Written by Smooth82

18 Jun 2013

This is a true story that happened to me a while back

I started working at my company, quite by chance. Fresh out of college and keen to see what the world will hold for me! Im in the media industry and had dreams of high life, celebrities, ad agencies, fashion and being on the cutting edge of technology trends.

However, was I in for a shock. Met my boss at a coffee shop and had the interview. I got the job! Yes! I thought. Started the next day and turns out I'm to be based at his home office! Went about my day as one does, till the afternoon arrives. I hear a car pull up and out jumps 2 girls who have just arrived from school. One 16, the other 18. WOW I thought, this may not be so bad after all. In time I would get to their family quite well including the wife who would wear the skimpiest clothes around the house. Although much older, had an amazing body....

The first year went by quite fast. Me working hard, but often getting the opportunity to sneak peaks at the 2 sunbathing at their pool. Many times having to leave my desk and go to the bathroom to free my rock hard cock from the confines of my jeans and rubbing one out. By this time the older daughter was 19 and was on a gap year. Which meant she was at home a lot of the time. Like mother, like daughter, she too wore skimpy clothing around the house, and I had already picked out my favourite shorts on her.

One day, she walks into the office in the morning wearing her pj's and starts chatting. Me, being a charming lad engages and jokes around with her.... an hour later she comes back in and brings me coffee... the third time she walks in she is wearing my favourite shorts. I don't know why but this time I commented and told her that I love when she wears that, because she looks great in it! (what I meant was her ass looks great and I can almost see her pussy in it;). She laughs and goes red. As a guy you know the moment you've won a woman over. That was mine. she leaves. Then 10 minutes later she comes back and says that her mom asked her to look for something. She bends over looking in the drawers. I don't know why but I decided to playfully slap her ass! She turns around and says Hey! and we both laugh. She continues, then says If i wanted to i could touch it again. This time i caress her long legs and ass... amazing! I comment about how great it feels. She leaves giggling. about an hour goes by before she comes back. I stand up and she immediately pushes herself against me. I can feel those young tits through her vest, her nipples are hard and we start kissing, not for long, but she cups my cock, pulls away and says, I've been wanting to feel this all day.... We smile. Her mom calls, and she runs back inside......

Nothing happened that day, but it certainly opened the door for more to come....