21 May 2017

I would suppose i would call Thailand my happy place(not that im not happy here in Cape Town)..it just seems to be a place where nothing really matters,everbody is relaxed and there are lots of smiles....we need to smile more here in Saffa

Was staying on the island of Samui...my place of choice these days...had hired a bungolow right on the beach and of course a bike(scooter).Spent my days exploring the island(rides in the jungle and finding out of the way places) and by night the bars.As i was out most of the day i had not really connected with anyone from the other bungolows.I had noticed Mia..about 50..short brown hair..about5.10..slim body..meduim tits...but apart from saying hello as we passed we had not really spoken..i was difinetly interested but there were so many available Thai woman that it was not high on my list

Was late afternoon..was sitting on my stoep sipping on a glass of sav..just chilling when i spotted mia on the beach catching the last few rays of the sun.She had on a g string and was topless but lying on her stomach...my little boy was stirring hahaha..there had to be a Mr about but i had not seen her with anybody.It looked like Mia had enough suntanning and was packing up..i got a good look of her tits as she quickly pulled on a t shirt..great nipples nice and big just as i like them

As she walked past my bungolow we exchanged greetings..she seemed to linger and i quickly asked her if she would like to join me for a glass of wine..she thought it was a good idea and liked the idea that the wine was from Saffa..Mia was very easy to chat to..in fact she liked to talk..she was also very interested in my life here in Cape Town.After some time i asked her why she did not tan topless...she laughed and said she wished she could but did not think it was okay here..she then said she was a nudist.It was my turn to laugh and told her so was i..we just looked at each other and laughed(must just point out that i am a nudist but seem to only be nude at home these days..i dont go to sandy bay as there are to many gay men there these days behaving badly and as a single man get a lot of unwelcome attention...so its only in my garden these days)..i told her i knew some very quiet beaches and would she be interested..she quickly agreed...As i have mentioned before i like to explore and so knew of a few beaches that are hard to find..you have to go down some sandy tracks to find them

Mia and i set off the next morning..she quiet excited to be going to some obscure beaches...i think at one stage she was a bit worried about where i was taking her but after about a half an hour ride we finally arrived.I must admit it a wonderful beach about a km long..coconut trees lining the beach and gently waves falling on the white sands..all she said was wow..thank you for bringing me here

We were quickly into the warm water..Mia topless..i was trying not to look at her fantastic tits..a nice size..slightly drooping but great for a woman of 50..she was a good swimmer and we swam out quiet far..im quiet a good swimmer but she she easly beat me back to the beach..we lay down on our towels the water glising on her body...i think both of us were wondering who was going to make the first move....(i did not want to spoil the day)..i was hanging back a little..i had taken off my cozzie lay back and closed my eyes..quietly wondering if Mia had done the same thing

Would you mind putting some suntan lotion on me she asked..it was like music to my ears...i opened my eyes..her g string was of...legs slightly apart..had a shaven pussy but with a little landing strip..i could feel my cock stirring but i managed to control my self..rubbed sun tan lotion all over her..felt her nipples harden but she remained silent...i lay back closed my eyes and started counting(im not normally this slow hahahaha...but somehow just sensed that this was the way to go)i had not even got to 10 when i felt her gentle touch feeling her way up my leg and a slight brush over my cock..i opened my eyes and a smile on her face...one hand playing with her very hard nipple and the other around my harding cock

i leaned forward and sucked on her nipple..she sighed..kissed her on her stomach and started working my way down.i felt for her slit with my finger..she was very wet..my tongue parted her lips and i started working towards her clit...which was already out..i started slowly circling it..she responded by lifting her hips and pushing hard at my face..she was breathing hard...i had also inserted my finger in her bum...she was now very wet and breathing very quickly

please fuck me she cried..i want you inside..she had her legs wide open...her juices on her thighs...i was rock hard as i entered her..she gasped as i went in gently and then deeper and deeper with each thrust..she pushed harder and harder and wanted me to stay deep...she was very horny..her breath became very heavy and she begun to cum with loud groans her body jerking and her arms holding me tightly..her breathing became more even as she fell away and said wow wow

i was still hard and close..she lent over and took me deep and slowly in her mouth..up and down..i wa s ready and came all over her tits which she really seemed to enjoy...it was very intense for me...as i fell away all i could hear was her breathing and the waves gently breaking on the beach

she told me later that she could not get men to cum on her tits(im not sure why) and that it was a big turn on for her..We spent the rest of the day swimming /talking about our adventures and fucking..she really did enjoy doggy..more than any woman i had ever been with..we were the only people on the beach the whole day

i had to stop Mia playing with my cock on the way back..its not easy riding a bike with a hard on..we did stop for a final blow job in the jungle on the way back...

Sadly Mia was leaving the next day ...but all was not lost..thai woman really love sex and they were very available as i was soon to find out

Where ever you are Mia..keep shining..you are a wonderful person....