11 May 2017

I gym regularly, and apart from getting fit it is also a great place to perv at the guys on display, just for fun! (Guys are so sweet- they think that only they perv! Trust me, when a group of girls are speaking quietly, and suddenly burst out laughing, 90% of the time it’s about a guy-story!)

Anyway, I have a personal trainer to force me to lose some weight, and a few months ago he got another client to share the same time as me. I had hoped it was a guy, but he said it was a woman, Caroline, a bit older than me. I agreed, thinking that I would have to slow down a bit for her to keep up, as I am quite fit (even though I am a bit overweight right now as you can see from my pictures on the site!)

One Monday, at my early training slot, Henk, my trainer, introduced me to my new training partner, Carol (as she prefers to be called- she says only her husband calls her Caroline, and then only when he is cross!)

All I can say is WOW! Carol is 50, my height, slim with the most gorgeous natural, red hair I have ever seen! Beautiful green eyes and a model-pretty face. (She was in fact a model and actress in her 20’s). And she has a bum I would die for! Her derriere looks like a young girl- from the back she looks 18 or 19, and from the front like late 30’s .Bum like a young girl, and legs that go on forever! The whole package! We chatted as we cycled to warm up- she is happily married with 2 late-teen children, and owns her own business.

I told her about my hubby, Simon, and our house, his business and so on, and we went to be tortured by Henk.

Afterward, sitting in the sauna, we chatted some more and I saw that she really is a genuine red-head, her pussy shaved in a bikini shave with a cute triangle of light-red hair. She has very nicely shaped boobs, although she is obviously not a young woman, they are cute and fairly firm still- she certainly has looked after her figure.

I told her about my job in Europe on the mega motor-yachts, and in that somewhere mentioned my ex-girl-friend, Gabi, with whom I lived in our apartment in Venice for 2 years.

She looked puzzled, and asked:

‘’I thought you said you were married? Do you have both a husband AND a girlfriend? ‘’

I explained that I was a truly bisexual woman, and could (and have) loved a man and a woman equally, but that I had decided to marry Simon and deal with my ‘’lesbian’’ needs as best I could and with his blessing.

We had coffee and left.

So the next few training sessions went, and I found that I really liked her as a person, and admired her as a woman- sexy, beautiful, financially very successful and happily married.

Sitting again in the sauna one morning, she invited me to her home for lunch the next day. I accepted and arrived there around 1 the next day.

She had a lovely cold lunch set out, and we ate and chatted. I don’t drink, but she had 2 glasses of Chenin Blanc, and I sensed that there was something she wanted to ask me or tell me.

‘’you remember when I asked about you having a husband and having had a girlfriend?’’ she asked after a while.


‘’can I ask you- what’s it like making love to a woman? ‘’. She blushed, giggling.’’ I have always wondered, and I once kissed a girl I really liked at school, but I have never done more. Is it the same as being with a man? Do you mind me asking?’’

I smiled. If I had ten Rand for every time I have been asked that I would be rich.

‘’not at all’’ I said ‘’ I am happy to answer you’’

I thought about how to reply. I mean, how do you describe what sex feels like anyway? With a guy or a girl?

‘’it’s different in some ways, and the same in some ways’’ I said after a moment. ’And of course this is a generalisation - everyone is different, and I have found that men and women have sex in many different ways anyway.’’

‘’Girls tend to be more sensual, slower, tender. Less goal-directed. Girls will happily spend hours just kissing and cuddling, whereas guys do that to be able to get to penetration. Girls are often happy with just what I would call foreplay, without either getting to orgasm. Guys need to get there to be happy it seems.

However if girls want to get to orgasm, then that part is similar, in that it takes what it takes, regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman doing it. A girl can bring another girl to orgasm with her hands, mouth and a dildo, just as well as a guy can with his hands, mouth and a penis. I guess that simultaneous orgasm with girls is rare, whereas with a guy and a girl it happens because both are being stimulated at the same time, where girls tends to do each other, one after another.

