08 Dec 2017

So, by now many of my friends here will have read about my friend Carol, and her husband Mark (see my diary of 15 Sept 2017).

We gym together and often have some breakfast afterwards at a nearby café.

3 weeks ago, she was in great excitement, dying to tell me something.

After we had ordered, she pulled out her phone and showed me a whatsapp pic of a stunning young guy, maybe 18 or 19, beautifully built, with longish blonde hair and a very well-defined figure, huge pecs tapering to a lean six-pack. And the best part! - he was naked, with a huge hard cock - VERY big. In one pic he was not hard, his cock thick and maybe a bit swollen, but in the other he was rock hard, his hands by his sides, and in a third he had his hands around his cock - both hands, one on top of the other, and still his cock stuck out the top - that’s how big it was.

I looked at the pic, and said it was a great-looking guy, but so what?

"So" she says, "he is my toyboy!"

I almost choked on my juice.

"What do you mean? Who is he?"

"He is a guy from Cape Town who I met at the gym while you were overseas. He is a Lifesaver from Clifton Surf Lifesaving club who was here at a conference. I got chatting, one thing led to another, and we ended up back at his hotel for the morning. AND I have met him twice since then!"

"One thing led to another!!!!" "That’s one way of putting it" I said.

"Well he was so cute, and SO well built I just had to!" she giggled.

"And what does Mark say about it?" I asked

"Haven’t told him. Yet. I will. He has suggested a threesome, but we never followed it up. I won’t tell him that we have already fucked, but I will introduce Alex to Mark and see."

I wondered how Mark would react - would he be jealous of such a young stud doing his wife, or would he be okay with it?

"How was he in bed?" I asked.

"Stunning. He is huge, and very thick." She laughed. "not just his cock - he is also very thick in the head. He is really sweet, but not very bright at all. At one stage we were fucking, and he was talking some crap about the USA and Donald Trump, and I said to him "honey, please shut up and just fuck me"!

She said that he (Alex) had told her that there was a group of 3 women, "all moms like you" (meaning older, I guess) who he fucks in Cape Town. He seems to be quite the stud in town - he said that it started when he was teaching a group of youngsters on the beach on Sunday morning. One of the young moms, a really gorgeous blond with big boobs, had chatted to him while the kids were just playing after the training.

She said she wanted to ask him something, and he followed her to a store room at the clubhouse.

She went in, he followed her, and she kicked the door shut behind him, pulling the latch down so it locked.

She unzipped her dress, and stood nude in front of him, legs apart, hands on her hips.

"Like what you see?" she asked. "Now fuck me!"

He says he didn’t need a second invitation - he ripped of his trunks, and she sank to her knees and began to suck his cock. When it was hard, she turned around, leaned over to hold onto a rack on the wall, and stuck her bum out. He mounted her and fucked the living daylights out of her until she came. She kept going and gasped - "cum in me", so he did, emptying his load into her shaved cunt.

No more than a few words had been spoken by either of them.

Only afterwards, as she put on her dress, did she say that she had been looking at him for weeks, eyeing his cock in his shorts. She was married but her husband was "only interested in golf and work - in that order". She drove a red Merc AMG, and lived in Clifton in a huge apartment overlooking First Beach.

The next week she came over to him, and asked him if he wanted to join her for a champagne breakfast at her home the next Saturday "as my husband will be in England" she said. He knew (or thought he knew) what she wanted, so he said "sure".

He got there the next Saturday at 9. She opened the door wearing a sheer white beach wrap, her big boobs visible as she moved - clearly no costume underneath.

Leading him into the lounge with its magnificent view over the beach and the Atlantic, he was surprised to find two other women sitting there, a glass of champagne in their hands, and two bottles chilling on ice-buckets on the table.

His fuck-buddy introduced them to him as her very very best friends "with whom she shares everything". And "everything" meant him also, it seemed!

To cut a long story short, he was invited to fuck each of them in turn. At first, he went to a room with the one, but then the others arrived while they were still fucking, so all three stayed in the room as he fucked each in turn.

At the end, two of the three had cum, and they wanted to see him cum. So, they sat on the bed in a row as he stood in front of them and jerked off till he came all over their legs and the floor, to their great delight.

He now fucked the three regularly, every few weeks, and they had got to be good friends. He also hinted that he had received some very nice presents!

So, this was Carols toyboy!

We left the café and I didn’t see Carol for a few days. When we met for lunch 2 weeks ago, I asked her about Alex.

She said that she had spoken to Mark, and he was very keen to see Alex fuck Carol! (no-one had asked Alex apparently!) and she wanted to know whether Simon and I wanted to join the three of them one Sunday morning as Alex was going back to Cape Town and wouldn’t be back.

