19 May 2019

Today is the day. I woke up with a feeling of fear. I was not sure what to expect when I got to site. It was the final day so that brought some relief.

I had to return kiara's invigorating panties as much as I didn't want to. I can't bear the thought of her exposing her discovery of me, to her parents.

I took a shower and before getting ready decided to indulge in her panties one last time before they were returned.

I put on a blue thong and a pair of nude coloured nylon pantyhose, and lay on my bed. I raised her pink panty to my face and sniffed them while I slipped the other panty into my pantyhose and wrapped it around my throbbing cock. I began stroking my thick shaft and brushing the head of it with the soft black material. My filthy imagination ran wild with thoughts of kiara, and all the things I wanted to do to her. It felt and smelt so good.

Everytime I felt my orgasm approaching I held back. It aroused me even further - to a point where as much as I tried, I couldn't hold back. I covered the head of my cock with the black thong and let my white creamy goodness pour out into it.

After I returned back to my senses, only then did I realize what had just happened. I couldn't wash it off coz there wasn't enough time for it to dry. So I got dressed and tried to wipe off whatever I could with my damp bath towel, then squashed it into my pocket together with the pink thong, and left.

While driving I could feel my cum leaking out of me and making a mess in my pantyhose. It felt good and got me hard again.

I eventually got to kiara's house and was welcomed by the domestic worker. That seemed to be a good start. Didn't know how to react if it were kiara or what her reaction would be like when we met face to face.

I set my guys up and waited a few mins while they got things rolling. I looked down the passage and saw kiara's bedroom door closed. I knew she was at home because her car was parked outside, so I figured she was probably still asleep. The perfect opportunity to sneak into the bathroom and return those sexy panties.

I scurried down the passage and shut the door behind me, then pulled out her panties and planted them under the top layer of clothes in the laundry basket. I opened up the black pair before putting it in, and it was still damp with traces of my cum left in it. I didn't waste time trying to clean it any further, and left the bathroom hoping kiara wouldn't notice anything.

I went back into the master bedroom and rushed my guys to finish up quick. I even assisted them and tried to leave before kiara woke up.

In the rush of things, I bumped onto the enterance door of the room, and accidentally spilt some glue on the carpet, while exiting the room. I grabbed some thinners, went down on my knees, and began to clean it up.

I then heard a voice from behind me say, "looks like somebody made a mess."

When I looked over my shoulder, I saw kiara standing behind me. She looked as if she had just got out of bed. She had on a strappy satin top, and very short, loose matching cheeky bottoms. Her midriff was exposed and it didn't seem to bother her parading like that infront of a stranger.

I told her it was an accident and that I would have it cleaned up in no time. She didn't seem to be interested in that, and then told me that her parents wanted me to quote them on some other stuff before I left. She also added that when I was ready, I should let her know and she would take me around to point out the stuff they wanted done.

After all was said, she went back to her room and I continued cleaning up. I managed to get all the glue off the carpet and at the same time my guys had finished all that was left to do. They cleaned up and waited in the van for me while I went back upstairs to meet with kiara.

When I got to her bedroom, the door was left open. Kiara was laying on her tummy and writing in a book. Her satin shorts rhode up her ass and exposed her lower ass cheeks. I took a few moments to admire and appreciate the splendor of her sexiness, before knocking on her door.

She looked back and saw me, then rolled over and slid all the way down, and off the bed. My cock was already aching from getting a rear view of her, and then to see her shorts hug her pussy as she slid of the bed, made me want to explode in my pants.

I was then instructed to follow her as she lead the way to her younger sister's room. She explained whatever needed to be done and then went down on all fours to show me a problem they were having under her sister's study desk.

Her head faced in the direction of me while she was on all fours, and it gave me a clear view of her small perky breasts as her top sagged away from her body. Her shorts became wedged tight up her ass and there were no visible panty lines. My cock wanted her so bad. She was already assuming the perfect position for me to take her deep and hard.

After we were done there, we headed to her bedroom. She opened her wardrobe and told me that there was a problem in the drawer. I knelt down, then opened and closed the drawer a few times. Everything seemed fine, and then asked her what she thought was wrong with it.

"Well if u look inside the drawer, u will see that there are two pairs of my panties. They went missing and now have re-appeared after I sent you that text last night. Would you like to explain why the black pair was crumpled up and what was spilled on it?"