Another difference is that girls tend to be a bit better at using their hands and mouth because they know what it feels like, but that’s the same for guys- they can make themselves cum with their hands much easier than a girl can. If you watch porn movies where they do an ending with the guy shooting his cum at the girls face for example, you will see that HE usually masturbates himself to do that, she does not do anything except sit with her mouth open. That’s because he is better at it- if she does it he may not cum at all’’

She thought about this for a bit.

‘’you seem to have quite a bit of experience with girls and guys’’. Then she blushed furiously ‘’Tamz, I didn’t meant to suggest that you slept around. Good God that came out wrong! ‘’

I laughed. ’Its fine Carol, I know what you mean’’ I said.

I felt comfortable with her, so I figured I could discuss swinging with her, and I did.

She sat in total silence while I talked and described, in a general way, what it was about and the way it worked, talking about clubs and parties and swopping and so on, here and in Europe.

I took out my laptop and showed her this site, and my profile. She read it, and then asked about my diaries, so I showed her how to find them. I gave her my password and suggested that she logs on and reads what she wants if she is interested.

We finished lunch and I went home.

We met again every day at gym, but nothing more was said about me or swinging or whatever.

About a month later, after gym, I invited Carol to our house for a swim and tea. It was a hot day, and we sat around the pool and talked and had tea. I never tan with a top on, and after a moment Carol took hers off also, lying next to me on a lounger under an umbrella. We swam, and then pulled the loungers into the sun to warm up.

Carol has a very fair skin with a light dusting of freckles- very sexy. She took out a bottle of suntan oil factor 50 and put it on her legs arms and body. When she needed her back done, I offered to do it for her. She lay on her tummy and I started on her legs. I massaged the oil in, and then did her back. I could sense that she was enjoying it, so I lingered and massaged slowly down her back, her lower back, and the top of her bum. She parted her legs a bit so that I could massage the oil onto her thighs.

I decided to take a chance, and massaged her inner thighs, higher and higher, till I got to her bum. I slid my hands towards her bum, and touched her pussy from the back. She flinched slightly, but didn’t object, so I carried on with the massage, letting the edge of my hand touch more and more of her pussy and bum cheeks with each stroke.

After a while, I stopped pretending to massage her with oil, and just stroked her pussy from the back, feeling the bulge of her lips, letting my fingers slide up her bum cheeks over her arsehole.

She raised herself on her elbows, and turned to look at me as I sat next to her on the lounger.

‘’so where is this going?’’ she asked, smiling.

‘’wherever you want it to. It goes all the way, or it stops, whenever you want. I got the feeling you were interested to try it’’ I said, my hand on her bum.

She looked at me for a moment, then lay down again, and parted her legs a bit more.

I cupped my hand between her legs, my middle finger stroking her pussy. I felt her slit, and pushed the fabric of her bikini into it as I ran my finger along it slowly. Then, moving the fabric to one side I felt for her lips. She was wet, and my finger slid between her warm lips, feeling for her pussy entrance. I probed into her pussy, and she sighed and lifted her hips a bit as my finger entered her.

I fingered her for a few minutes, my thrusting getting firmer and her hips rising to meet my finger more and more.

Then I pulled on her hips to roll her onto her back.

Her eyes were closed, and she rolled onto her back readily, her pale pink nipples puckered and hard, her gorgeous red hair spread like a halo under her head.

I pulled at her bikini bottom, and she lifted her hips as I slid it off her.

I looked down at her pussy- it really was amazing- I am so used to seeing girls with dark or light pussy hair, but a genuine red-head is always a novelty- her pussy had a triangle of soft red hair, not the harsh dyed red that some women try on their head, but also not that red/blonde hair. She had real pale –red pussy hair, above her slit and down the sides. Against her white skin with the light sprinkling of freckles she looked stunning.

She had told me that as a girl, when she fucked guys, without exception they wanted to look at her pussy every time- they were also fascinated by her red pubic hair.

I leaned forward and sucked on her nipples, and then kissed her on her tummy, then nuzzled her pubic hair, and then , sliding down to kneel at the foot of the lounger, opened her legs and licked along her slit, which by now was very wet.

