28 May 2016

The most incredible experience I had today, been to a local spa for a full body massage. I couldn't get over how beautiful the Thai lady was, so as she began to massage my naked body I began to talk to her. Ask her your long she has been in the country and told her where I am from and what I do. Then told her that she is very beautiful and she said thank you, sir you are very muscular. I said I work about a little but there is no time with my work. Half an hour past as she massages my body, I then touched her thigh while she was massaging me. She said Sir what you doing? I said I like you and your hands feel so nice against my body, she said sir I like you too I enjoy massaging you. so I run my hands on her pants and slowly got to her pussy and rubbed it. she just continued to massage me but slightly moaning and massaging my butt. So I let my hand travel into her pants as she massages me. She began to moan even more, luckily we were in a room on the floor far away from the reception. so I turned over and she grabbed my cock, wrapping her tender lips around my cock with a great sensation of her warm mouth. Suddenly she wakes up, I thought I did something wrong and whispers in my ear " you want to put in pussy" I nodded immediately with a grin on my face. She opened a cupboard next to us and brought out three condoms. Put one on my cock and began to insert my cock into her very wet pussy. Only going halfway through my cock, she moaned and said you very big and thick. I let her ride me slowly as the noise of her wet pussy turned me on. As I got harder I began to had to the momentum and go deeper into her pussy she began to ride me faster and faster, but I was unable to come. Not sure if I was shocked that this was happening or excited by her beauty. So I took her from behind, fucking her hard. With my hand over her mouth she moaned quietly, still I couldn't come. So while fucking her from behind I put my finger in her ass playing with her butt hole. Then I pulled my cock out and shoved my cock in her ass, almost could feel like I am going to come fucked her slowly because of her moans getting louder and we could get caught and I could be thrown out and she could be fired. Suddenly I let go of my load in her ass with my index finger moving vigorously in her pussy. Although she came a few times already she released cum from her lovely pussy all over my hand. We both laid down on the mattress for a few seconds. I said that was good. She said good sir. She woke up and gave me another condom and I couldn't believe my eyes because I thought this was it. She put my somewhat relaxed cock in her mouth and began to bring my cock to its true form put the condom on laid down beside me. So I took that as an invitation to fuck her beautiful shaven pussy. I fucked her while enjoying licking on her brown nipples at times until we came together. She then says Sir your massage, sorry. I wasn't sorry at all. I said its ok. with only half an hour left she began to massage my shoulders, back and legs then hit my back and said thank you. Do you want tea? I said tea, Green tea, Ginger tea,.... I said no I'm fine. She says thank you. I didn't know whether to tip her or not. So I took out the money to give her and she said no, thank you sir. see you soon. This was unbelievable, I put on my clothes and left. I spelt last night alone in a hotel room and decided to go for a massage at the last minute but it was worth it. The most enjoyable sex in a long time.