"I...I...I...don't know what to say kiara. Please dont tell anyone. I beg of u. Please don't. It will never happen again. I'm sorry for all of this. I didn't mean to invade your privacy. I was foolish and silly."

She didn't seem angry, but rather like she was going to make a deal with me. She just stared down at me while I was still on my knees and looked to be deep in thought with an evil smirk on her face. I just wished she said something so I knew what was going to happen.

Soon enough she finally responded.

"Stand up. You look terrified. Well you ought to be after what you've done, but I'm not going to tell anyone about this. However you will now be indebted to me until I say you're not anymore. You will do whatever I tell you to without any questions being asked. If you disobey any of my instructions, I will inform my parents and let them deal with you. Are we clear?"

"Thank you kiara. I think that's fair and I do understand. I'm really sorry once again for what I've done."

I had a feeling that by me accepting what she said, was the same as me making a deal with the devil. However I was looking forward to my new role as her "sub" and finding out what my first instruction would be. Also her role as a dom really suited her.

After all was said between us, I the asked her if I could leave. Without any hesitation she snapped at me and said, "NO!"

She then added, "I've never met anyone like you before. I've read about your fetish and know what it entails, but I want to know more and have a first hand experience."

"Ok. No problem. What would you like to know?"

"When you were cleaning the glue off the carpet, I noticed you had a blue thong and pantyhose on. I want you to drop your pants and let me see what you look like with them on."

Feeling embarrassed and afraid of her first reaction, i reluctantly did as I was instructed.

I removed my Jean's and shoes and stood infront of her exposed. My cock seemed to be wide awake and exhibiting his greatness and stature.

Kiara walked around me and returned to her initial position infront of me. She then looked up at me and said that she liked what she was seeing. She also mentioned that she was impressed with my cock.

After inspecting me, she took her panties that I returned, out of the drawer and asked me if the black thong was messed with my cum. I shamefully agreed and then immediately after, came another question, "when and how did you do that?"

I explained the scenario of how and when, and then told her I couldn't hold myself back as much as I tried.

Her cheeks were flustered and her eyes grew hungry. I knew she was aroused after hearing what I had said, as much as she tried to hide it.

She then instructed me to kneel down infront of her. My face was at her waist level when her next instruction followed, "pull down my shorts."

I willing obliged and she stepped out of them as they dropped to the floor. She didn't have any panties on. Her bald and beautiful pussy was in licking distance from my face. My cock began to ache and throb as I saw how aroused she was with her nectar glistening all over her lower lips. The scent alone of her pussy was a natural afrodisiac for me.

She then proceeded to take her middle and slide it from the bottom up, between her wet lips. I then felt her other hand grab my hair and pull my head back to look up to her. While in that compromising position, slid her nectar coated finger into my mouth and leaned down close to my face, and told me to suck her finger clean.

It tasted so good and made me so horny. I couldn't resist stroking my cock over my pantyhose for some relief. It turned out not to be a good move.

When kiara saw what I was doing, she pulled her finger out my mouth, and while still holding my head back, slapped me and told me that I am only allowed to do what she instructs me to do.

I apologized and accepted her rules.

She then instructed me to assist her in putting her black thong on - the one I had messed with my cum and returned.

I held her panty open for her as she stepped into either leg opening, and then slid it up her legs to her waist. I adjusted the front to cover her pussy comfortably, and then the waist band and back to tuck into her gorgeous ass snug.

Kiara then removed her top and sat at the edge of the bed. Her body fell back and her legs spread apart as she raised her knees to her chest. She called me between her legs and instructed me to take out my raging cock from my pantyhose. Then I was too press and rub it against her pussy, over her thong.

While I obeyed my instructions, kiara massaged her breasts as she enjoyed the pleasure I was providing her with. I felt her moisture start to soak through her panty. The more wet she became, the more easier my cock sank in between her lips. I wanted to shift her thong aside and burry my cock deep inside of her sex starved pussy. She never allowed me to though.

Her sexual desire grew stronger and stronger with each stroke of my cock against her. She eventually reached a point where she wanted to feel skin on skin contact.

Her one hand reached down and latched onto my cock, while the other pulled her wet thong off her pussy. She positioned me on her slit, and covered me up with her panty.

She then instructed me not to penetrate her but to continue rubbing my cock against her drenched pussy lips and clitorus. The sensations we now began experiencing were amplified a million fold.

