11 Oct 2017

Ok so the other day my hubby decided to have a braai at his offices for his workers. Hubby asked me if I will come help with the rolls and stuff. Thinking about it made me so horny as I know alot of the guys that work with him for year and they will all be there. I agreed and the next Saturday we went to the braai . I was where n skirt and a red stop top with cleavage showing abit........the day went on and everyone was having fun and drinks were flying from the coolerboxes. Latter that day I went to go get something in there kitchen when my hubbies boss came in to get something. He made a comment but did not hear him so I asked again.....he smiled at me and said photos dont do you justis.....i asked him what he meant by it and all he replied was that I love your new pics you aploaded yesterday.l and walked out.........when he left I new what he meant but was shocked as he is also married and what will he do on this site? Left it that stressing not knwowing what to say to my hubby......I decide to try and call him aside and ask him out some more when I got his attention and got him back to the kitcken asked him what he meant he said yes I know you guys are on a swingersite and I must say wow love you body......at 1st I did not what to say I just sat there and when I could get a word out I asked him if my hubby know that he knows and he started laughting and said babe who do you think showed me the pics you uploaded. Rest to follow............