My tongue parted her lips, licking inside her, up towards her clit. I found her clit, slightly hard, and circled it with my tongue; first one way then the other. She squirmed, gasping a bit.

I sucked on her clit, and then pushed my tongue deep into her pussy, then back to her clit.

She pulled on her nipples, rubbing her boobs, playing with on hand. Her other hand was on the back of my head, pulling my face closer to her pussy as I licked her slit and sucked her clit.

‘’kiss me’ ’she said ‘’ I want to taste myself on you’’.

I moved up and lay next to her. Taking her face in my hands, I kissed her deeply, my tongue in her open mouth. She kissed, and tasted at the same time.

‘’that is so erotic’’ she said’’ I have never tasted a woman, let alone myself’’.

‘’come, lets go inside. I have more to show you there’ ’I said, taking her hand.

She stood, reaching for her towel.

‘’there is no-one here’’ I said ‘’ walk nude, its liberating’’

She grinned and dropped the towel, following me to our bedroom.

In the bedroom, I closed the curtains so that the room was dim, and patted the bed.

She was going to lie down. ‘’on your hands and knees’’ I said.

She obliged, and kneeled facing the headboard.

I went to my bedside drawer (my ‘’toy box’’ Simon calls it) and got out some toys which I put on the bed behind her.

I knelt behind her, and put my face to her pussy from the back, licking her from her arsehole to her pussy. She groaned, and sank down on her arms. Without taking my tongue away for too long, I took a vibrator, took off its wrapper, and rubbed some Durex lube onto it.

I licked her some more, then touched her clit with the tip of the vibrator, setting it onto its gentlest setting.

(It’s a strange feeling when someone does that. For a moment, you are not sure what is going on- you have felt their tongue, and suddenly, without a break, there is this humming feeling- it feels like their tongue has got an electric motor! )

Carol jerked forward in surprise as I let the vibrator pulse against her clit, and then slid it along her lips, parting them slightly. She tried to push back to make it go into her, but I moved it back at the same time, so that it stayed only touching her. As the vibrator made her clit and pussy sensitive, I took some of the lube, put it on my finger, and touched her arsehole lightly. At first she was tense, but then relaxed and a slid my finger a short way into her hole, pushing it in and out slowly.

She began to move more now, and I let the vibrator go deeper into her pussy, in and out and then back to her clit. Faster and faster, my finger deep in her arse now. She was thrusting back at my hand hard now, wanting the vibrator deep in her. I rammed it in all the way, changing the setting to ‘’rotate’’, so that the head turned from one side to the other as well as vibrating.

Her head jerked up, her breath coming is gasps. Her hips quivered as I thrust the huge tool into her, and she came, loud groans emanating from her, her whole body twitching and jerking. I kept going, not letting her relax.

After a while she subsided, and was going to lie down, but I put my hand under her tummy and said ‘’stay like that- we are not done’’’

I waited, the vibrator off, my finger out of her, for about 30 seconds, then switched it back on to a different pulse , and slid it back in. She jerked away, her pussy sensitive, but I pushed it in and touched her clit with my fingers, rubbing across it as the vibrator pushed into her.

Her pussy lips were swollen and slick with her juices and the lube, and I rubbed her clit quite quickly. It only took a minute, and she came again, clenching her legs against the vibrator.

Again I let her subside, waited, and then started again, this time with my finger in her arse.

She came again, rapidly, crying out as the waves or an intense orgasm flowed through her.

Then she had had enough. She flopped down, spent, panting.

I sat back, looking at her stunning hair, back and bum.

She lay for a while, and then rolled over onto her back.

‘’that was the most intense orgasm ever’ ’she said, her face flushed, perspiration glistening on her forehead. You are amazing at that’’

‘’years of practice’’ I said laughing. ‘’living with Gabi, who doesn’t fuck guys, I learned how to please her without a cock around’’.

‘’it’s so different from fucking a guy’’ she said.’’ You know just when to go faster, and when to slow down, and there is no rush to have an orgasm so that he can put his cock in me and cum- I could just relax and let it happen to me’’

We lay next to each other for a while. She wanted to learn how to play with me, so she fingered me a bit, and then with her watching my pussy I masturbated till I came, to show her what it looks like.

