09 Apr 2019

....last night when I got home. I performed my evening chores and took a nice hot shower. I then slipped on a fresh pair of thong panties, black leggings and a sweater, and proceeded to have supper.

After supper was done, I watched some TV and couldn't stop thinking of my day and kiara. My cock was raging beneath my leggings and I needed to release some of the pressure that had built up. My pre-cum had started soaking through my leggings.

I offed the tele and went to bed, taking kiaras panty with me. Her scent was still strong in them, but the moisture from her pussy had dried up.

I sniffed and licked her panty while brushing the outline of my beast over my leggings. My cock twitch with the pleasurable sensation and a stream of my sticky goodness flowed out. I never orgasm yet and my cock still remained hard.

I slipped my hand into my leggings and let my fingers frolic in my mess. I smeared it over my cock and then licked some of it off my fingers. The taste of my own cum and the scent of kiaras pussy sent me into a frenzy. I pressed her panty against my nose and mouth, and grabbed my leggings covered cock, and started furiously jerking it until my orgasm engulfed me. I felt my cum gush out of me and spray the inside of my leggings. I slipped my hand back inside and played with my mess and sensitive cock while my body and mind returned to a state of calmness.

I eventually fell asleep just like that and woke up feeling refreshed and energized like never before....

I took a shower and got ready for work. It was colder today than it was yesterday and there was alot more rain.

I put on a thong like normal and long sleeved body stocking. I further covered up with a tshirt and hoody, and a track pants and boots. With my sexy thermal wear on I was ready to leave and went back to site.

Kiara was home alone today and when I got there my workers and i went straight upstairs to continue with the job.

Kiara came upstairs a short while after and offered us something hot to drink. We gave her an order for 3 coffees and she headed back down.

She returned with two cups and told me that mine was downstairs and she had laid out some biscuits for me aswell. I thanked her and followed her back downstairs.

Kiara wore a pair of light grey leggings, a white Spencer. It was also evident that she had a thong on underneath as I could see her visible thong line while watching her cute ass bounce as she sped down the stairs.

We went into the kitchen and kiara sat with me while we both drank our coffee and ate a few biscuits. We made idle chit chat and I passed a few subtle flirts. She responded with a few giggles and brushed it off, but the ice had now been broken.

We got on quiet well and mutually enjoyed talking to each other. We soon got into the topic of movies and series and she told me I had to watch one of her favorites with her.

She went over to the lounge and before following her, I told her I needed to go check on my workers quick and that I would be back down shortly.

After checking on my workers I decided to use the upstairs toilet to pee before going back down.

U got in and pushed the door behind me. While peeing I noticed that today the laundry basket was back. I couldn't resist but to take a peek inside.

At the top I found the clothes kiara had worn yesterday and her pajamas from last night. There was also a black thong in her leggings from the day before and a pair of red Boyleg panties in her pj pants.

My sexual instincts forced me to lift up both pairs of panties and bury my face in them. They both smelt as amazing as the pink one I took. The black thong had a white stIn on it which led me to believe that beautiful and sexy kiara had to finish what her boyfriend started.

Having gotten away with taking the pink thong, I just had to take the black pair too. I knew it would give me an even better repeat of the night before. My cock was already rock hard in anticipation. I shoved it into my pocket and left immediately, heading back downstairs.

I sat on the couch next to kiara and we watched some her favorite series. It was hard to concentrate on what was on TV knowing what I had in my pocket, and what I was going to do with it later. My cock grew solid once again and the thong i had on that rubbed against my asshole with every move i made, combined with the feeling of my nylon body stocking against my skin, drove me silently insane.

After the episode was over I excused myself and went to check on my workers. Kiara followed me upstairs and went into her bedroom.

I got bored after a while and decided to go spy on kiara. I pretended to go into the bathroom and peeped to see what was happening in her room. She was sitting at the edge of the bed and leaning forward with her back facing me. I moved closer in and saw that she was painting her toe nails. Everytimeshe leaned forward to reach down, her thong would ride up above the waisted of her leggings.

I know it's wrong but I just had to record it for later. So I pulled out my phone and recorded a short video of my sightings, then left before getting caught.

Soon the day had come to an end and we had to leave. I notified kiara and headed downstairs. She followed me out and we said our goodbyes. I also assured her that tomorrow would be our last day to complete the work we had begun.

So I eventually got home and did whatever needed to be done and took a shower and got into bed. I had my new souvenir and was kitted out in a pair of pantyhose and a thong. I lifted kiaras black thong to my face and put on the video I had recorded of her. Midway through the video and while stroking my manhood, i recieved a text.

It read, "Hi its Kiara. I got your number from my parents phone. I just wanted to let you know that ever since you guys started working here, two pairs of my panties have gone missing from the bathroom. I never told my parents but if its not returned by tomorrow then I'm going to have to bring it to their attention. I'm not accusing you, but please check with your workers. Thanks and good night."

If ever there was a buzz kill, it was that. I none the decomposed myself and soldiered on to finish the ritual I was performing on myself that night. I knew what had to be done the next day, so I figured I might aswell make the most of kiaras panties while i still had them.

After bringing myself to a mind blowing orgasm, I laid kiaras panty on my pillow and fell asleep with the strong musky scent of her pussy lingering around me.

....to be continued.

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