08 Jul 2016

I've had this client for about 5 years, she has become a close friend really. She was just divorced and learning to navigate life again, single. We've always had a little sexual tension between us, light flirting to all out telling her I'll get us the room if she has the desire!

One afternoon, she texts me and asks how I am, lots of small talk. All of a sudden, it turns flirtatious and fun. An hour passes as I am trying to rein it in and not blow things (or think there is more going on here than really is), she asks if I have time to meet up before she has to go pick up kids. We can't meet at each others house, so we agree to meet at a local park just after dark.

I arrive early and pick the side of the parking lot that is empty and not closed by a gate. She arrives 10 minutes later, parks and jumps into my car. We are both nervous you can tell. I slide toward her, place my hand on the back of her neck and pull her in with a light kiss followed by a deep passionate hungry kiss - she has the same thoughts. We pause, laugh and say "boy, that was a long time coming."

We continued to kiss until I slid my hand between her legs to rub her pussy thru her jeans. She doesn't even flinch, and actually opens slightly to allow better access. I undo her pants and slip my hand in and over her little bush to her very wet and waiting pussy. My middle finger slides in so easily as she is dripping wet. Slowly at first, I slip in and out and up over her swollen clit. Soon, it is two fingers, deep and probing while kissing.

Next thing I am aware of is her hand on my rock hard cock, and then unbuttoning my jeans! She frees me, leans forward and slips the head into her mouth and swirls her tongue around me! God have I wanted this! Three plus years of building sexual tension playing out in the front seat of my car!! So much fun.

While she is sucking my cock, I cannot reach her pussy from the front so I reach down the back of her pants. My fingers slip past her ass to her dripping wet hot pussy. I proceed to finger fuck her as best I can while she sucks, gasps and gobbles my hard cock in her mouth. This went on what seemed like heaven-sent-forever! How I've dreamed of playing with her - fantasized and masturbated about her for years. I was pretty sure this type of thing would never happen and would always stop at just the flirting and innuendo.

While stopping to catch our breath, we looked at each other and laughed out loud, kissed and hugged. Basically, shocked we were at this point.

We both wanted to fuck -- Me to bury my cock deep and she to feel my cum shoot deep into her as her pussy lips grip my cock to pull every last drop. A quick look at the clock show we've been at it for a little over and hour and she has to leave in 5 minutes. As I'm about to slip her jeans over her hips, car headlights come down the hill towards the park. He pants half over her hips, we straighten up as a car does a drive by to check and see if the people in the truck are having sex - sorry, dude, we showed early! ha ha!

As they left, we sigh deeply, kiss as I slide two fingers deep in her pussy and rub her clit with my thumb for a minute. She ramps up quick with deep breathing and tensing. My god, she is going to cum. Another minute and she has squeezed her legs tight around my fist and is pulling me in to kiss her deeply. It was a pretty impressive orgasm and one of the most erotic, fun things I've done in a very long time.

As she straightens herself up, she looks at me and says this needs to happen again but that my cock has to be inside of her. Who am I to argue, right!? We kiss for another minute and she hops out and leaves the park. I sit in my car for another ten minutes wondering what the hell just happened! Incredible hour for sure. * this event has led to a few other meetings. so much fun.