Written by surferbabe

25 Feb 2014

After my previous adventure tanning nude and getting caught by my boyfriends friend has me explore the beach more often....

So there i was sitting on the bench getting my stuff in order and deciding where to go to the left is more dunes less older folk walking too, so after ''scouting for talent'' i noticed a few guys playing ball and imediatly went to find a spot not too far from them, with a dune secluding me from the main beach area, i laid down today i had my most daring bikkini on so relaxed checking out the hunks i remove my top and made sure to occasionaly flash the guys after what felt like an hour some guys left and left two who went for a swim and who then came to sit half a metre away from me i coukd hear them talking about me and the things theyd like to do with me, this offcourse had me intentionally flash my breasts while paging my book or fiddling in my bag, the one remark had me look up and over my shades i stared at the guys and said ''o'' im sory i didnt mean to flash i didnt realise, so imedatly they said no you may lay naked if youd like well keep an eye to make sure no ''thug'' harasses you, so i turn face them with my boobs fully exposed to them and started a conversation and amongst this said to them how i would love to tan nude but being afraid, so they assure and motivated me to go for it thell keep watch, so without any doubt and a rush off adrenalin i turn on my back tits facing the sun and smiled thinking how horny i must be making these two guys, after a while i did the sunscreen scene hearing them whisper comments to each other, about half an hour into this they got used to me and wasnt looking at me that much so sneaky sneaky i pulled my bikkini bottom off, now totaly nude on my back it took like 10min. Before they realised what i did, i laid there staring at the sky when i heard the sound of a camera clicking i look and theres the one guy snapping pics with his phone i removed my sunglasses and look at him, he said '' i had to sorry your so hot and we dont want to keep staring at you so thought id take a snap and rather stare at the phone'' i started laughing out and just said come on boys come sit here and soak up the view if you really want to, what they did one on each dide of me , you can just imagine what happened from there if not ask i might tell you