Written by jp811

19 Feb 2014

Well We got a new vibrator , And the day before yesterday , after fooling around with each other the whole day , teasing , and kissing whenever or wherever we got a chance , excited of what will come tonight , knowing we have a new toy to test drive , but to make a long story a bit shorter evening arrived and I was sucking on my wife's pussy , nib-ling her clit , I then let her straddle my face while she was licking and sucking my hard cock. I inserted two fingers between her lips and started to massage her g-spot , she wriggled with pleasure and pushed herself backward onto my face , I removed my fingers , and pushed my tongue into her , while spreading her lips with my thumbs , I really went deep , and ate her good , o God I almost smothered myself , trying to really rub my face nose , lips , tongue into her until she came on my face with a hard gasp and shudder. While she was still trembling , I took the vibrator and inserted it into her nice pussy , I had a really nice view lying underneath her , and started to fuck her hard with it , 5 shallow strokes and 1 deep hard one , I kept doing that and almost came in her mouth twice as I watched the big vibrating and ribbed dildo disappearing into her swollen pussy lips mere centimeters from my face , and hearing her moans of pleas-sure , well and then it happened , she squirted all over my face , At first I thought she pissed herself until I felt How sticky it was , almost like cum , but a bit thinner , That was a real surprise to me and at this time I was so horny and eager to feel her , when she turned around , spread-ed her legs , and ushered me to enter her, I could,nt hold myself any longer , and quickly shoved myself balls deep , fucking her hard and seriously I mean hard , while holding her legs almost next to her head , biting her nipples I could still taste her juices in my mouth , she shouted so hard when she came again I thought the neighbors heard , But that was enough for me to see her face distorted in pain and pleasure and I started to empty myself into her , spasm after spasm after spasm , about 9 of them and collapsed exhausted and in ecstasy. afterwards I cleaned her by licking her pussy some more , while she was still trembling slowly , I just love licking pussy , This morning we took it slowly and soft , due to her still being a bit tender......but that is a different story , xoxox