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7 Oct 2014



15 minute read

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine who I met at a swinger-party last year phoned and asked if I knew of a girl who would do a striptease (and maybe more), for a friend of his who was getting married. My friend was arranging a small bachelor party for him and wanted to spice it up a bit. I had met a girl at a party earlier this year that dances at a strip club, and does private shows also, so I called her and gave her my friend’s number. I heard nothing more from him until the Thursday before the weekend, when he called and asked if I wanted to go to the party as well. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me there for, as I was not really into being part of the paid entertainment! He said that I could just chill, or do what I wanted, but that it should be fun anyway as the house where the party was to be was an ultra-modern penthouse, and he knows l like this style and the small group of guys would be really nice people. I said I would let him know. On the Friday afternoon I called him, and said I would go, but that I did not want to be pressured into anything if I did not feel like it- I wanted to be clear on that. Saturday evening I drove to the apartment block in Sandton, and I was buzzed up to the penthouse level. The home was really magnificent- very, very modern and minimalistic, blonde wood, raw steel and exposed brickwork- I don think I would enjoy living there, but it was stunning to look at. There were 5 guys there already, chilling on the deck with drinks, and a bar/snack set-up in the dining room leading onto the deck. My friend Brett was there and he introduced me to the guys. Most were the age of the groom, about 40ish, but one guy was a lot younger, around 19 or 20 I guessed- he was introduced as the brother of the groom. The bar was being served by a pretty blonde girl in a very short skirt and bikini top (which she filled very nicely!)- Brett said she was also going to dance later, as well as the stripper who would arrive at 11 pm. I felt a little uncomfortable, as the guys were already a bit tipsy, and were ogling me every time I moved- being the only female there, apart from the bar-hostess was not an ideal set-up for me. I had not dressed particularly sexily, and I had on a sleeveless emerald-green summer dress, quite short I guess, with matching strappy high-heel sandals- still, being the only girl was not comfortable. I stayed near to Brett, chatting with him and the groom, Nellis. About 10pm, the guys decided they wanted to swim in the heated tub. I could see them looking at each other, and was not sure what Brett had said about me, if anything. In any case, they went to the bathrooms to get changed, and I went inside to get a Coke. From there I could see them come back out, drop their towels and get into the tub- nude! there was no way I was going to be a plaything for a bunch of guys just like that, so I stayed inside and chatted to the bar-girl, who told me her name was Kimberley. When I expressed doubt, she laughed and said it was actually Susana, but she thought Kimberley was cooler! Anyway, she and I chatted- turns out she knew Brett from way back, when he and another guy hired her and a friend of hers as escorts one night to go to a function. One of the guys got out the tub, and walked over to where he had put his drink- Kim and I had a good look at his quite impressive cock, and very cute bum- I could see she was interested ! We chatted a while, and then decided to give the guys a bit of a warm-up for the later activities- Kim went out to them and took a drinks order. While she loaded the trays, I went to a bedroom and took off my dress and bra, leaving just my g string and high heels on. I went back to the dining room, Kim took her bikini top off, and we took the drinks trays out to the stoep, topless. The guys’ eyes nearly popped out of their heads! Kim is quite a lot younger than I am, and has big firm boobs (bigger than mine), with large brown nipples. When she bent over to put the tray down, with her back to the guys, I could see that she had taken off whatever panties she was wearing, because her cunt and bum was nicely visible for a second to them. I put the other tray down, and gave them each their drink, letting my boobs dangle in front of their faces. I could see under the water that at least 2 of the guys had started getting a hard-on, so I stayed like that for a moment, letting them get a good look at Kim and me, then we stood up and went back inside, with the guys calling for us to come and join them in the tub. The doorbell chimed, and Kim went to answer- a girl (dressed with a Mr Delivery-guy cap- but with a skirt and blouse) came in with some take-away boxes – obviously the stripper. It was Lexi, the girl I had referred to Brett- Kim also knew her as she was from the same agency. Kim showed her where the guys were, and she went out to them. She pretended to be from a delivery service, and put the boxes down on a table, bending low so they could see down her blouse. Then she asked who Nellis was, and went over to where he was sitting in the tub and squatted next to him, her legs facing him. She opened her knees and gave him a good look at her cunt, all the time talking to him as though there was nothing to see! The guys realised who she was, and started egging Nellis on, telling him to give her a good feel and so on. He was a bit shy at first- she took his hand and put it onto her thigh, then clamped her thighs closed on his hand. She pushed his hand all the way under her skirt, to near her cunt I guess, and rocked back and forth with his hand between her legs. (I have no idea how close he actually was to her pussy, though). As the guys carried on, she took her blouse off, keeping her bra on. She stood up, twirled around, and let her skirt fly up so they could see her panties. Telling them to come out of the tub and get dry, she swayed into the lounge area and went over to Kimberley was standing. She embraced Kim, giving her a big kiss and a hug. She ran her hands over Kim’s naked boobs, playing with her nipples, as Kim squeezed her bum and pulled her close. They stood there as the guys came in with towels around them, cocks clearly standing out! Lexi put her hand between Kim’s legs under her skirt, her hand high up, on Kim’s pussy. From the expression on her face I could see that Lexi had her hand on or in Kim’s cunt- her eyes were closed and her face was flushed. Kim and Lexi stayed like that for a few minutes, as the guys sat on the couches and chairs. Then Lexi moved away and went over to Nellis. She stood in front of him and danced slowly, pushing her hips round and round. She undid the clasp of her