Written by Redrose

21 Oct 2012

Today is your birthday and I have decided that tonight must be a very special night for you. I have planned to stay at home and have a lovely romantic evening just for the two of us and no one else. The phone will be off so no one may interrupt us.

I am dressed in a lovely low cut dress that hugs my body until the waist then flares out. The dress rests just above my knee. It’s a beautiful royal blue colour and zips up the back. I bought the dress especially for your birthday. I have pinned my hair up just the way you like it, on each clip I have slipped a sparkling bead on and sprayed my hair with a special glitter hair spray to add to the effect. Knowing that with the candle light flickering upon my hair it will give off a gentle sparkle. I am just slipping on my stockings when I hear your car drive up the drive way. I grab my shoes and make my way to the front door. I stop and slip one shoe on and while hoping on one leg I slip the second shoe on. I stop in front of the mirror to make sure I look alright for you.

I rush out to the lounge and switch the lights off and light the candles quickly. Look around the room to make sure that everything is in order. I pause at the door and quickly survey the room to make sure everything is perfect. The fire crackling in the fire place, warming the lounge up. The soft carpet positioned in front of the fire place, just close enough to offer warmth and not too much heat at the same time. The snacks and finger food is already set out in the lounge, the champagne is in the ice box and the glasses on the table. The soft music playing in the background sets the mood. I smile to myself, I am happy that everything is I want it to be and walk over to the door and open it just as you were about to walk in.

I laugh and wish you happy birthday as I bend forward and kiss you softly on your lips. You stand back and look at me, turn me around in a full circle and tell me I look stunning and pull me towards you, kissing me again but this time with more passion. My knees begin to turn to jelly as you kiss me, your one hand is holding my waist and the other is holding me gently but firmly behind my neck. I press myself up against you as your kiss deepens, your kiss sends shivers of delight up my spine and I shiver. You stop kissing me and look into my eyes and ask softly if I am cold. Without waiting for my answer you carry on kissing me and shut the door with your foot and slowly manoeuvre towards the lounge. We pause in the doorway of the lounge; you stop kissing me and look at the candle lit lounge over my head. You whisper ‘Hun, you shouldn’t have gone through all this trouble, but I appreciate the effort you made to make this day a special day for me and for that I will always love you’ in my ear.

Holding hands we walk to the couch and sit. You reach over and pour a glass of champagne for each of us, we sip the champagne slowly. You stand up and ask if I would like to dance, I accept and stand up, with your hand on my small of my back we make our way to the open floor, I turn around, slip my hands around your neck and rest my had on your chest. Your hands resting on my waist and pull me closer to you. I can hear your breathing and heart beating at the same time and feel so ecstatic, content, secure and happy all rolled in one. Gently we sway to the sound of the music, saying nothing just enjoying the closeness of each other. You kiss me on top of my head as I snuggle closer to you. The night is so perfect, both not wanting the dance to end. You slide you hand up from my waist to my back, pulling me even closer to you, I close my eyes as you bend to kiss me again. Your lips so soft and gentle at first and gradually becoming more urgent and passionate. Your tongue hungrily seeking mine, exploring my mouth and teasing me at the same time. You slowly move your lips from my mouth and down my neck, leaving a wet trail as you do so, I throw my head back enjoying the sensation of your wet lips against my neck, I can feel the goose pimples on my skin. My nipples harden in anticipation.

Your hand move up and cups my breast. I can feel the heat of your hand through the fabric of my dress. I hear you unzip my dress and slip it off my shoulder, slowly it slips down my body and I step out of the dress. Your hand slips into my bra and gently massages my nipple, I moan softly enjoying the attention you are giving my breast. You stop for just a second so as to unhook my bra and slip it from my shoulders; I hear the bra land softly on the carpet. I start to unbutton your shirt and slide it off your shoulders, you shrug the shirt off. I feel the warmth of you body against mine, I run my hands up your chest, twirling your chest hair with my fingers I slide my arms loosely around your neck again. I feel your tongue licking my nipple, sucking gently. I moan out loud from desire and press my hips against your body; I feel your cock hardened against me. You lower me onto the carpet in front of the fire place. You remove my shoes and throw them over your shoulder across the room with a chuckle, you reach up and pull my stockings down over my hips as I lift my hips up from the floor to allow you to slip the stockings off, down my thighs and finally from my feet dropping them on the floor. you reach up and pull my panty down, and thrown them over your shoulder, you lean forward and kiss my smooth pussy softly. I laugh softly and tell you to stop. You knee in front of me as I stand up in front of you I tell you to stand up, you fist slide your fingers pulling them out slowly licking my juices off your fingers one at a time. Then you stand up and kiss me tenderly, I can taste my juices on your tongue. You stop as I start to unbuckle your belt, unzip your trousers allowing them to fall to the floor, you step out of them. I go down on my knees to remove your shoes and socks. Finally all I have left are your boxers. I smile to myself as I pull gently off your body. I am still on my knees looking at your erect cock, I slowly blow onto it. I hear you moan as I do so. I lean forward and lick your shaft slowly until I reach your head; I flick my tongue over it. Teasing you playfully.

