24 Jun 2016

I once worked with this super hot lady,, she had beautiful thick lips, silky soft skin and an ass that used to want to make me want to get down and worship it. The only challenge was that she worked closely with my then boss. She was older and my self righteous boss had made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate any fucking around in his team. Being younger and new to the corporate world, I actually believed him and I was very scared to cross the line set by him. I was conflicted because all throughout varsity my philosophy was, rules were meant to be bent and boy did I bend them, but hey this was a new chapter in my life. Everyday I would play around with the idea of letting her know how badly I wanted her but every time I would simultaneously imagine myself at a disciplinary hearing and subsequently fired, unemployed and destitute . You know, yet another example of "someone that threw it all away for nothing." However the beauty of being human is that you can come up with several logical reasons not to do something but these get trumped by one or two passion filled rationalisations. In addition, I was young so I figured that I'd rather destroy my corporate career before it took off.

So in a moment of truth at the photocopier, I told her about the effect she had on me. This was followed by the customary few seconds of silence preceding a slap or a naughty smile. She proceeded to calmly tell me that she liked fucking younger guys, I had won the lotto without the millions. After a series of sexual, dick hardening conversations. I told her about how I love wet pussy and the scent of it. I asked her to randomly surprise me and come passed my desk, after her inserting her finger in her kitty cat and giving me a whiff of her essence. She obliged and thereafter my request would be honoured and I would say, "that's a beautiful fragrance and our colleagues would be none the wiser. Often I would be typing an email or looking at graph and suddenly from nowhere this manicured finger would move under my nose and I would get instantly hard. I would rub her clit by the printer and she would grab my cock through my pants. During meetings we would exchange sexual notes, I must say I really looked forward to going to work. All the while we were fucking after hours, during team buildings and once during my bosses key note speech.

It was a reminder that life is often best experienced on the edge, but be warned that if you play any game you must be prepared to win or loose, and accept either outcome.