28 May 2017

Will I ever forget that pink little dress flirting around my knees in the Camps Bay Beach wind? No never. It was just a dress. I didn't think it was outstanding in any way. My husband was walking slightly behind me. His head looking into the sand. He was cross. So very cross. But hrummmpppffff I was even more cross. We had argued the night before so no sex. He hated that. Just as I had driven the car furiously to the beach "to talk it over" so I was furiously plodding into the sand, one foot pressing harder than the other. All the time the dress was blowing this way, that way, and sometimes a little up. Meantime I thought how on earth are we going to sort out this argument. Neither I nor he would give in. It was a beautiful sunny weekday afternoon in the early 90's before our second and third child was born. There were a few people peppered across the gorgeous sand and on my right I looked out across the waves reflecting the sun. We walked like this for about 15 minutes. Ahead of us was the tidal pool. Just before we got to the pool there were rocks. I sat down at the edge where the rocks meet the beach. Keith came towards me and seemed like he was going to let loose a whole lot from that mouth. Somehow I don't really recall if he actually said anything because I was looking right into his mouth that had kissed me many times before. He was leaning towards me. He was saying something and the only words that came through to me was "lift up your dress". I said nothing. I was mesmerized by his mouth and lips moving. I lifted the dress a little to my thighs. His face was serious and intent. He lifted it higher. I thought omg people can see us. In plain view. Then I thought Oh well just undies showing. Then he leaned forward again. This time in one swift move he pulled off my panty. This time I sucked in my breath. I said "Keith people can see us!" But as I watched him put the panty in his pocket, a slight wetness in my pussy gave me that unmistakable horny feeling. Damn I thought I'm still cross with him. And then Oh laaawwwd what he did next - made me too far gone to concentrate on anything else. He was kneeling. He slid his tongue between my pussy lips just the way I liked it - from my pussy upwards towards my clit. His tongue rode up and down like this making me throw my head back and spread my legs more. My breaths were quick and shallow. He just kept going. Sometime or another I thought again "omg the people" but nevertheless by now I was moaning loudly as I always do. So he timed when it would be perfect to play with just my clit. It was like a fucking symphony. And I was close to a crescendo. This was the stage when he alternated with flick flick suck and tug. All the time like that. On and on he went. He was totally comfortable. Holding my dress across my hips. My face up to the sun. And finally his middle finger just lightly inside caressing and playing. And that tongue and lips flick flick suck and tug. Faster. Faster. Faster. And then the glorious explosion. Almost screaming. Ooh la la the horniest pussy and clit a husband could ever have. I was breathless. His face was dripping. We quickly pulled down the dress and he gave me a hand up. We each gave the other a little spank on the bum and a secret smile. We walked back and all the cross words melted away gone and forgotten.