Written by WhiteHorse87

15 Jun 2016

Back in 2013 I was dating an older woman. I was 24 and she was a stunning, blonde, free spirited 42 year old divorcee, mother of two.

Our sexual escapades ranged from mild to wild and from loving to rough. I absolutely adored her body. She was petite with big boobs and a plump derriere. The kind of plump that you just want to bite and grab and spread open...

One Friday night, after our usual date we decided to go to a bar for a few drinks. It was early and we both were having a great time in each others company.

Usually we would go for dinner, get home and clothes would go flying and fantastically fun sex would ensue. Plenty of oral and teasing. She loved being taken from behind and I loved staring at that derriere while my cock slid slowly in and out of her soaking pussy. She looked back at me and always asked for it how she wanted it. I was too happy to oblige.

The night of this story we found ourselves at Dias Tavern, a bit of institution in Cape Town. Live music, great food and a long bar with lots of choice. We had a few drinks and more importantly started egging each other on with tequila. We danced and kissed. A few women her age congratulated her on her young man. She laughed but I think she secretly enjoyed the admiration.

We stumbled out of the bar at closing time and caught a taxi to her place, luckily not far away. Very drunk and very horny we starting undressing each other. She lay on her back on her king-size bed. I crouched over her to kiss her lips and neck and she stopped me dead.

Clearly the tequila had given her some Dutch courage. She was taking control tonight.

She told me to stay still. Naked, bent over her bed, I was excited by this development . She slid out from underneath me. I heard her giggle and tell me not to worry. She opened her dresser and rumbled around the drawer. Suddenly and without warning I felt her playing with my ass.

I had never experienced this before, I had never even thought about my ass as sexually attractive or potentially fun to play with. Boy was I wrong.

She slowly rubbed her lubed finger between my balls and around my hole. Pushing my shoulders down to expose more of my ass. She asked how it felt, "Amazing" I whispered. I felt her delicate finger slide into me. Slowly but surely this gorgeous woman was finger fucking me ass. And I was in ecstasy. She only used one finger, but found my prostate. My cock become instantly rock hard. Harder than ever before...

I reached back and spread my cheeks allowing her full access. Begging for more. This was totally new and totally captivating. I felt her lick me. Wrapping her tongue around my exposed balls and swirling her tongue around my wet asshole. She reached around and started stroking my now enormous swollen cock while she kissed my ass. I loved every second...

To be continued...