Written by Robert01

06 Apr 2012

Hi how do you explain a beautifull teacher, and beautifull she was. I was single it was around 10 years ago if not longer. A friend of mine Basil and I were often out looking for woman as single men do. it was a cold winters night and we were down at Bruma lake hell so long ago I dont even know if its a lake any more. Anzay at a nice club there she was. Its not offten in a persons life you see some one and immediately you are compelled to react. Im not descriaing the hot looking chick. No this is the woman of your dreams. Beautifull in every way. Anyway I rushed over to introduce myself to discover we were old school friends. We drank and partied the night away I remember comenting to Basil that I would marry that girl and so I did. Any way a few years after that a mate Jeff and I started to play with her. It all started one new years eve we had a fancy dress party and both dared her to wear a sheet only. Eventually she agreed and the two of us were rock hard the hole night knowing what was under there. During the evening Jeff asked us both if he could stay and help her get out of the sheet. After the amount we had to drink we both agreed. We said good night to our friends and Jeff and I settled down on my bed with a joint and a shooter bottle. charms went to shower and freshen up. I remember her apearing in the door way totally nude after her shower explaining that she would like to fuck us both but we must be gentle. in no time Jeff and I were naked. Being close friends we both shared and ate her making her cum. Then each had a really sexy romantic time to make love to her kissing touching and making each other cum. The night was awsome. And that opened the gate to an ongoing threeway friendship