03 Apr 2018

At reading Nancy Friday’s 3 books on the sexual fantasies of women (now she is an Aussie that has mastered the trick of scratching your balls…), a seedling was sown. The seedling’s name was ‘a controlled walk in the mall’.

When I first mentioned my fantasy to her, she turned dead silent. No comment, no further thoughts on the topic, no expressed views. Nothing.

And then she phoned me one day. “Remember that controlled walk fantasy of yours…?” (How could I forget…?). And we met at the mall – she in a dress I selected by commenting on whatsapp pics. In essence she agreed to obey all my instructions for the next 2 hours in the mall. I, in return, undertook to be reasonable.

Sexiness is far more in dressing and behaviour than in looks. She was a lovely lady without being a stunner. But man, could she walk the walk. She knew all about flirting, making eye contact and sending out the right signals. When the walk started, I realized that it might be more tricky than what I thought…How do you select the correct ‘audience’…? What if someone gets offended…? What if a lady gets jealous…? And, and, and…

The first lucky man was a seemingly fit guy of around 60 y.o., walking by himself, with not too many ‘spectators’ in the background. My whisper voice sounded a bit crackling in the beginning : “Show him some pantie.” And she sure knew how….first making eye contact, making sure she has all his attention, and then let his eyes follow her hand to the centre of her upper thighs where she bundled her semi summer dress together before picking it up to let him have a glimpse of her tiny white see-through pantie. When that broad smile had appeared on his face, I realized the walk had a fair chance to be a huge success, but selecting the audience proved to be tricky right to the end.

The front of her summer dress had a wide low cut that made it easy to show nipple, too. (Of course she was bra-less). Selecting the correct age, became the second worry, as the last thing you want to do, is to seduce school boys. The next lucky man was a young muscle man of around 20 y.o. “Show him nipple, Erin”, I whispered with more confidence this time. And again she obliged happily. (In walking passed, he turned around and fell over the water pile of the cleaner…)

She later had to sit on a bench, opposite an elderly man that was waiting for his wife, taking off her pantie. The real lucky ones got 2 peeps – one form the front and a second from the rear once they have walked passed – just a subtle dress up at the back to reveal butt.

At one stage we went into a Billabong shop, fairly un-busy due to the time of the year, and with only a surfer type guy on duty. The chain of instructions that had to be carried out, included : “Select a bikini top. Try it on in the change room, making sure you leave the curtain half open. Walk out with the top on. Ask the surfer like shop attendant what he thinks. Ask him to feel what you feel….that maybe it’s too big or too small. Ask him to bring another size while you take of the one you had on…” Etc etc, etc.

By the end of the walk, we settled down for a glass of wine and a snack. And then she confessed : “ I have not been this wet in ages…”

[Do yourself a favor and read Nancy's books.]