16 Apr 2016

The story played off a week ago, I chatted with this couple and it end up in us meeting at their place. On arrival I find out that they also invited a second lady to join, this had me horny and my mind was already thinking of how I’m going to give both of them the muff of their life’s.

Before I could sit down both girls had me naked and start sucking on my already hard cock, this was so good, both of them very good looking and knows how to suck a cock...

Hubby just sit there playing with his cock. I could not wait any longer to taste there wetness, I undress both of them and made them sit on the couch with their legs spread, I went down on my knees and muff them both, they were moving and screaming of pleasure this made me just more horny.

I went on until both came in my mouth, they could not take it anymore and ask me to fuck them hard, I fuck them both doggy, the one lady could not top orgasming, it must have been about 7 times.

After the both suck my dry and clean we went to shower and me and the one lady decide to go home to play some more..

I can’t wait for my next meeting with a couple. They joys of making someone’s lady climax multiple times is amazing..