After that afternoon, we played quite a few times, and each time she got more adventurous.

It was after the third time, lying next to each other on her bed, that she turned to me.

‘’Tamz, you remember that you showed me your profile and diaries on your swinger-site?’’


‘’you said I could show my husband, Mark, and tell him about you and me if I wanted to?’’


‘’well, I did. We have read quite a few of your diaries. I also told him about you and me. He gets SO turned on- we virtually never finish a diary without fucking in between! ‘’

‘’I guess that happens when couples read it together’’ I said.

‘’so we were talking last night after reading one, and after fucking. I’m shy to ask this….’’

‘’go ahead’’ I said’’ it’s very hard to offend me, I assure you. I have been asked and asked to do the weirdest things, so ask whatever you want’’

‘’ok. He wants to watch you and me fucking. Would you do that?’’

‘’is that all?’’ I laughed.’’ Sure, why not. But I have an idea’’

‘’what’s that?’’ she asked

‘’ well, its up to you and him of course- I don’t know whether you have ever done it with another guy, or him with another woman, since you are married, but if you wanted, he could watch and join in with us. Or, we could even invite Simon, and the guys can play with both of us. It needn’t be full sex, if you guys are uncomfortable, we can just do ‘’soft swinging’’. It’s up to you and Mark’’

She though about it. ‘’what’s ‘’soft swinging?’’ she asked.

‘’it’s when we play, touch, fondle, usually masturbate each other but without actual penetration. Sometimes it includes oral, sometimes not. But we agree upfront what we are comfortable with, although it can be changed as we go along if anyone wants to’’

We chatted some more about it, and she said she would discuss it with Mark.

A few days later, after gym, were sitting at a coffee shop when she said:

‘’I have spoken to Mark, and thought about what we spoke about. He, we, want to try it out’’

‘’ok’’ I said ‘’ try it out how? What do you want to do?’’

‘’well, he is very keen to watch and wants to play with you. I am comfortable with that. I know you well enough now, and I don’t have a concern with him actually fucking someone else, physically, my concern would be that it may result in an affair, but with you I know it won’t. ‘’

‘’ok’’ I said.

‘’and, I want to be able to play with Simon, if you are ok with that.’’

‘’I don’t mind, sure’ ’I said. ‘’When you say ‘’play’’, Mark with me, Simon with you, do you mean soft swinging like we discussed, or full swinging , including penetration? And it need not be equal. Its ok for example if you want Mark to do full sex with me, but not Simon with you, or vice versa. You just need to be clear so that we all know what is ok and what is not ok’’

‘’we have talked about it’ ’she said ‘’ we want to do full sex both ways. We are ok with that’’

I admit I was surprised. Most newbies want to take it slowly at first, just kiss and masturbate, but whatever they were ok with was fine with me.

‘’can I just ask you something?’’ I asked after we ordered a salad.’’ Have you really thought it through? Is Mark ok to see another guys cock in your pussy, in your mouth? And are you ok to see him on top of me? It often sounds erotic until you actually see it, then it is a problem’’

‘’ I understand ‘’ she said ‘’we discussed it. We are both ok with it- we are very secure in our marriage, it wont cause a problem’’

‘’ok then’’ I replied with a smile’’ lets set it up. Where do you want to play- our home or yours?’’

‘’yours, I think, if that’s ok’ she said.

‘’fine. I will talk to Simon and we will find a date to suit all of us’’’’

‘’I can’t believe I am having this discussion’’ she said blushing. ’Its something Mark and I have often spoken about, but never really knew how to go about it’’.

‘’look’’ I said ‘’ if at any time, before, or even on the day, either of you want to stop, or change the rules, you can do so. There is no compulsion to go ahead just because you have said that you want to- it’s not a contract. There will be no hard feelings, and you and I can still play if you want’’

We left it at that and had lunch.

