Written by wildchildtammy

08 Jul 2014


Well, I thought it would never happen, but it has- my boss made a pass at me! Well, more than a pass actually, but I will start at the beginning.

It started on Saturday night. I was asked to work, as my boss was having a party for about 30 guests- just close friends having a get-together. Because the catering can be tricky, and he is VERY particular about the detail of what is done, I was asked to oversee the function-side of the dinner.

To cut a long story short, it was quite a festive evening- lots of drinking, some guests ending in the (heated) pool, much merriment. I saw that Justin, a friend of my boss, and his wife were there.

One Christmas eve party Justin got quite amorous with me, giving me a big hug, holding on for quite long, and pushing himself against my boobs, but it never went further than that (although I probably would have if he had tried !) I have always fancied him, and I know he watches me out of the corner of his eye, whenever he is there. He is about 40 I guess, and rides a Harley, so we have often spoken about bikes and so on.

I was not sure what to wear for the night- on the one hand I was on duty, but my uniform would look a little odd at night, as I was not looking after the children. I decided to wear a dark blue quite short skirt with a cream silk blouse, stockings and high heels, (but no panties) and a light-weight bra.

At around 1 am I was alone in the kitchen, as the helpers had left, tiding up.

Justin, and a guy he introduced as Artie, came in- both looking quite pissed to be honest!

They sat at the kitchen table, and made small talk while I tidied up.

Justin was making some remark to Artie about how he always looks forward to summer, so he can visit my boss and see me in my bikini if I am having a swim. At some stage, (remember he was quite “out of it”!) he says to Artie;

“This chick has the cutest ass you have ever seen!”

Normally, I would not like that sort of comment from guests, but they were both so sweetly pissed I could not take offence.

Artie replied;

“hell, I would give a Grand to see that!”

I stopped what I was doing, turned around, and said;

“To charity?”

They were both suddenly quiet.

‘Sure” said Artie, “if that’s what you want”.

I looked behind them to make sure no-one was in the passage, turned my back to them and lifted my skirt, showing my ass.( Remember I had no panties, on, just the stockings). I stayed like that for a second or two, wiggled by ass, and let my skirt down and turned round.

Artie was staring at me, and Justin had a big smile on his face.

“Told you she would” he said “her nickname at school was “wildchild”- and she is one!”

‘So, the SPCA benefits now?” I asked with a smile.

I was not really taking this seriously. It was just a bit of fun, and I didn’t expect him to actually pay for a glimpse of my bum.

Artie ran his tongue over his lips.

“Double it without the stockings, and you turn around” he said.

Everything was suddenly very silent.

They looked at me, and I looked at them. I thought about it for a sec. I felt quite safe, and it may be fun to see where this goes, I thought.

“Come” I said, taking Justin by the hand. He wife was still outside, and I could not remember whether Artie had a partner or not.

I “pushed” Justin ahead of me, took Arties hand and followed Justin.

I walked ahead of Artie, with Justin a few steps ahead of us both, down the passage to the staff dressing-room: it’s a small room where staff on duty can get changed before and after shift- it has 2 small easy-chairs and a 2-seater couch, with a big built-in cupboard along one wall with individual lockers inside, where staff store their day clothes.

Justin had walked in and was looking around, when Artie and I got there.

“Sit” I said, pointing at the chairs. I closed and locked the door.

I opened a cupboard door, so they could not see me, stepped out of my stockings, and walked back to them.

I could see that both had hard-ons, pushing against their pants.

I turned my back to them, lifted my skirt, and showed them my bare bum. I bent forward a bit, so they could see my bum-hole and pussy from the back. I turned around to face them, my skirt still bunched at my waist.

Both of them were staring at my smoothly waxed pussy. Justin had his one hand on his cock, and Artie had his hand between his legs, sort of fondling his balls.

I put one hand between my legs, and slid my finger up and down my slit- I was getting VERY turned on by this, and was very wet already .I stepped out of my skirt, still wearing my blouse, bra and high heels.

“So let’s see what you boys brought to the party” I said to them, pointing at their cocks.

Artie was the first to unzip his pants, and he took his cock out. Justin was not slow either, taking out his cock.

I went over to Artie, knelt in front of him, and took his cock in my hands. He was a normal length, but very thick, much thicker than usual for that length. He was also shaved as far as I could tell. I stroked his cock with my hand, reaching into his pants and playing with his balls with my other hand.

“Take down your pants” I told him. He stood up, and pulled down his jeans and underpants, and sat down again. While he was pulling down his pants, I went over to my handbag in the cupboard and took out two condoms.

