Written by wildchildtammy

10 Jun 2014

I was hired to crew for a charter last month, from Nice to Monte Carlo. It’s a charter I crew on every year, on one of the biggest motor yachts I work on. The owner is always on board with guests, and they go to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and to socialise.

In previous years I have left the yacht for the week it is in Monte Carlo, because they hire shore based “crew” for the week- in reality high-class call girls to play with for the week!

This year however, the captain said we have to stay on board because the owner’s wife will be there, as will the wives of several of the guests, so no play-mates for them!

On the cruise to Monte Carlo, I got quite friendly with the wife of one of the guests (Eloise). He was much older than her, and she was the youngest person on the yacht, so I think she felt a little left out and we chatted quite a bit when the men were gambling or talking about business matters.

She is a nice person, but a real Barbie-doll! French-Canadian,25 years old, blond hair, very big boobs, and long legs and very pretty. She was introduced as his wife, but I later found they are not married- she just lives with him after his 3rd divorce. He is 65, stocky, very muscular with cropped grey hair and a very strong face- but a bit rough.

We had chatted about ourselves, and she mentioned that they (her and him) had a few parties where, as I understood her, there was some swapping going on. I told her that I had also done this and enjoyed it, but no more was said

On the second day in harbour in Monte Carlo, before the Grand Prix, she asked whether I wanted to go with them the next day to go to the villa they were renting above Monte Carlo. I asked the Captain, who said it was ok, but I must be back before 10h00 the next day.

After breakfast, when everyone had gone ashore, we went to the car-park to their hire car, and drove the 30 minutes to the villa, a very nice house high up above the harbour.

It had a large terrace overlooking the harbour with a huge swimming pool.

We went inside, and she showed me to the bathroom where I could change. I had my bikini on, so I just put my dress and sandals into my bag, did my make-up, and went to the pool.

I had seen what she wore on the yacht, so I also wore a tiny thong bikini, with a small white triangle with gold stitching just covering my pussy in front, no back or sides, and the top is just 2 small white and gold triangles over my nipples. I know it’s almost see-through when wet, but it looks sexy.

Her husband, Jurgen, was lying on a deck chair reading when I went out. He looked at me intently as I walked out, and asked if I wanted a drink.

I sat near him on a lounger, and asked for a coke. Under my sunglasses, I could see him eyeing my pussy and my boobs, and I watched his Speedo-style shorts to see if there was a reaction!

Eloise was lying a bit further away in the shade. I could not see her bikini because she was lying on her tummy, and it looked like a thong anyway. She had taken her top off, and it was lying next to her.

Jurgen asked her to arrange drinks, and she got up to arrange it, leaving her top off. She has a truly magnificent figure, small waist, long legs and long blonde hair. When she came back with a tray of drinks, I saw her naked boobs for the first time- wow! They were stunning! Very full and firm, looked natural, with big brown areolas. At least a 36 c if not a 38 c! And the bikini bottom was as I expected- like mine or even smaller, just covering her pussy lips, with her lips clearly to be seen as she walked.

I was so aroused by her. I looked away, and saw Jurgen watching me-

“Nice?” he asked.

“Eloise is stunning” I said.

He just smiled.

She put the tray down, turned, and dived into the pool, coming up at the deep end and going back to her lounger which she pulled into the sun and lay down again.

I was getting hot now (from the sun!!!), so I undid my top, stood up and got into the pool. I swam up and down a while, and then got out and walked back to my lounger. I could see Jurgen looking at me, and I knew that with my bikini wet, he could see my pussy clearly.

When I lay down on my back and put on my sunglasses, I glanced at him, and I could see a nice bulge in his swimsuit! I ignored it, and sat up a bit to put suntan oil on. I rubbed it all over my legs, on my tummy, and on my bare boobs. When I looked at him again, the bulge was much bigger!!

I lay back half-sitting and read my magazine.

I heard the doorbell, and before I could put my top on, a young man and a young girl came out of the lounge to the pool area. Jurgen called them over, and introduced the man as his son, Nikolas, and the girl as his son’s girlfriend, Courtney. Nikolas and Courtney were students in England. I later found out that Nikolas, a son from Jurgens first marriage, was 21 and Courtney was 19.

Nikolas was a very god-looking guy- much taller than his father, with dark hair and eyes, and a good build. Courtney was much shorter, about my height, a bit plump, but curvy and cute- also dark hair and big brown eyes.

Nikolas sat on a chair near Eloise. Courtney put her bag down near where I was sitting, took her sun-dress off and dived in, stark naked. No-one took notice! She swam around, and got out next to my lounger. She had a real cuddly figure, nice firm plump boobs and the cutest little pussy- shaved completely and because she was so young and a bit plump, her pussy was just a tight slit with a little dimple at the top, no pussy lips showing at all .

She pulled up the lounger next to me and lay down, flat on her back, and closed her eyes. I looked at Jurgen again- he was looking at her pussy, and he had a definite hard-on now.

Eloise said something to Nikolas, and he got up, got a bottle of sun-tan oil, and sat next to her on the lounger. He started rubbing oil on her legs. I watched as he went higher and higher- technically, this was his mother I guess, even if they were only a few years apart!