Her one hand kept my cock covered with her panty and in place, while she massaged her breasts with the other. The more I pleasured her, the more intensely she massaged her breasts. From time to time, kiara also left her breasts and used her same fingers to wipe up some of her juices, and lick them of her fingers. I could sense her orgasm nearing from her body language. She began thrusting her hips back and forth, adding more pressure of my cock against her pussy. Her momentum grew faster and harder until she couldn't take it anymore, giving in to a body quivering orgasm. I didn't stop as I watch her orgasm surge throughout her body. I too gave in to mine and filled her thong with all the cum that was left in me. As the streams of white lava flowed out of me, kiara stroked me over her panty to ensure every last bit was out.

Once she had composed herself, she sat up at the edge of her bed, with my cock infront of her face and said,

"Who told you that you could cum!? Look at my pussy, it's all sticky and in a mess with your cum. I hate when people make a mess and dont clean up after themselves. It's just rude and bad manners. Look at your cock also, its covered with your cum and my pussy juices. You are not leaving here until you've cleaned up this mess you filthy whore."

I apologized for the mess and told her I will make sure I clean up properly before I leave.

After having said that, kiara held my semi flaccid cock with two fingers, and put it in her mouth. She passionately sucked all the cum and her juices of my cock and then looked up at me and said,

"Look at your cock. Can you see how clean it is!? Now I want you to get down on your knees and clean up this mess that's all over my pussy. I want my pussy to be as clean as I've made your cock."

I tucked my cock back into my pantyhose and went down on on my knees. Ready to begin my duty of cleaning up the mess I've made.

Kiara lay back down on the bed and allowed me access to her pussy. I shifted her thong aside and exposed her cum covered pussy. I then went in and began licking up the mixture of my cum and her necro from her pussy. It tasted amazing. Her pussy was so warm and sweet. I couldn't get enough and wanted more and more. My nose, lips and chin were covered with cum. She enjoyed the clean up as much as I did. I ensured that I got every last bit of my cum off her pussy and thong.

When I was done I asked her to please check and let me know if she was satisfied with the cleanup.

She sat back up with my face still between her legs and her legs hooked over my shoulder. She rubber her pussy with her fingers and inserted two of the inside and felt around. Thereafter she began to stroke her clitorous with the palm of her hand while her fingers slid in and out of her pussy. All this with my face inches away.

Her action was short lived, and when she removed her fingers from her pussy, she inserted them into her mouth. She licked her fingers and looked up at the ceiling as if she was trying to figure out something. When she was done, she told me that I missed a spot. Upon enquiry, she placed her finger on her clitorus and said, "this is the spot that you missed."

Not wanting to disappoint my newly appointed mistress, I went back in to ensure that the job was done correctly.

I burried my face between her legs and began licking her wet pussy once again. Focusing mainly on the spot I missed. I knew I was doing a good job by the moans kiara was making. Her body began twitching and her thighs pressed against the sides of my head. I knew my job was nearing completion so I gave it all I had. I squeezed my lips against her clit and rapidly flicked my tongue over it. She entangled her fingers in my hair and pressed my head down against her. Her moans grew louder and her thighs squeezed tighter. The inevitable was about to happen. She screamed out my name repeatedly as her second, more intense orgasm pulsated throughout her body. I never stopped and continued going at it until she couldn't make it and lifted my head up.

I looked up at her and saw her looking down at me with a smile, and satisfaction all over her face. While trying to catch her breathe she whispered, "job incredibly well done", and that dropped her head back down on the bed.

It felt good knowing she was truly satisfied and I hoped we would be doing this more frequently.

I kissed her pussy a gave her sensitive clit one last flick of the tongue, and her entire body jolted. Her panty was still stick from my cum, so I shifted back into place, over her pussy.

I then put on my Jean's and sat beside her on the bed to put on my shoes. She woke up and straddled me, then began kissing me. I could still taste my cum on her lips and tongue.

After our kiss she told me that she wanted me as often as she could have me. She loved the time we shared and wanted to do it over and over again. She promised me that next time I would get alot more than just scratching the surface. It made me excited and gave me something to look forward to.

Kiara then got off me and removed her thong, and put her shorts back on. We hugged goodbye and she handed me her thong. She said I earned it and wanted me to return it with a full load of my cum in it. I smiled and accepted it, before walking away to my van.

To be continued....

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