15 Sep 2016

Well, let me relive a happening in my life and try and share it with you all.

I was working for a Company in 2011. At the time I was travelling from Pretoria to my place of work which was approximately 90km away in Springs. So to miss traffic I would leave early and get in at 6am to leave around 3pm. Special permission and all not to work 7 to 4.

When I started there I was put in the office with one of the female Hitler boss ladies. Within the first few weeks I met quite a few of her ladies that worked for her on SAP. Some old, some young. For all intents of keeping some form of anonymity, let's call the girl Bianca. I met Bianca and we chatted quite a bit when we would happen to meet for a smoke. I think she was around 20 at the time.

We would talk about her asshole boyfriend and the divorce I was going through. My ex had cheated on me and the divorce proceedings were moving on slowly.

Anyway, we started chatting more and more. Somewhere along the lines, I got her number. So, one day when the chatting veered towards sex, which we can all attest to happens often, I dared her to come into my office and flash her C cup breasts. She said that would only happen on 2 conditions. Her boss was out the office and that I would show her my cock in return.

So one afternoon the boss left the office and I messaged her. She came from her office and walked into mine. (For clarity purposes, her office was in a different building than mine). She had a very naughty smile on her face when she walked in. She told me to wait in my seat and walked into the training center which was adjacent to my office. She whispered and asked if I was ready. I said I was. She walked in and faced me then lifted her top. She had shifted her bra down below her amazing tits. There they were facing me in all their glory. She pulled her top back over her breasts and said it was my turn. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She smiled again and walked out.

About 2 weeks passed and we still chatted a bit. I was moved into her open plan office because of the integration between my work and SAP.

I sent her an email one afternoon and asked her if she wanted to feel my cock. She said that she desperately wanted to feel it ever since seeing it hard. There was about 4 other people in the office besides us. I told her to call me to help her with some of issue and that when I knelt down to help her, I would go down and fiddle with her keyboard and she should point with her left hand at the screen and use her right hand (which was closest to the wall) to rub and feel. As I was wearing suit pants, you could really get a good feel.

As planned, it happened. She called me over and I was already hard from the excitement. As I went down to help her, I grabbed the mouse and she started stroking my cock. The naughtiness was amazing. It is really hard to explain the thrill. After we sorted out the "issue" I went back to my desk.

I mailed her and asked her if she had fun. She sent back a smiley face and a tongue face. So I enquired if she wanted to taste it because of the smiley. She asked if I had any ideas.

I suggested that she come in at 5h30 and unlock and I'd also come in early so we could be alone. Most people came in at 6h30. I did mention that one or two ladies sometimes came in at 6 so we might have to skip the niceties and get straight to it. She agreed. She told me she doesn't swallow though, but that I could cum in her mouth.

The next morning I rocked up just after 5h30. I saw the place was unlocked. We agreed we'd meet at the smoking area and go from there. We both had a smoke in silence.

We went back in and instead of going to a nice quiet office, we went back to the open plan office. I sat on her desk and unzipped and removed my cock. Without skipping a heartbeat she took me in her mouth. Wow! This girl could give some great head. She blew me and the excitement of doing it in an open plan office where anyone could walk in was just so crazy.

When I came she didn't flinch. She waited to catch every single drop and when my cock was done twitching, she slowly pulled her mouth off and went to bathroom.

As I zipped up, about 2 mins later, one of the other ladies was entering the building.

I grabbed a pen off Bianca's desk and went back to my desk. The lady went and sat at her desk while greeting me. Bianca came out the bathroom wearing a twinkle in her eye, walked past the lady and greeted her and then looked my way and winked.

What a morning!

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did reliving it.

Excuse any spelling mistakes as I wrote this on my phone.

Depending on responses, I may write of my other experiences.