When his hands got near her bum, he moved to her back and shoulders, and then worked his way back down. His hands were now again near her bum, and he rubbed some more on her legs. She opened her legs a bit, and he rubbed all the way up to her pussy. I had my eyes half-closed as I did not want to be seen staring, but this was getting interesting!

His hand was now between her legs at her bum, stroking right near her pussy. She moved her legs apart more, and I could see that he was no longer even trying to pretend that he was putting oil on- his fingers were tracing a line between her legs over her pussy lips, and his other hand was on his shorts, clearly rubbing his cock.

I looked to see what Jurgen was doing- he was watching them intently, one hand on his cock the other between his legs on his balls.

Nikolas took his hand off his cock, and moved Eloise’s thong aside. His fingers were now on her pussy-lips, and one finger appeared to be almost in her pussy.Sure enough, after a few seconds, I saw his finger go into her pussy, thrusting in and out as she raised her hips .His hand was now again on his cock, and he had pulled his shorts down a bit so that it stuck out, playing with the head.

I looked across at Courtney- she was also watching her boyfriend finger Eloise. She had one hand on her boob, playing with a nipple, and the other between her legs, playing with her tight pussy slit, one finger deep in her cunt.

She also looked at Jurgen, got up and went to where he was lying. She sat at the foot of the lounger, still naked, and reached for his costume. She pulled it down and exposed his rock-hard thick cock. She took it in her hands, stroked it, and put it in her mouth.

By now I was SO horny! I had been getting turned on since I saw Eloise’s boobs, and then Courtney’s tight pussy, but now I was really wet!

Courtney continued giving Jurgen a blow-job, holding his balls and every so often looking over to where Nikolas and Eloise were.

Eloise had turned over onto her back, and Nikolas was sitting astride her with his cock between her big boobs. He had put oil on her boobs, and was fucking her boobs as she held them together. His hands were behind him. She had taken her bikini bottom off, and he had with what looked like one or two fingers in her cunt.

She was lifting her hips to meet his fingers as he pushed his cock between her boobs. Every so often Jurgen would look at them, and it seemed to turn him on even more.

I could not take being left out any longer! I got up, took off my bikini bottom, and went to Jurgen and Courtney. I sat next to her, and she grinned at me, took his cock out of her mouth and held it to me. I grabbed it and put it in my mouth, as she continued to fondle his balls.

After a few minutes, she moved away. I could feel my pussy wetness dripping down my thighs- I stood up over him, took his cock in my hands, guided it into my pussy and sat down. I was so wet it just slid right in, and I started to fuck him, going up and down in a sitting position.

He lay back, and thrust up with his cock hard into me as I rode him. As I felt myself starting to cum, he thrust even harder, and I felt him cum in big warm spurts inside me. I clenched my pussy and rode him as I came, gripping his cock and pushing down on it, grinding from side to side each time.

Just as he had finished cumming, I heard Nikolas make groaning noise- I looked at him and Eloise. He was driving his cock hard between her boobs, and squirting his cum all over her boobs and throat as his hand poked in and out her pussy.

I got off Jurgen, and felt his cum running down my pussy onto my legs. Courtney was back on her lounger, her hands gripped between her legs masturbating frantically with both hands.

I walked nude to the bathroom, just as Eloise was also on her way there, her chest and throat covered in cum.

She asked if I was having fun, and I said I was.

I asked whether they often fucked like that. She said they did, but there was a rule than Jurgen would not actually penetrate Courtney, and vice versa for Nikolas with Eloise- oral and hands were fine, (and boobs, I guess) but not cunt or anal.

She said that Nikolas was very turned on by me, and wanted to fuck me also- I said he looked nice and that I would not mind- but he had just cum so we would have to wait a while.

She said he could get hard very quickly again, so I should let him try if he wanted to.

When we had cleaned up we went outside again, still both naked. Nikolas was having a beer, and Jurgen was sitting next to Courtney, with his fingers in her pussy masturbating her quite violently as she arched her back to meet his hand.

I went to Nikolas and sat next to him. His cock was still quite hard. I put my hand between his legs and started stroking it. He kept drinking his beer, and his cock got harder again. I leaned over him and took his cock into my mouth. He got fully hard quite soon.

I was going to lie down on my back, but he turned me so I was on my hands and knees on the lounger- at first I thought he wanted anal, which I was not going to do with him, but he just wanted doggy-style.

He knelt behind me, and slid his cock into my cunt. Once he was in, he moved slowly at first. I was still very aroused, and pushed back harder and faster. He began to pump faster and faster, holding my right nipple with one hand and pulling it while supporting himself with his other hand.

Very soon I felt I was going to cum again. I reached to my cunt and fingered my clit as his cock went in and out. I came nicely, and kept fucking as he had not cum. He fucked for quite a while and then he came inside me, not a lot of course, but some.

He got off me, and I again went inside to clean up, although there was not much cum this time.

Later that afternoon we had lunch, all of us naked, and still later Jurgen fucked Eloise in every hole, one after another- mouth, cunt, anal, and then came again, this time on her face and in her mouth.

At about 7 pm we got changed, had dinner on the patio and went to bed after watching a movie.

I was taken by taxi back t the yacht the next morning, very well-fucked and happy at what had been a very strange day!