She said she wanted to make a video of her fucking, to see what it looked like. I said I would do it if she wanted, so we arranged that Simon and I would come over, and I would set up the camera, and then play also.

I was keen, so I asked Simon. He was also keen, but, on the day that it was arranged for, he had to go and see a client who had a problem with some imports, and couldn’t join us. He said I should go anyway, as it was arranged and we didn’t want to let Carol down.

I phoned Carol and told her, and she said I should come over anyway and join the three of them - and see how it turned out.

So, I drove to Carol's house one Sunday morning after breakfast.

It’s an unusual time for a sex-party, but in a way, that made it all the more exciting.

Carol opened the door wearing a tiny mini-skirt which only she, with her long legs and tight bum can get away with!

She had a pale green top on, and no bra, and I could see her lovely pink nipples poking the fabric as she walked.

She flicked up the back of her skirt as she walked ahead of me, showing me her black g-string, and I almost grabbed her bum there and then for a kiss!

Mark was in the lounge talking to Alex. Alex looked great in a tight white tank-top and tight blue jeans. A really nice figure.

Alex seemed like a nice guy - very sweet and quite innocent in a way. He seemed unperturbed at his role in what was almost a tacky situation - basically he was there because Carol wanted to show her husband how he fucks her - and she wanted to feel him fuck her (again), not because she actually likes him or anything. But he seemed happy with it.

I liked him - he is 19, and simple and down to earth - what you see is what you get, with him. No pretenses. We chatted a bit about Cape Town, as I grew up there so we know the same places, more or less.

He is a student at UCT, and a Lifesaver at Clifton, as Carol had said. He also did some body-building competitions, which explained his physique.

While Carol and Mark got some snacks, Alex told me about his three ladies he "services" in Cape Town - he didn’t know, and I didn’t tell him, that Carol had told me about them.

But he added some interesting bits. The one woman, the first he fucked at the beach that day, would invite him to come to her house when the others were not there also. And she has a daughter. Aged the same as Alex, 19. Also blonde, also stunning. Who he, unbeknown to the mother, was also fucking now!

I asked him if he has a girl-friend. He said he did, a girl in Matric at Sans Souci Girls High. I asked whether she knew about his various other women.

"No" he said, "but she won’t have sex, so I must do what I must do. She won’t have proper sex, anyway" he said, "but she does give me a BJ. And I can cum in her mouth. She must have swallowed so much I am sure it’s making her fat" and he laughed out loud, very amused at his girl-friend's weight problem. "After all, it's protein, isn’t it??" he said, still laughing. "She can say she is on a high-protein diet!"

We chatted a while, and then Carol nudged me, and said "why don’t we go through to the jacuzzi?"

We took our drinks and a tray of snacks and did so. As we walked, she said to me "have you ever made a video of sex?"

I said I had, but I was always very concerned about copies finding their way onto the internet, so I wasn’t usually keen.

She went to a cupboard and got out a state-of-the-art video cam, complete with tripod. I took it to the jacuzzi room while she showed me how it worked.

In the jacuzzi room, Mark had taken off his clothes and was sitting in the tub. Alex was in the one corner, pulling his vest over his head, and sitting to peel his jeans down his strong thighs.

He is quite tall, maybe 1.83 or so, with the broad shoulders of a swimmer, and a narrow waist. He wears his hair a bit longer than most, but it suits him - wavy blonde and thick, makes him look gentle but strong. His best feature I guess is his smile - his whole face lights up when he smiles, and he has a knack of focusing on the person he is talking to.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as I fitted the camera to the tripod.

He had his back to me as he took his boxers off, and when he turned I got my first look at his cock. It was really big, maybe a little aroused, but still hanging down, thick and long.

He has a great body - tanned with just a small untanned part where his lifesaver costume goes, and no body-hair at all (because of the Bodybuilding I guess), which only served to accentuate the size of his cock. I saw Carol staring at it, her mouth slightly open. I wasn’t sure what she had told Mark about Alex - but he was staring as much as she was, maybe imagining that pole penetrating his wife’s cunt.

Carol stepped out of her skirt, and pulled her blouse over her head. She has lovely boobs, not so firm any more, but a nice shape and the cutest pink nipples (she is a genuine red-head). She always has a small trimmed triangle of light red-colour pussy hair, although her lips are shaved below that. It's SO sweet - the unusual red colour is amazing!

She slid into the jacuzzi, and as Alex approached she kneeled on the top step and beckoned him to come to her. He did so, his cock getting a bit harder, now sticking straight out in front. Carol reached for it, looked at Mark, and took the big head in her mouth, her lips stretching wide to accommodate the sheer size of it. She drew a lot of it into her mouth, and began to mouth it, running her tongue around it.

