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16 Aug 2020

The bust of a night

Useless wonder


2 minute read

Now those that know us know play dates have to be well planned as we have kids so we chat and if we click a playdate is arranged. Now this little tale is a planed evening waisted. The chats and build ups was panty wetting and member enlarging so the week went and anticipation build up was like nothing we had experienced. As the hosts we did some extra preparation for this evening and so the time broke upon us. The evening started with a msg that our guest was at the bar with a friend and he would come a bit later than expected. Okay strike 1 as I myself judge on punctuality. The guest arrives with a 5 liter box wine and already tipsy, strike 2. But okay we chat for at least 2 hours very entertaining conversation but drinking glass after glass the conversation started turning into drink bull. At this point my wife says to the gent " don't you think you have had enough to drink because I don't do drunk!" The guest replies " I'm fine" and we move to the couch. We put on a movie and our guest starts feeling my wife's leg tried very hard to finger her but was to drunk so tried kissing her and BAM my wife gets up. She calls me and says "Get rid of him". No I myself love this because to be honest I'm hoping he throws a tantrum so I can do what I do best, but alas he started sulking left and ordered an Uber. Now we back in the house and my wife and I are disappointed as play time's are limited. We both get back onto this site and put up a quicky 2 more hours past and nothing. Laying on the bed we turned that night into a special one with just us two, from photo shoot to mind blowing sex. A lesson well learned to better find out drinking habits.

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