12 Jun 2018

I knocked off early on a Friday and wanted to have a drink or two. I called my mates and none of them was available to have a drink at that time because they were at work. I drove to a popular spot in Centurion. I took a seat outside and ordered a beer. right across me were two ladies having some wine. One looked to be in her early thirties and another a bit older, maybe 45 to 50. Inadventently, I kept looking at them. they noticed that I kept looking and they simply laughed off and I became too shy to look back. when our eyes locked again, the older lady smiled at me and blew a kiss. what a naughty lady!!! I think. after a few minutes, the younger lady comes to my table and ask me to join them and she immediately assured me that they will pay for their own drinks. Since I was all by myself, I went to join the ladies and my day became exciting.

When I join them, the older lady asks "we couldn't allow a fine young men to sit all by himself, can I get you another beer?" and I gladly accepted. We then did the introductions and started chatting generally about food, wine, beer and relationships. The older lady was so comfortable with me and she would often touch me when we laugh and I enjoyed every second of her touch. As the day progresses and we are all getting tipsy, I felt a touch between my legs. she slid her feet on my crouch. Now I know she wants me and I also started touching her nicely. She later went to the bathroom and when she came back she asked me why did I not follow her to the bathroom. I then asked her if she will follow me when I go the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I went to the bathroom and I stood there for a few minutes waiting by the door. I wen back in and signalled for to come. I went back in the bathroom. she came and pulled me to the ladies bathroom. I grabbed her and kissed her passionately against the wall. We got into the toilet and and I went down on her. Whilst she was moaning I got so hard that my brain left my mind. I wanted to insert my dick in her wet wet pussy and she kept on saying "no suck my pussy". While I was busy sucking her wet pussy, I heard footsteps and a knock. Fuck!! are we busted? She replied, "still busy in here". and the voice outside said "fucking pervets" and there was silence. She then went down on me a sucked my dick until I exploded.

We then went back to the table, obviously not at the same time. When I got to the table the young lady was looked at me and said "you made her moan like a bitch neh". and I said to her jokingly, I can make you moan too. She laughed off and said "you fucking pervets". I knew it was her at the bathroom. Other patrons looked at us like they also know what we just did. We continued to chat and have a good time. at about 21h00 the old lady whispers in my ear "I want to fuck you now but you dont have condoms". To be continued....