I started filming, focusing close on Carol's face with the cock like a huge lollipop being sucked. Mark was sitting opposite Carol in the tub, his eyes riveted on his wife’s mouth sucking Alex’s cock. He was masturbating, his cock already fully hard.

Alex reached down and fondled Carol's boobs, pulling on her pink nipples, making them stand out hard and puckered. She moaned as she sucked, arching her back so that her boobs pressed into his hands.

I moved the camera to behind him, lowered it, and zoomed in on his balls hanging between his muscular thighs, with the back of his cock in picture as it thrust in and out off Carol’s mouth. And a very nice bum it was also! Firm and tight.

Carol stood and dried herself, as did Mark, the two men facing Carol with their rigid cocks pointing at her, her triangle of red pubic hair glistening with water, her nipples hard.

She wrapped a towel around her and they all went to the bedroom. I followed with the camera still on, filming Alex’s bum as he followed Carol.

Once in the bedroom Alex took Carol's face in his hands, looked directly at Mark, and started to kiss Carol deeply, their tongues intertwined, their bodies pressed together. Alex kept looking at Mark as he kissed Carol. This appeared to turn Mark on enormously - he was jerking his cock hard and fast, moving so that he could see Alex’s cock pressing into Carol's pubic area, as she rubbed her pussy against it.

Alex put his hands on Carol's tight bum, and pulled her to him, spreading her cheeks as he did, letting one hand slide between the cheeks, over her arsehole to her pussy from the back. She reached between them, felt for his cock, and curled her hand around the swollen circumcised head, massaging it slightly.

Alex took Carol by the shoulders and turned her around to face the bed. Pushing her forward so that her hands were on the bed, he felt between her legs for her cunt, stroked it, and then slid a finger into her, thrusting it in and out quite rapidly. She jerked her hips as he thrust, maybe still a little dry for that, but he kept fingering her with one hand, his other hand on his cock.

Mark moved closer, standing right next to Alex, looking at his finger in his wife’s cunt.

Alex looked at Mark, and reached for his hand. Mark didn’t seem sure at first what Alex was doing, and seemed to hesitate. Alex pulled on Mark's hand, and placed it against his cock. Mark froze for a second - I am not sure if he had ever felt another guy's cock like that.

But he quickly relaxed and gripped Alex’s cock, and began masturbating him, his hand sliding up and down the huge shaft.

Carol turned her head and saw her husband masturbating the guy who was fingering her, and gasped as Alex drove another finger into her cunt. With two fingers in her cunt, his thumb rested on her arsehole, and he pushed it slightly in, making her widen her legs.

Alex took Mark's hand off his cock, placed it between Carol’s legs and wiped it between her legs on her wet cunt, and then put it back on his cock. Mark resumed masturbating Alex, his hand now lubricated with his wife’s pussy-juices.

I was very turned on by this - I let the camera run, and pulled off my jeans and top. I stood in my white panties, topless, my nipples hard. With one hand I held the camera, and with the other I stroked my pussy over my panties, my finger sliding into my slit a bit, making a wet camel-toe.

Alex pulled Mark's hand off his cock, pushed Carol's legs still more apart, and probed with the head of his cock against her cunt. She reached between her legs and manoeuvred the head into the outer lips. Once in, he pushed it slowly deeper and deeper, making her cry out as it went in. It was nowhere nearly all in, but he began to thrust in and out of her, going a bit deeper with each thrust. She moved her legs even wider to try and accommodate his size, until he was almost all in.

He began to fuck her properly with long deep strokes, his balls swinging low between his legs, his bum clenching as he drove into her fully.

I was very wet by now, my fingers under my panties and in my pussy. My panties were soaking wet, so I stepped out of them, and fingered myself properly.

Mark saw this and came to me. He was rock hard, his cock twitching, the veins full and the head purple and ready.

I left the camera and went to the bed next to Carol. Leaning forward alongside her, I opened my legs. Mark stood behind me, put a condom on and with one thrust drove his cock into my ready pussy. I groaned as I felt it fill me, and then pushed back as he drove into me again and again, hard, fast, his balls slapping between my legs. I felt his nice-size cock fill me, probing deep in my pussy. He put his hand around my waist, slid it down to my pussy, and rubbed my clit as his cock parted my lips with each stroke.

Carol was gripping the bedclothes as Alex pounded into her, her body bent over to take him all in her. Her long red hair covered her face but I could hear her panting and mewing as his cock impaled her cunt. He was holding onto her hips, pulling her back towards him as he fucked.