2 weeks ago, Carol phoned me. She suggested the next Saturday night , and after I spoke to Simon we agreed to meet at our home at 7 p.m. Simon looked her up on Facebook, and was very keen when he saw her pictures, as I knew he would be! He wanted to know if she was a genuine redhead, so I told him that ‘’patience is a virtue’’, and he would find out in due course!

On the Saturday night I made a chicken curry, and Mark and Carol arrived just before 7. Both looked quite tense, lots of nervous laughter, not really sure how to handle it I guess.

We had a few drinks and sat down to dinner. After dinner, I suggested that it might be fun to relax in the Jacuzzi-I find that with newbies it’s a good way to break the ice- its not like going into a room and saying- ok, take off your clothes! It’s more natural and gives everyone the opportunity sees each other either nude or partly nude, and get comfortable with it.

Carol and Mark went to the guest bathroom where I had put some bathrobes and towels, and Simon and I changed in our bedroom.

We all got to the Jacuzzi at the same time. It’s in an indoor/outdoor area, between the pool and the house. In summer, the frameless glass doors are folded back so it’s open to the garden, but in winter we close the doors so it’s enclosed, but you can still see the garden lights and the pool. We have a small wet-bar near it, so Simon poured some liqueurs, and handed them to Mark and Carol.

I took off my robe, and, nude, deliberately stood for a second before got into the Jacuzzi, letting Mark look at my body, and then got in, relishing the feeling of the hot bubbling water as I sank into it and felt the jets pound my back and legs. Carol smiled at me, and took her robe off.

She turned to put it on a chair, and I saw Simon’s eyes travel the length of her pale firm body, from her glowing red hair, over her cute uptilted boobs with their erect pink nipples down to her triangle of light red pubic hair framing her pussy. He kept looking at her as she turned her back to him, and I could see his reaction to her unbelievably cute and firm bum as she stepped into the water.

Mark and Simon took off their gowns and stepped in. I glanced at Mark as he stepped over the edge- his shaved cock was already semi-hard, thick and quite long, and he had a nice body- he is about 55, but in very good shape, with only a slight hint of fat around his waist .

I had put some music on to play on the outdoor speakers, and we sat back in the tub and relaxed.

I made sure to sit next to Carol, and we chatted at first.

After Simon had refreshed the drinks, I moved a bit closer to Carol, and put my hand on her thigh under the water. I tickled her thigh, my hand going higher and higher all the time until I touched her pussy. Resting my hand on her pussy, I turned to face her, took her face with my other hand and turned her to face me. I kissed her, her mouth open, eager. She put her tongue in my mouth, kissing me sensually and deeply, her hand on my breast.

My fingers probed her pussy. Parting her lips I sild a finger into her, feeling that she was wet inside, despite being in the water. I fingered her quite quickly, wanting to arouse her. She reciprocated, her hand going to my slit. I knew that I would be wet as she put two fingers into my pussy, rubbing my clit with her thumb as she did so.

As I moved a bit I looked across and Mark. He was staring at us, his hand under the water on his cock, playing with himself. Simon just smiled at me. He is used to this!

We touched each other for a short while, and then I patted the side of the tub for her to sit there. She got out of the water, and sat on the side of the tub. I sat in front of her, opened her legs and licked at her slit, her reddish pussy hair matted against her pale skin.

She leaned back on her arms, her head thrown back. I heard movement behind me, and out of the corner of my eye saw Mark move to next to us where he could see his wife getting her pussy eaten by a woman for the first time. His cock was rigid and big, very thick with a prominent circumcised head, and he was jerking it rapidly.

I took my face away from Carol’s pussy and inserted a finger into her wet pussy. She moved her hips as I fingered her, feeling her clit grow hard under my thumb.

I could see that Mark wasn’t sure what to do. I reached for his hand and put it on my pussy. He glanced at Simon who smiled at him, and then I felt his finger touch my slit under the water. He ran his finger up and down my slit, and then parted my lips a bit and let his finger go into me, all the while playing with his cock.

Carol looked down at her husband, and saw his hand on my pussy. She opened her mouth, and had a glazed look on her face as she saw his finger in me.