I went back over to Artie, knelt again, and took his cock in my mouth. It filled my mouth with its thickness, and I ran my tongue around the head, stroking the shaft with my hand. I reached for Justin’s cock with my other hand, and slid my hand up and down it as I sucked Artie.

Justin had a longer cock, but not as thick, with quite a curve to it. I fondled it as I sucked and played with Artie, and he lay back with his eyes almost closed, but watching Artie’s cock in my mouth.

I stood up, took a condom and unwrapped it, and slid it over Arties cock. I knelt over him as he sat in the chair, took his cock in my hand and guided it to my pussy-lips. I slid it in, and lowered myself onto him. It felt great, thick, filling my pussy nicely.

I held onto the armrests of the chair and moved down, slowly , until his cock was all the way in and I was sitting on his pubic area (he was in fact full shaved, which I like). I stayed there for a second, and then started moving up and down. His cock felt so nice, making my pussy full. I rode him faster and faster, clenching my pussy around his cock- I did not want this to take too long in case someone came looking for them.

He started thrusting harder, tightening his bum muscles and pushing up hard. I took one hand and reached for his balls, stroking them lightly- that was all it took, and he came with hard , slower thrusts, grinding into my cunt and holding my hips down with each spurt.

When he was done, I sat on him for a minute, and then got up being careful not to let any juices drip onto him. He just lay back, panting a bit!

I went over to Justin, who had taken his pants off also in the meantime while I was fucking Artie. He had his cock in his hand and was pumping it, and I could see pre-cum on his cock-head. He was not far from cumming!

I pulled him up by his hands, and I stood facing the chair he had been sitting on. ( it’s not so nice for a guy to fuck a girl who has just been fucked if she sits on him, as there will be pussy-juice which runs down, and it can feel to the second guy like it is the first guys cum, even if the first guy used a condom- the guys say it just feels unpleasant.)

I handed him a condom, and he put it on his rock-hard cock

I leaned forward, resting my arms on the chair, with my “bum in the air”. He walked behind, me and I felt his hand reach between my legs, and stroke my cunt. He had his cock pressed against my bum, and he put first one, then two, fingers into my soaking wet cunt, feeling for my clit with his thumb. He certainly knew what he was doing, and I very soon started to feel like I would cum if he kept that up, his hand moving in and out, and his thumb massaging my swollen, hard clitoris.

I pulled his hand away, and he held my bum with one hand while the other guided his cock to my cunt entrance. I was so wet; he did not need help- it slid right in!

He put his other hand on my bum also, and pulled my cunt towards him, fucking quite quickly and hard from the start. As he slammed into me, I could hear his rapid breathing, and his balls slapping against by bum each time he went in.

I felt myself starting to cum, and I squeezed my cunt together, gripping his thrusting cock, and reaching down with one hand to rub my clit hard. I came with a series of shudders, clenching my cunt and rubbing my clit furiously.

Within a few seconds of me cumming, he gripped my bum hard and pulled me into him, stopping the movement for a sec, and then thrusting with slower, harder pumps as he came in the condom. He slowed and the stopped, pushed hard into my cunt.

I let him rest there a few seconds, and then moved forward so his softening cock came out of me.

I showed them where the dirt bin was so they could throw the condoms away (I would clean up later anyway), they pulled their pants on and I put my skirt on.

I unlocked the door, and showed them out, went back to the cupboard and my bag, put fresh lipstick on, tidied my hair and went back to the kitchen. Looking outside, I could see Justin sitting next to his wife, and Artie was saying goodbye to my boss.

By around 2.30 am everyone had left, and I was again in the staff changing-room, where I collected the condoms and flushed them away, tidied the room and went to get my coat so I could go to my cottage on the property and get some well-earned rest.

There was a knock on the door, and my boss walked in. I greeted him , but could see right away that he was quite the worse for wear, having clearly had a lot to drink ( he does not drink too much often but now and again he likes to relax and let go a bit, and tonight was one of this nights.)

He stood there. I turned to him, not sure what he wanted- his wife had gone upstairs to bed a while ago, and everything was locked up for the night as far as I knew.

“Did you enjoy the party?” he asked.

Strange question- I was working, and it was ok, but why would I have “enjoyed” it? I was not a guest after all.

“Everyone seemed to have a good time” I said, not sure what to respond.

‘Yes, but did you enjoy it?” he asked again, taking a step closer.

Not sure what answer he was looking for, I said “yes, I enjoyed the evening”.

“Did Artie enjoy it, do you think?” he asked.

Shit! Now the first 2 questions about whether I had enjoyed the party began to make sense- he knew something, but what??

