Written by wildchildtammy

16 Sep 2013

I thought it may be nice for people on the site to see what I have been doing, rather than everyone having to ask the same questions when we chat. There is no place for a blog on the profile page, so I am putting this in the story section, but the diary is real and not made-up, so it may not be as interesting as some of the stories !!

This Diary will be updated when I have something that I think may be interesting to the guys and girls.

(You may want to read my profile first to understand who I am and what I do- otherwise this may not make sense! Briefly: Right now, I am working in JHB as an au pair for a VERY wealthy couple with 2 small children- I look after the children, see to the running of the house and supervise the staff, other than the driver/bodyguard who I do not work with unless I am out with the kids. Normally, I work on the very big (motor) yachts in the Med, as a hostess, seeing to entertainment, food, bar etc. These are usually on charter, although from time to time we do have the owner and his guests on board. These are contract jobs, on different yachts most of the time, although I do have regular captains/charter companies who ask for specific crew.)

SUNDAY 15 SEPT 2013-09-16

Mrs and the kids are away at their Plettenburg Bay holiday house, so it’s just Mr here this weekend.

On Sunday night he had a group of his friends over for a Poker night, and asked me to stay to see to drinks and the dinner. Anyway, the dinner went well, and they settled down to play- I went and watched a movie in the home theatre, and popped in every so often to see to drinks ( and they were drinking quite a lot !)

Around 2330 they took a break, and went to the heated pool for a swim. Mr came to me and said that the guys did not have costumes, so they would swim without, would I please stay in the home theatre, which I thought was sweet of him.

After they swam, I was in the kitchen making some snacks when one of the guys came in. he is VERY cute and VERY rich- he has been there often with Mr. He started chatting about how he had broken up with his girlfriend, and was lonely and horny. Well, I could see where this was heading!

After hinting a while he came closer and put his arm around me, said what a sexy girl I am, how he had always fancied me etc! Usual guy-stuff!

I thought what the hell, he is cute and I like him. So I said to him to come into the small office near the kitchen.

We went there; I closed the door and went over to him. He was still wearing just his towel from the swim, and I could see that he was getting excited underneath!!

I undid the towel and he was certainly ready and waiting – nice size cock too.

He wanted to take my blouse off, but I just let him put his hand on my boobs under the blouse as I did not want to get undressed, and I was also not going to have sex with him anyway.

He put his hand under my skirt, but I just let him touch my panties, and when he wanted to move them away to touch my pussy I took his hand away, knelt in front of him and took him in my mouth. He leaned back against the chair and closed his eyes. He still had his hands on my boobs under my bra, and I could feel my nipples responding! In about a minute I could feel he was going to cum, so I took him out of my mouth and jerked him off with my hand till he came.

I took a tissue from the box on the desk, wiped him off and gave him his towel back. He gave me a big kiss and a hug, and left the lounge.

I was so horny later that I played for an hour with my vibrator in my room!!

This morning, Monday, there was a big bouquet of roses delivered here addressed to me with a note saying “ thank you for last night”- Mr saw it and looked at me strangely, but has not said anything !!