Simon got up and sat next to Carol on the side of the tub. He was hard, and he took her hand and put it on his cock. She stroked it, looking at Mark. I could see and feel that Carol was very turned on, so I got out of the tub, and led her by the hand. We picked up our gowns and, drying ourselves, put them on, and then went to the bedroom.

It was warm in the bedroom from the fireplace, and we took off our gowns and she lay on her back on the bed, waiting.

I crouched over her, my pussy above her face, and lowered my head to her pussy, probing with my tongue into her wet lips. She pulled my hips down to her, and I felt her tongue gently and hesitantly touch my lips. As she gained confidence, she pushed her tongue further into my slit, as I was doing to her. Her tongue found my clit, and she sucked on it, sending a spasm of pleasure through me.

I looked up and saw Mark sitting at the head of the bed, near his wife’s face, watching intently as she mouthed my pussy. His cock was twitching whenever he left it alone, big and hard. Simon was sitting on a chair near the foot of the bed, watching me eat Carol’s pussy.

I had placed a big black dildo near the bed earlier, and I could reach it without taking my mouth away for long. Taking it in one hand, I placed it at the entrance of her cunt and moved it slowly into her gaping hole. She gave a yelp as she felt its size penetrate her cunt, and opened her legs wider to accommodate its significant size.

She bucked and jerked her hips as the dildo went further and further into her cunt. Simon stood and went to the bedside table. Taking a condom out of the jar, he handed it to Mark, and nodded at me.

Mark took the condom. Now that he had seen his wife with another woman, he seemed ready for the next step. I know that Simon wanted him to go first, in case he had reservations- if he said no, he doesn’t want to fuck me at this stage, then Simon would not fuck Carol either, but Mark put the condom on, and came to sit behind me where I was crouched over Carol. Kneeling behind me, I felt his fingers touch and then open my pussy. I was very wet, and my lips were engorged from Carol’s licking. She saw her husband’s cock above her, and took her face away from my pussy as he pushed the head into my waiting hole.

I felt his cock enter me- rock hard and huge- he thrust gently, getting it further and further in with each thrust. I began to thrust back, making it go deeper. I still had the dildo in Carol’s cunt, and she was jerking about a lot now as I found her g spot and rubbed the head of the dildo against it.

Mark was fucking quickly now, very horny and ready. He began to grunt and jerk. Carol heard and saw it, and with loud groans she came, her pussy clenching against the dildo as I pummelled her open cunt. She wriggled and moaned as I kept up the pressure. When she subsided, I knew I could get her to cum again. Mark had withdrawn his cock from my pussy. I let Carol calm down for only half a minute, then started again and sure enough, she came almost immediately. I did that to her 4 times, until she took my hand and the dildo away.

I lay on my back next to Carol, and pulled Mark on top of me. He put his cock back into my pussy, and I wrapped my legs around him, urging him to fuck me. He did so, pumping into me very rapidly, and then slowing to grind his pubic area against my clit.

Simon mounted Carol, next to us. She was very aroused, and he had hardly begun to fuck her when she came again. He stopped to let her recover. Her pussy was maybe sore now, as she got out from under him, sat over him between his legs, took his condom off and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him deeply.

Mark turned to look at her, seeing his wife with another man’s cock deep down her throat. She sucked and played with Simons cock as her husband fucked me.

Simon wanted to cum, so he took his cock out of her mouth, and she jerked him as he shot his cum at her boobs and face, long hot jets of cum coating her.

Seeing this brought Mark to the edge, and with a few more thrusts he came inside me, jerking and gripping my shoulders as his body convulsed with each spurt.

We all lay exhausted, perspiring and panting with exertion.

Later on, Mark fucked me again with me on top of him. I came very soon, as nice warm orgasm with his large cock deep in me against my g spot, and Simon brought Carol to orgasm with his fingers.

We swam and got dressed at about 11, and had desert sitting in our gowns around the Jacuzzi.

I spoke to Carol at gym the next day. She said that Mark was delighted at the evening, and wanted to repeat it one day soon. She also seemed to think that he may be interested in joining us at a swinger party, so we will see what happens!