I said nothing, just looked at him.

‘I saw Artie following you to this room earlier” he said, “I assume he was not going to get changed to work here, was he?” he asked with a sort of smile.

I thought about it. He only spoke of Artie, so maybe he had not seen Justin, who was a bit ahead of us. And he cannot have know of anything that went on in the room, I know I locked the door.

‘Artie was getting a bit fresh earlier on, when I was in the kitchen” I said. “I took him aside to get him to cool it before anyone saw. No big deal.”

Boss seemed to accept the fairly peculiar answer, and took a step forward towards me.

‘I certainly can’t blame him for getting fresh” he said, ‘you are a very attractive woman, any guy in his right mind would want to get to know you better”.

Wow!! This was the first time since I have worked there that he has even made any kind of remark about me as a woman- up to now he has been very well-behaved, other than now and then saying he liked my hair if I have a new style, or I look nice, if I have a new dress on when I am going home, but never anything sexual or personal.

He was now standing right in front of me. He put his hands on my shoulders, and looked at me.

Without another word, he suddenly pulled me towards him, pressing my boobs against him, and giving me a kiss on my mouth. I could feel his tongue probing to get me to open my lips.

His hands slid down from my shoulders, and cupped by breasts. With the light bra I had on, he could certainly feel my nipples which had responded immediately!

This was a problem on two levels.

I was not going to get physically involved with my boss, as it never works out, so I had to get out of this and still remain an employee, and second I had to let him, as a guy, down gently, because guys, no matter who they are, don’t take rejection well, especially if he knows (or thinks) his buddy got some kind of action earlier!

I took his hands in my hands, and off my breasts (where my nipples (little traitors!), were sending a message all of their own!) and held them down at his side.

I moved my head back to break the kiss.

“Boss, you know I like and respect you, and if I was not an employee, and we met somewhere, who knows, we may have got together, but I can’t and don’t want to get involved with you while I am working here “.

He seemed to suddenly ‘wake up”. He pulled his hands away and took a step back. His face was flushed.

“Tamz, I apologise, I don’t know what got into me” he said. ‘That was completely out of line. I’m sorry!”

I smiled at him and said “no problem boss, it’s been a long night. Do you want a liqueur before you go to bed?”

‘No’ said, “I have clearly had too much already. Will you please put my behaviour out of your mind Tamz?”

‘It’s already forgotten” I said. ‘No-one will know of this”.

I hoped that as a guy he was not hurt, and as my boss that he would not feel embarrassed about having me around in future, or as a potential threat to his marriage.

He turned and left the room, and I finished up and went across to my cottage, had a long hot bath and went to bed.

But that was not the end of the story.

On Sunday I was off, and so did not see anyone at the house.

On Monday, when I got to work, there was an envelope in the mail-tray with my name on it. This is itself is unusual ,as I don’t use the house address for mail, and the envelope must have been hand-delivered as there was no stamp on it.

I took it to the staff changing-room and opened it.

Inside was a note.

“Thank you for the fantastic “desert” on Saturday night. As I promised, this is for the charity. May I call you? My number is xxxxxxx. Artie.”

Attached to the note was a cheque for R5, 000 made out to the SPCA!!!!

I had completely forgotten how the whole thing started- what a sweetie to follow through with it! Rich guys can be very surprising.

The second surprise came later on Tuesday. I had seen my boss in passing, and we smiled at each other. He had stopped as we passed and asked quietly” are we good?”

I smiled back and said “of course we are”

At around 4 pm, the bodyguard cane looking for me, and gave me an envelope, one of those protective bubble-wrap types.

He said that the boss told him to give it “into my hands”.

When he had left, I took it to the bathroom, locked the door, and opened it.

Inside was a small box

I opened the box, to find the most gorgeous pair of pearl earrings!! A small note attached to the box read “for being so understanding” and the boss’s first-name initial.

I was stunned! It was over the top, but so typical of him- if he feels you are on his side, he will move heaven and earth for you, but if he feels you are a threat or against him, he will be ruthless and as cold as ice.

Just before dinner, I saw him in his study.

‘That really was not necessary” I said as I stood at the door.

He grinned at me.’ I liked the way you handled what could have been a very difficult situation” he said. “I like to reward competence!”

I laughed, and that was the end of that.

One thing did occur to me though, as I was writing this.

In a way, I did NOT get “paid” for something I DID, but I DID get “paid” for something I did NOT DO!

It’s a strange life!!

(Because many guys ask me how much of a story is true, let me explain this one:

All the events are 100% true.

In this case, the timelines are also fairly accurate – it all happened quite quickly.

All the names have been changed.)