Written by AnthonJay

31 Mar 2015

This is the story of MR AJ's first(and only) experience with a Thai woman... I was 19 years old and very much a party animal at the time. During varsity holidays my friends and I would go out every night of the week and see whether any of us would get lucky.

With alcohol flowing and lots of practise, picking up girls became rather easy and somewhat boring to be frank. We had always had numerous discussions that touched the topic of what it would be like to have sex with a woman of Asian origin.

Many topics were reached during these discussions including the famous Ping pong shows, we became fascinated with the fact that these women could "shoot" objects from their vaginas by achieving the ultimate muscle control. Sooner than later I was overwhelmed by the idea of sleeping with a sexy Thai woman.

We decided to complete our weekly run by going to Tempo's on a Sunday evening. I was rather sick of partying and didn't have too much of a good time....until a group unbelievably beautiful Thai woman walked in, dressed to kill.

Our eyes lit up like pinball machines. With hormones raging, we dove in head first and started buying as many shots as they could tolerate. I was standing at the bar talking to the most beautiful girl in the group. Her name was Anne.

We had an instant connection and the chemistry was amazing. After a couple of drinks I thought to myself that this is it, I MUST make this count. We walked over to an outside bar and she casually asked: "How old are you?" I knew that if I had said I was 19 she probably wouldn't have considered anything but I lied and said I was 23. She was 30.

As I gave my answer, I could see her pattern of though shifting into a mode where she had to consider fucking a guy so much younger than her and that is exactly when I took my chance. I grabbed her by the arm, pushed her up against the wall and kisses her.

She was a fantastic kisser, so much so that I got an instant hard on. I could tell that she was excited by the bulge in my pants so I walked her to a dark corner and turned her so that her back was facing the crowd of people.

I continued to kiss her passionately which resulted to her giving a few moans of excitement, this turned me on even more. I was feeling her ass, squeezing and pulling her against me. I proceeded to slip my right hand into her tight jeans, though fearing that she might not allow it, seeing that there were so many people around.

She didn't have a care in the world, ass I slipped my hand into her pants I could feel her pussy pulsing. She was unbelievably wet, I continued to slide my middle finger into her wet pussy lips ensuring that I make contact with her clit as I go along.

By this time she was feeling the silhouette of my cock through my pants and I could see that she was pleased by the size of it. She started clawing at my cock as it she was going to rip it straight through my jeans. Being at a club it is quite hard to find a place to fuck so I decided to ask the friend in whose car when arrived for the keys.

We walked to the parking lot, horny as hell. As we arrived at the car, being the gentlemen that I am, I opened the passenger door for her. As she got in, a gave her ass and pussy a nice feel through her now very moist jeans.

We drone to an open parking lot across the street where it was quite dark with no other cars. Before I could switch engine off she was already in the back seat taking off her jeans and panties. I joined her in a rush with my cock throbbing and ready for action. At this moment I realised that this is a fantasy that was about to come true, I undressed her completely.I decided to take my time with her, kissing her all over...mouth, neck, shoulder, most perfect small breast with erect nipples, beautiful flat tummy. At this stage all she wanted was to fuck.

She undid my jeans and ripped out my cock, stroking it like it was her first time. I proceeded to kiss her on the way down to her pussy, not allowing her to be too vigorous with my cock. As I started licking her very wet pussy, I inserted two fingers into her tight pussy. Her back arched as I started licking her clit and fingering her more intensely.

With every stroke I could feel her getting closer and closer, with her arm stretching for my cock as each moment passed by. She then started pulling on my ears in order for me to be inside of her but I resisted for at least another 2 to 3 minutes.

She was soaking wet by now as I slipped by hard juicy cock into her tight little pussy. As I pushed my cock in deeper I could feel it touching her vaginal wall. I started off slow, kissing her neck with her moaning softly in my ear. I progressively started fucking her harder and harder.

This resulted in her moaning getting loader by the second as she came numerous times. I had consumed just the right amount of alcohol to enable me to get as hard as a rock but fuck for an hour.

After a while I got a bit fatigued and pulled out saying: "your turn". She laughed as she too needed to catch her breath, she sat up and started sucking my cock, probably with the intention to make me cum. As she sucked she started to get horny again and got onto my lap, sliding my cock into her tight little pussy.

She rode me as if she knew she was never going to see me again, as I started getting closer she slid up my shaft and rode only the top of my cock. This lead to me getting really hot, really fast. As I was about to come she jumped off of my cock and started sucking it, allowing me to cum in her mouth.

To this day I still fantasise about Anne the Thai girl.