Mark’s hand on my clit aroused me more, and I started to cum. I gripped his cock with my pussy, and moved a bit from side to side as he fucked, and the orgasm flowed through me, making my pussy even wetter, and sensitive. He kept going until I was done, then slowly took his cock out of me, and kissed me on my bum.

I moved away from the bed, making sure to keep my back to the camera.

Carol stood up, got onto the bed, and lay on her back. Alex mounted her, lifting her legs high in the air, and resumed fucking her, but now with long slow strokes. Mark also got on the bed next to her head, and put his cock at her mouth. She took him in, sucking him hard as he thrust his cock deep into her mouth.

I moved the camera so that I could see both Alex and Mark busy with Carol. Her eyes were glazed, unfocused as she concentrated on the two cocks.

Mark said something to his wife, and she nodded.

She pushed Alex off her, and Mark got onto the bed and lay on his back. Carol went to the bedside table and got out a tube of gel. She sat over her husband and rubbed some gel on his cock. Then she rubbed some between her thighs, sat over Mark facing away from his face, and positioned his cock at her arsehole.

Slowly she lowered herself onto him, with her hands moving his cock until her arse relaxed and it could slide a bit in.

Alex sat on his knees on the bed watching them, his huge cock not losing any of its hardness, gleaming with her juices.

I zoomed in on Mark's cock entering his wife’s arse, all the while playing a bit with my pussy.

When Mark was in her arse, she motioned to Alex to come to her. She lay back on Mark, resting on her hands behind her. He kept still as Alex moved in front of her, and guided his cock to her pussy. He realised I think that she may not be able to take both cocks, one in her arse and one in her cunt, so he was very gentle. The head of his giant cock went in, as Carol gasped and panted. Then a bit more went in, until quite a lot was in.

Mark began to lift his hips a bit so that his cock slid in and out of her arse, and Alex fucked her pussy slowly. Carol lay back on Mark a bit and let the two men take her, Mark and Alex working in unison as their cocks entered her.

Mark began to fuck a bit faster, panting, and in a moment he came, his hips jerking as his cum spurted deep into his wife’s arsehole.

When he stopped, Alec pulled his cock out of Carol, and Carol very slowly lifted herself off her husband, his cock exiting her arsehole, some cum dripping out of it onto him as she got off him.

I was beside myself with arousal. My fingers were deep in my pussy, masturbating hard, taking myself just to the edge of cumming and then stopping.

Alex came over to me, and pressed me to him, his rock hard and huge cock rubbing against my pussy and tummy.

I took a condom and gave it to him. He rolled it onto his thick cock, looking at me.

I switched the camera off, went to the bed, and pulled him onto it. once he was on his back, I climbed onto him, facing away from him in my favourite reverse cowboy position.

I lowered myself as he lay still, feeling his enormous length enter me, until I could take no more in. Then I lifted myself and began to fuck him, my hand rubbing across my engorged clit as his cock entered and exited my wet pussy.

He jerked his hips as I lowered myself each time, ramming his hardness into me. I felt a huge orgasm start, and I let go completely, bouncing on his pole as I came. I came for ages, the juices trapped by the size of his cock plugging my hole. After it subsided I lifted myself slowly off him, and a stream of my juices poured out over his cock much to his amusement.

Carol lay on the bed next to us, watching, her hand on her pussy, Mark sitting next to her.

As I got off Alex, she pulled on his hand and lay back. He mounted her, driving deep into her. Her legs were vertical, resting on the front of his shoulders. He fucked hard and fast, all the way in, as she grunted with exertion at each thrust. It took maybe a minute and she grabbed at his waist, holding him in a tight embrace, her body lifted off the bed as she came, crying out loudly in small shrieks. Alex seemed ready to cum also judging by his face.

He wasn’t wearing a condom, and as Carol finished he started taking his cock out, but she pulled him in, jerking against him, and said "cum, cum now!"

He thrust a few more times and emptied his load into her cunt, pumping again and again seeming to stop and then cum some more in her.

He stopped, her legs still in the air, her pussy making a sucking sound as he withdrew his rod.

She lowered her legs, and a small stream of cum oozed out of her cunt between her legs onto the bed.

Alex’s cock was still rigid, slippery with her juices, and some cum on it also.

He lay across the foot of the bed, spent.

After we had all recovered, we went and showered together, all four of us, still playing a little but without actual fucking.

I looked to see that the video was okay, and then gave it to Carol.

Later we ordered pizza, and I left just before 2.

Alex has gone back to Cape Town, so no more playing with him, but I think that Carol and Mark really seemed to enjoy her fucking a guy, and I got the feeling that Mark may want to experiment with a guy some more also, so we will see what happens!

Carol said later that she and Mark had watched the video over and over, fucking most of the time! Then she deleted it for safety.