05 Sep 2018

This is my first time I'm writing a story so please feel free to comment. Good or bad will be accepted and taken into consideration for follow up stories.

This story took place back in the 90s when things were very much different to the way things are today. No internet to chat to like minded people. No cell phones or WhatsApp. Just meeting people and taking opportunity when it presented itself.

Now being around the age of 20 odd you take chances and are bold enough to chat to older ladies and see where it leads.

Well I was surprised to get an invitation to a party by a lady 45 years old. Married. Telling me that her husband doesn't mind. It was Saturday afternoon and I went home with her feeling rather nervous and excited at the same time. The party was only starting around 7 so she asked me to help her set up while her husband was still out. Up till now I still had not met him.

So as I put tables and chairs up on the patio she grabbed glasses and table clothes and asked me to lay them all out neatly on the tables.

While doing so she disappeared somewhere in the house and her husband arrived home.

I did not expect what was to follow. He came out at me shouting and swearing and threatening me asking why am I at his house. Have you been fucking my wife and daughter. I did not know what to do as I thought this guy was going to kill me for something I had not done. To top it off he had 3 friends with him. All in their 40s and ready to back him up.

Suddenly the wife came out and told them all to calm the fuck down before they scare me away and the fun hasn't even started. That's when they all started laughing and he came over shook my hand and introduced himself.

I see you have already met my wife he says. These are friends of ours too as he introduced the 3 other guys to me.

Do you understand what type of a party we are having tonight? He asked. I explained that I was told its an adult party so maybe drinks and a few ladies showing off a bit. Little did I realize how adult the party was to be and that I was invited to be the party.

As the night started she came out dressed in stiletto high heels. A very short skirt that left nothing to the imagination and a see through black bra. The guys were all sitting outside on the patio along with 2 other mates that had rocked up. We had a few beers by now and I was feeling very relaxed until I saw her walk out dressed like that.

My jaw dropped and my eyes almost popped out of my head. She looked amazing. Like a real live porn star with long legs leading to heaven. Breasts that were big a bit of gravity had taken its toll on them but none the less drop dead gorgeous.

Her husband looking over to me asked if I like what I see?

I had no time to answer because she walked over to me and started kissing me rubbing her hand on my crotch. She answered the question he asked for me. He's all hard for me baby.

Applause was heard from all the men as she grabbed my hand and pulled me up telling me to dance with her.

I looked over at her husband with a look as if to ask permission. He said to me with a smile on his face. This is her party. Her fantasy. You better do what she wants.................

Part 2 to follow if anyone is enjoying