Written by Jaco Prinsloo

06 Jul 2013

the day was long and like always the first time we all were very shy well the time had come and me and my girl went to separate rooms but, still on mxit me and she was chatting and started to chat kinky like. what would you do when im beside you and she on the other hand was a lot more kinky then i was so i sneak out my room to the next room, well me and she lay beside each other and slowly she moved her hand over my dick, slowly she start to open my pants. i move over her and start to kiss her in the neck and slowly move down, as i kiss down her fine build body she grab my back and push me down.

i pull down her panties and move between her legs, she open her legs wider and i am slowly stimulating her clitoris with my young and first using one finger starting to finger her. she lift her back up and hold my head and move her pussy with my thong. suddenly she stop and pull me up telling me she want me in her. i slowly put just half in and move slowly and at the same time kissing her breasts. she started to come really into it and roll over and sit on me and move wile she move very fast i hold her breasts in my hand and move my hands over her nude body on tope of me.

suddenly i stop her and said i am close so she move down to my dick and suck it till i cum.