I lay back against the soft carpet, in front of the fire, the shadows from the fire dancing across my body. You lower yourself onto the carpet and lay next to me You run your fingers down my body leaving a trail of goose pimples in its wake; my nipples harden to your touch. You lower your head and kiss me passionately as you cup my breast. I feel your other hand move over my hip and down my thighs, so softly that I can hardly feel your hands. You move your hand to my inner thighs, slowly and softly you stroke my thighs, I open my legs slightly encouraging you to stroke my inner thighs more freely.

You gradually move down to my neck, kissing it softly, stopping at my breasts, sucking and licking my nipples, your tongue flicking over them, teasing them. You suck a bit harder and begin to gently nibbling them, I moan out loudly wanting you to hurt me a bit more but instead you release them and move further down until you reach my smooth pussy.

You slip your hands beneath my buttocks and start to lick and tease my clit. I move my hips up to meet your mouth and place my legs over your shoulders. Your tongue moving faster over my clit and now entering my pussy. I place my hands onto your head and encourage you to go deeper into me. My legs squeezing your head from ecstasy. You tongue fuck me as I toss my head from side to side unable to control the emotions I am feeling. I call your name out loudly begging you not to stop. I feel the first wave of ecstasy wash over me as I shudder uncontrollably from climaxing, you continue to lick me, licking my love juices from me, gradually I begin to control my body again and start to relax. You move up and kiss me; I can taste my juices still on your tongue as you kiss me.

Lovingly you slide your fingers into me and bring them to my mouth for me to suck the juices off them one by one not taking my eyes off your face. You lay me down on my back and open my legs and kneel down beside me. You insert your finger into my pussy, you push another finger into me, reaching for my G spot, massaging and stimulating my G spot. I feel you gently insert a finger into my ass, I can feel your finger going in and out, and I am so excited I can’t keep still. You continue to finger fucking my ass and pussy at the same time, driving me crazy, I tell you I am your private whore and want you to fuck me hard.

You lean forward and start to lick and suck my clit. You now have two fingers in my sweet ass and two in my warm wet pussy, finger fucking them both. I can’t hold out any more and I scream out loud as I start to climax. The juices just flow out of me, I have lost complete control of myself as I gush. I feel my pussy throbbing as I cum; you lick up all the love juices that my body is producing.

You remove your fingers from my ass and position yourself between my legs, your strong hands lifting me effortlessly and pull me closer to you, you push my legs up and put them over your shoulders. I feel your hard, swollen, throbbing cock rub against my ass. With your fingers still stimulating my G spot you thrust your cock deep into my tight ass, I scream from a mixture of pain and delight. I want you to fuck me so badly. Your excitement overcomes you and you thrust deeper into me. My asshole is open and gripping your cock tightly, you feel so good inside me. My pussy is hot and burning from pleasure as you start to fist fuck me, I am delirious from the pleasure you are giving me and moan out loudly. I grab the carpet with my hands, the feeling is so intense, and I can feel your entire cock inside my ass as well as your fist inside my pussy. I hear your balls are hitting me against my bums.

You remove your fist from my pussy; I hear a suction sound as you remove your fist. Your breathing becomes heavier now and I know you are close. Suddenly you remove your pulsating cock from my ass and directing your cock to my face, jerking it off severely as your hot cum flies out like a torrent, your cream covering my face. You ask me breathlessly if I want more, I reply yes.

You tense up and start to jack off furiously, your muscles strained as you jerk your big red cock. I hear you moan as your hot cum explodes out of your cock handing on my face again. I use my fingers and wipe your cum from my face and start to suck it off my fingers. Your knees begin to buckle and you remove my legs from your shoulders and lower yourself onto my body. Completely spent and satisfied.

After a while you reach for your shirt and lovingly wipe your cum from my face. Finally satisfied that you have removed it all you pull me into your arms and hold me close to you, whisper in my hair that you love me and fall asleep.