc and we were all in a group, being the "outsider" mate I was at the edge of the group, when in felt a hand on my ass. Guess who it was! Anyway, being quite hammered now, I backed her into the bar, feeling her push her boobs into my back, while she rubbed my ass and leg, working her hand slowly forward on my pants! I reached an arm back and pulled her ass towards me making her rub tight against me. This lasted a few minutes maybe, but by now I was hard as hell! Anyway, not wanting too much attention, I told her to go to the loo...........shortly thereafter I followed into the ladies , where we went into a stall and kissed wildly.........not sure why she was so turned on, but I was loving it!

We fondled each other through our clothes, with her rubbing my rock hard cock and me loving her great boobs! (They really were great! Firm and hard erect nipples! Mmmmmm) I then rubbed her pussy through her jeans and could feel the moisture......wow, that got me even more hard - if that was possible.........anyway, being drunk as hell, she went onto her knees and took out my cock and started rubbing and sucking! Fuck I was enjoying that! Then people came into the loo's and started distracting us.......as soon as the coast was clear, we bolted out the loo's back to the bar......separately! Anyway, I had been sought for a down down and fulfilled the obligation! The whole time keeping an eye on "my babe."

Then I noticed another guy, not from our crowd, trying to chat her up, as she had left me alone so as not to draw attention. She kept giving me the eye, whilst fobbing this guy off!

I walked out to the car park, signaling her to follow, which she did a few minutes later and we again got groping and kissing behind some cars until we were disturbed, but by now I had my fingers inside her wet pussy and she was groaning and moaning properly! So worked up that we both needed to cum, we went back inside and agreed on the loo's again in 5 minutes!

This time we went into a stall and I pulled her pants down straight away, sitting on the seat and bending down to lick her dripping pussy while she stood in front of me! She was soooooo wet! My fingers were pumping her and she was moaning......then she begged to suck my cock again, which I pulled out for her!

By now I was so ready to cum, I warned her that if she wanted to get fucked, she better stuff sucking me or she would be drinking my cum! I pulled out a condom, which she rolled onto me and then tried to penetrate her, with me sitting On the seat and her facing me trying to straddle me. This wasn't working as the penetration was really shallow and she wanted more.......so she got off and we swopped spots so she could bend forward over the toilet and let me take her from behind, which I didn't need a second invitation for! I slid straight in deep and hard, hearing her take a sharp breathe and contract her pussy! I fucked her for maybe 2 minutes, before I warned her I was gonna cum! She started rubbing her clit and I came, pumping that condom to bursting point........fuck it felt great! And staying in here stroking, whilst she started her orgasm! This was amazing as an almost simultaneous orgasm first fuck, is unheard of!

Anyway, we composed ourselves, kissed some more and then went to drink.......she left a few minutes after that and didn't even say goodbye!

But wow, what an evening that was!

Now as for what I still want.......I need to find a chick willing to beat that........and hopefully one willing to try prostate massage on me.......that's untried!