11 Jan 2019

That Massage Couple Wanted

I was invited by a couple to spend some time with them one Saturday and it was just unbelievable since it was her first erotic massage experience and with hubby watching

Hubby wanted to watch me give her an erotic massage and then proceeded from there

They have a separate section like a granny flat well laid out and for playing dates

She was all sweaty and took a shower first before massage while we chatted

She loved baby oils to be used on her body and had hot water nearby for that different feeling

I helped to soap her and wash back of any oils and grease and sweat

They have two kids- but away with grandparents for the day and stayed over until Sunday

It was great- I told you Mrs really wanted the experience since heard from a friend that I gave great sensual erotic, massages with stunning ends

So I made her lay on tummy and covered her lower back with a small towel

Worked her shoulders, neck and upper back

Thereafter moved down to lower back standing by her head and working knots on lower back just above spine

hubby was all the time in the room- even fetch a drink to relax since was becoming arose with her sound and pleasure she was getting

Then started with feet and toes

Worked on knots on heal and feet

She loved that and made several comments of how good I was and had very good technique and gentle hands

Then worked up legs with lots of oil

Moved towel away since was relaxed and hubby nodded to do so

Then teased her a few stokes on either side of bums and touch pussy lips once or twice

She let out a moan

Then started with bums and sides of pelvis

Well I thereafter took more oils and worked her inner tights- touching pussy lips on side and used 2 hands from top to bottom stretching them sideways and stoking clits and tip at same time

I also played with her butt hole a few times

She was a bit taken back since her hubby never touches her there- she always wanted that feeling and experience

So I had one finger playing with butt and other inside sliding in pussy and playing with clit

She was super wet and her breathing became heavy

I rubbed and played with her for a while and she was loving the treatment on pussy- could see from her curled tones and hands on bed

I asked her hubby to move in from of her and let her suck him off while I massage her pussy- this is very erotic to suck hubby while another man is playing with pussy

Legs were not too far apart but eventually moved one leg up in a bent position and I slide around to taste her

She was sweet and just too wet

The hype was too much for her- started to shake and breathe louder and louder

Thereafter placed a condom on my cock and started to slide up and down on the slides of her bums and touch clit and pussy but NOT inside while she was still sucking hubby- this drive her wild

I stroked


Played with cock on her pussy lips

Up and down

Left and right

Eventually hubby could not take it any move and came in her mouth

She swallowed all of him

She eventually held my cock and guided it into her wet oiled pussy

She was tight but smooth

Hubby left us for a while alone and I just played with her- she turned her head back and kissed me deep

All this time my cock was deep inside her

Just enjoying her warmth

She was a great kisser and gave me a great by later that morning- she even suck my balls and had them deep in her mouth

We played many times thereafter and hubby just left us to enjoy

It is very important being comfy with the person

I think it is very important to be comfortable and relaxed to enjoy