Written by Ockert

10 Jan 2016

My story happened a few months ago.I was working night shift as a security gaurd at a technical college.The size of the property is quite big so usually when we would do patrols we would confirm a time and then gaurds posted on other points of the yard would also do patrol.Sometimes our paths would cross sometimes not.We also got rotated a lot meaning that the person you shared a post with this week wouldn't be the same next week.A unofficial rule was that the male gaurds would usually do patrols and if female gaurds were on duty they would stay at their posts inside the booths.So it happened that one week that I was paired with a lady called Thandeka.Although I am white I found Thandeka extremely attractive and from what I could ascertain she also found me attractive.If I wasn't on patrol Thandeka and I would sit in our booth talking and enjoying each others company while we studied our cctv monitors.At times one could cut the sexual tension with a knife.I desperatly wanted to kiss her but I was afraid what she may think.Finally the end of our working week arrived and we got of duty a six that morning with three off days ahead of us.I invited Thandeka to my place for coffee and breakfast to which she eagerly accepted.On our way home we swung by the 24hour fast food shop to buy some breakfast.Arriving at my place she quickly excused herself and used the bathroom as I took of my boots while I took a seat on the living room couch.Sitting on the couch reading the news on the satalite news channel on the TV Thandeka came in and took a seat next to me to have breakfast.As we sat talking after breakfast somehow the subject of sex came up,nothing rude just a couple of flesh and blood people talking.One thing led to another and we started kissing.I stuck my hand inside her shirt and caressed her breast under her bra.She got on top of me and while kissing I ran my hands over her sexy ass as she grinded her crotch into me.It was obvious that I had an erection as it bulged inside my pants.She looked down at my crotch an smiled as she undid my pants and popped out my erection,taking hold of it while slowly stroking it."Do you want me"she asked as she looked me in the eyes,I could only nod yes as I couldn't outer a word so exited I was.She got up and slowly started to take of her uniform until she was completely naked.Seeing this beautiful black woman standing infront of me my cock started throbbing with anticipation of what was coming.I couldn't take my eyes of her breasts and her sexy body,it was obvious that she attends a gim as she has a sporty figure.She got down on her knees and pulled down my uniform pants and underwear and lastly took of my shirt.There I was naked lying on my couch with my erect penis pointing into the air like a Apollo rocket and this beautiful woman infront of me.She took old of my cock and started to give me a blowjob while playing with my testicles.I was in bliss when her voice brought me back to reality as she asked"do you have a condom?""A ja in the bathroom cubboard"I replied as I got up to fetch one."Meet me in the bedroom"she said as she walked behind me.In the bedroom Thandeka was already on my bed waiting for me.I lay down next to her and held her tightly as we kissed I could feel the tip of my penis brushing against her pussy,I so badly wanted to slide into her but I knew it would be foolish without a condom.So during our moment of passion a gave her the condom to open and put on my cock.With condom secured Thandeka and I had our first interracial sexual experience for both of us.With every thrust I was in ecstacy ,knowing I had a condom on made me perform like a superstar.After what felt like ours having sex Thandeka wrapped her legs tightly around my waist as she let out a scream of pleasure as she climaxed,upon hearing her I started thrusting even harder up to when I felt my testicles explode load after load of semen into the condom we where using,afterwards we fell asleep together.We would spend the next two days together having sex and enjoying each others company.About three months ago we both went for an STD test.We where both clean,since I had a vasectomy two years ago with my ex wife and with Thandeka going on birth control to be safe we have since stopped using condoms.I can still remember the day I climaxed and ejaculated my semen deep into Thandekas pussy I have never felt such an intense and powerfull orgasm.Although Thandeka and I are not in a relationship with any other people we chose to be only sex partners to each other,it works for us.Maybe one day we will see what the future holds........