Written by Nerdyguy

01 Jan 2014

Part 1: The introduction

Being a man of considerable hunger I was on the prowl for a new regular. I found an advert for a 20-year old who lives in Centurion and answered with all the charm that I possess. Since I prefer to move fast the next day I arranged to come over and visit. On my drive through I stopped and got some pizza and arrived at her place a little later than expected.

As her pictures had revealed she wasn't a drop dead gorgeous beauty but she had lots of potential. After a few slices of pizza we ended up on her bed since this was the only place to sit in her dorm room. She was nervous and I didn't want to scare her so I took it slow. I started to kiss her and she naturally laid back onto her bed. My hand slid behind her back and undid her bra strap. She complied with my intentions and helped me remove it from her body. I then pulled her top up and my lips quickly found her nipple. She seemed unsure about this but I pressed on and soon I heard a moan escape her lips. Her back arched to push her nipples deeper into my mouth and I used the opportunity to put my arm under her and lift her up.

I moved between the two nipples and her moans were growing louder. I lay her back down and moved my hands to her jeans. She put her hands over mine and said firmly "no sex". I agreed but continued to take off her jeans followed by her panties. What greeted me was a beautiful hairy pussy. Not being a fan of hairy pussies this was actually my first. I could tell she was wet, her lips glistened and I could smell her scent. I went back to kissing her and while her mind was preoccupied with my lips and slipped a finger into her. She was tight but not too tight, warm and wet and hungry. Her kissing intensified and I took the signal and slipped another finger into her. She let out a loud moan and I pushed them deep into her. I fingered her hard and soon she came. Once her orgasm was over I was able to remove my fingers from her pussy, the colour had drained from them due to being squeezed by her pelvic muscles. I put my fingers into her mouth and she cleaned them off. I leant in and gave her a final kiss.

I saw myself out and she fell asleep.

Part 2: The body and mind fight each other

A few days later I found myself at the little 20-year old's dorm room again. I had told her I wanted to see her again but little did she know that I wanted to get my cock into that little hot snatch. This time I arrived without pizza, in fact the only thing I had were the condoms in my pocket. She answered the door in jeans and a t-shirt, her bra was visible but only because I am tall enough to look straight down her top. She led me to the kitchen and offered me coffee. I accepted and watched her make it. While she stood there I walked behind her and put my arms around her waist, pressing my cock into the small of her back. She let out a moan but quickly brought herself to her sense when my hands slid down to grip her inner thighs.

She finished making the coffee and handed me my cup, I took it and after a few sips I suggested we go to her room. She agreed and led the way.

I closed the door behind us and she asked why, I replied that it was for privacy. I walked up to her and kissed her while at the same time putting my coffee cup down on her desk. I gripped her bum and lifted her up, she was surprised and turned on by this. I put her down and then started to pull off her top, she gave a brief protest but after another deep kiss she relented. I undid her bra and reminded her nipples who I was. They perked up after my lips touched the first one, I sucked and played with them for 20 minutes or so before I decided to take it one step further. While she was lying on the bed I undid her jeans and with both hands pulled both jeans and panties off her. I stood up and undid my clothing, dropping my jeans and shirt to the floor. I grabbed a condom and slipped it onto my cock before lying down between her legs. As I moved my cock to her pussy she became nervous telling me that she didn't think it wise to have sex. I have her a deep long kiss and said we should take it slow. As I bent down to kiss her again and pushed my hips up gently, my cock tip just entering her. She pushed her hips closed and forced my cock out. I kissed her again and thrust my hips up enough to just get my cock tip into her and again she pushed me out. We continued with this little game for about 10 minutes, each time my tip got in a little more and the force of her rejection became less. At one point my cock slipped out and she instinctively reached with her hand and guided me back to her wet slit. She looked up at me with shock, "I can't believe I just did that." I looked down at her and whispered "your body wants me but your mind is fighting it."

She smiled at me and then I told her than I think she should get on top. I told her that way she would have all the control and will be able to control if I enter her and how fast I enter her. In truth I knew that gravity would help me win. She reluctantly climbed on top, fearing that her body would not look good while she was on top. I still had my glasses on and the lights were also on so I was able to see every inch of her and it got me even harder. She guided my cock to her pussy and put its tip between her lips. Gently she eased herself down until my head was almost fully inside of her. It was then I could see a problem. She was in pain; I am not a big man but sit at the bigger side of average and already this was too much for this young inexperienced girl to take. She said that it hurt and I told her it would feel better once I was fully inside her. As she pushed me in deeper her eyes started to well up but she continued. As my head popped into her then was visible relief in her eyes, the pain suddenly got replaced with hunger. In one motion she sank my entire shaft into her tight pussy and instantly I realised how small she was, for with all the force that she sent me into her was delivered straight to her cervix. My cock tip rammed into it and she cried out in pain. She asked me what had happened and I explained to her.

Once she got over the initial shock and discomfort she started to grind. When she first appeared unsure about what to do she was now grinding on top of my like a porn star. I had to smile, seeing the instincts of a woman blossom was truly a breathtaking sight and she didn't need any guidance. I lay back and watched her, the condom and the position meant that sensation was reduced for me which meant that she could ride for as long as she liked. And ride she did.

After an hour she was sore; the pain seemed to cloud her mind and she hadn't orgasmed but she was glowing. She had ridden for the first time and loved every second of it. She leant down and told me to take her however I wanted to and to not worry about her. She climbed off and I pulled her up off the bed. With her back to me I kissed her neck then bent her down. Her little bum was in the air and I pushed her onto the bed since she was too short for me to fuck doggy. With the bed lifting her up I put my cock between her legs and ran it up and down her slit. Just as my cock reached the entrance to her pussy she trust her hips back sending my entire cock into her in a heartbeat. She once again gasped. I gripped her hips and fucked her like an animal, my body slapping against hers with every stroke. And with every stroke I hit her cervix over and over again. My nose filled with her scent and my mind clouded over. I gripped her hips and started to cum.

I pulled out of her and then after cleaning up I climbed into bed. I sent her off to pee and when she came back I pulled her close and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and she was still asleep. I grabbed a condom and put it on my erect cock. I easily found her pussy, nestled between her warm legs and as closed as closed can be. I gently lifted her leg and slowly sank my shaft into her. Once I was in I held her close, being careful not to wake her. My first few strokes were gentle and just exploring the angle at which I had entered her. I then started to thrust harder and she woke up. I had my arm around her waist keeping her pussy close to me but when she woke up this wasn't neccessary as she pushed her bum towards me and showed her eagerness for this early morning session. She orgasmed quickly and then begged me to just fuck her however I want. I changed positions and got her on all fours, but this time I didn't just fuck her doggy style I mounted her, leaning my weight on my arms which were along side her. She turned to me and a said fuck me like your bitch. Not what one expects from a little plaas meisie and the shock of what she said made me fuck her hard and fast and pretty soon I came. She took the condom off my cock and put it in the bin, then she got on her knees and cleaned me off before I climbed into the shower. She washed me down in the shower and even gave me a blow job.

I left after drying myself off and getting dressed.

I continue to see my little 20-year old fuck buddy, helping her explore her sexuality. But those stories are for another day.