Written by Jason

27 Sep 2017

At work we took on an apprentice but she was a young school leaver she was 19 and very sexy. Actually she was a big geek, a nerd but she pulled it off very well and there was a real sexiness about her 1.6m tall, body, her jet black hair, thick rim glasses and a fat little ass. Yes she had curves in all the right places but was so far from fat she was gorgeous, really big breasts and a nice round ass that jiggled about perfectly.

I instantly tried to take her under my wing and help her out where others were just being petty and childish towards showing her the ropes and how we did things around the business. This meant we were instantly closer than we maybe would have otherwise been but she looked to me for the help and guidance, would laugh and joke with each other to make the day pass that little bit easier and quicker.

Eventually we'd throw in some inuendos and place a hand on each other's arm, should etc but nothing sexual at this point.

One day after work I offered to give her a lift home as we'd been having a laugh with each other all day long, I wanted to spend a little more time with her if I could and so this seemed the best way to go about it. As we were driving and talking we were looking at each other and grinning, my eyes running up and down her body, stopping to stare at her cleavage without even worrying that she'd caught me.. I could sense her looking at me but I kept looking at her breasts until I just looked her in the eyes and smirked.

I suddenly feel her hand on my thigh as I'm driving and I just glance at her grinning massively, I shuffle in my seat as my cock is growing in my pants because I want this girl so bad. I start to think about fucking her right now, I'm not even concentrating on driving anymore and it's getting dangerous so I just ask her if she'd like to drive somewhere quiet for a while as she lives with her parents and we can't head to me place either!

She slides her hand further up my thigh and says that she'd love to go somewhere quiet and private for a little while, I know just the spot and head to a very scenic little road on the top of a "hill/mountain" and covered by lots of trees and bushes.

Parked up I decide not to mess about and lean straight in to kiss her, placing my hand on her waist I pull her close and feel her ample bussom pressing against my body as our tongues intertwine and dance together, she taste so delicate. We both know that we want each other and that we're going to have each other parked up here in my car so I just say to her that we should get in to the back where there's a little more room.

She grabs at my belt buckle and begins to undo it, to yank down my pants and my boxers she licks her lips and holds my shaft in her hand, squeezing the base firmly she slides backwards lowering herself to my rigid cock. My cock is throbbing and I'm arching my hips just anticipating her beautiful lips enveloping my swollen member and she does, I don't have to wait long for her to take me into her warm mouth and I instantly sigh and groan because she feels incredible, bobbing her head up and down I'm holding on to her pony tail, her jet black her feels so velvety soft just like her tongue does as it's lapping around my shaft.

After the most amazing blow job I've ever had she's edging me, so skilled at taking me to the brink but stopping me before I can explode into her throat. I tell her that it's her turn now and we swap places, she's pulling down her trousers and pretty red thong to reveal to me her gorgeous little pussy with jet black pubic hair matching her head, I don't mess about as I run my tongue up her pussy and suckle on the little nub that is her clitoris. She's soaking wet and tastes so good that I decide to spend some serious time going down on her and eating her out, making out with her vagina to tongueing her hole as deeply as I can, straining not to cum she's wriggling and writhing bouncing the car suspension up and down she pulls my face in to her pussy.

Arching her hips she begs me to fuck her and who am I to deny this sexy vixen that is desperate to feel me inside of her, she's guiding my cock to the entrance of her sex, she runs the head up and down her slickness before planting it right at her tight little hole but my good was she tight!

I eased myself on to her and in but slowly as there's massive resistance from her super tight pussy, I've never felt such a snug little thing but I pull back nd thrust forward again easing myself in to her. She's actually complaining how tight it feels and that I'm hurting her but she's the one pushing up against me edging me deeper in to her but as I'm about two thirds of my length in to her it's hit a solid wall and not going any deeper. This girls pussy is as full and stretched as it can possibly be with my rigid cock and it feels incredibly amazing yet also makes me feel a little sad as I pull out to thrust back in it again stops dead hitting the deepest regions of her most intimate place but she's begging me to fuck her even though it's also hurting her. It's actually incredible to fully fill this girl and know that I'm hitting her every sensitive spot because she's so full.

We find the rythm that works and we're fucking, kissing her neck and bouncing her massive breasts as we do so, I know I can't last as she'd already sucked me and now her pussy is wrapped around majority of my cock like a vice stimulating her every nerve ending and gripping me, milking me I'm about to cum and she knows it.

There's in eruption of my cum splashing against the very deepest parts of her pussy it's seeping out around my cock and on to my balls, down the crevis into her ass.

Panting and moaning she wraps her legs tightly around my waist not letting me just fuck her and leave so to speak, in there still locked in to her pussy my cock is going limp and it still feels like her pussy is gripping me, we kiss and cuddle holding me there she whispers in to my ear that she going to fuck me again and even if I don't want to she's going to pin me and ride me. Actually being somewhat aggressive but my good she's got me, she can rape me any god damn day she wants!