bra, and took it off. She had very nice boobs, small but very firm and pointed, with small pale nipples. She moved her boobs closer to Nellis, and pushed her nipple into his face. He opened his mouth and nibbled on it. She took his hands and put them on her boobs, and he played with her nipples. Kim walked up behind her, pressed herself against Lexis’ back, and reached round to put her hands under Lexis’ skirt. By now all the guys had hard-ons- they were watching this intently. Only the younger guy, the grooms brother, seemed embarrassed- I guessed that he had not seen or been part of public sex before, and he was not quite sure what to do, or where to look- but he did have a big hard-on under his towel from what I could see. Lexi unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She had on stockings and a tiny g string. Kim put her hand under Lexis g string, on top of her cunt. Lexi undid the towel around Nellis, and opened it. A nice big hard-on sprang into view. With a smile, Lexi knelt down in front of Nellis and played with his cock. She opened her mouth and took it in, sliding her tongue around the head and then taking all of it in, almost down to his balls. 3 of the guys were playing with their cocks, mostly over the towel, but one had his hand under the towel and was jerking off quite hard. Only the young guy was not doing anything- I saw him touch his cock every so often, but then he stopped as soon as he thought someone might be looking. Kim had taken off her skirt and was now nude. She had a lovely body, trim and muscular, with a neat trimmed triangle of dark hair between her legs, stopping just above her slit. She had sat down behind Lexi, and had her hand under Lexis’ g-string, with one finger inside her. Lexi seemed to ignore that, and just kept sucking Nellis‘s cock. Kim’s other hand was between her own legs, running her finger up and down her own slit. Lexi stood up, took off her g string and in one move jumped on top of Nellis. She sat on his lap, and played with his cock against her cunt. She had no hair at all, and had a very small slit. After a moment, she took a condom from next to her, put it on him, lifted herself a little, and guided his cock into her. Kim stood up, went to the guy on the far left, and undid his towel. Then she went to the next guy, and undid his, and so on, until all 5 of the guys were sitting there with their cocks standing up (except for Nellis, who was fucking Lexi). She went back to the first two guys and took them by the hand, pulling them to their feet. She positioned one in front of her, and one behind her, and like a human sandwich she started rubbing her body between them. The one had his cock pressed against her cunt, the other in the crack in her bum. Neither could actually fuck her like that, but I could see that they were both enjoying the feeling. I was very horny now, and wanted some action. I went to Brett and the younger guy- still sitting, and sat between them. I took a cock in each hand and stroked it. As I did so, I felt some pre-cum on the young guys cock. I stopped playing with it, because I did not want him to come like that in front of the others. I took Brett by the hand and led him over to where Kim was with the 2 guys. Leaving him there, I went back to the young guy. I took his hand, and led him to the bedroom where I had put my dress. I stepped out of my g string, and stood in front of him, and took off his towel. He really had a nice cock- big and thick, and a nice shape, and he had a very nice body- strong quite ripped I lay down on the bed and signalled to him to come to me. He did, and lay next to me- it was quite sweet- very few guys at a swinger party actually lie next to a girl- mostly they want to have her suck them right away (because their wife won’t.) I lay on my back and took his hand. I put it over my cunt, and pressed his fingers into my slit. As he started stroking me I played with his cock, being careful not to go near the head so that he did not cum too soon. He soon put two fingers into me, and I opened my legs wide. Once I was wet, I pushed him onto his back, and sat astride him. At first I did not put his cock into me; I just let it rub on my slit. Then, as he got more excited, I took a condom from where I had put it, and slid it onto his cock and into me, sitting still at first. Once his cock was in and he was relaxed a bit, I started riding him slowly. I took his hands and put them on by boobs- he was gentle at first, so I told him to play harder with my nipples. He got the idea, and squeezed and pinched them, sending a thrill through me boobs. I was very wet now- he was young and innocent in a way, and it felt good to have such a young guy under me. I fucked him harder, feeling his cock go deeper and deeper each time. I rocked backwards and forwards, so that his cock pressed against the walls of my pussy, gripping him tightly. My nipples were hard and tender, and I felt the tingle as he pinched them and rolled them between his fingers. He started to moan and push and I felt he was going to cum. I clenched my thighs around his cock and rocked back and forth harder. He came with a loud groan, holding me to him. I waited until he had finished, then, as he got softer, I got off him. I lay next to him, holding him to me- it was just like a real date, not like a swinger-fuck at all! After a while, I asked him if he wanted to play with any of the other girls- he said no, but he did want to fuck me again later! I laughed and said we would see how it went. He said he wanted to go to the bathroom, so I went first and then went to the lounge. Kim and Lexi were both on the floor on their backs, a guy on top of each fucking them. Nellis had his cock in Kim’s mouth. Brett was sitting to one side watching. His cocks looked softish, so I guessed he had cum already. I stood for a sec and watched. Lexi saw me, and motioned me to come over. I did so. She pulled on my ankles so I was standing above her head, and then she pulled my legs down. I knelt above her face with my cunt, lowering my cunt until it was on her mouth. The guy fucking her moved his mouth to try and get to my boobs, but I was intent on getting to Lexi. She took my hips and pulled me towards her. I felt her finger thrust into my cunt, opening it wide. Then the most exquisite feeling as her tongue pushed deep between my pussy-lips, licking me and nibbling at my clit. As her tongue thrust into me, her hand went to my bum, and her finger went into my bum-hole, slowly at first, then harder. Her tongue pushed hard and deep, and she rotated her finger in my bum. The guy fucking her pulled his cock out of her, knelt, took the condom off, and jerked off his load over her cunt, tummy and boobs. As he did, I ground my cunt onto her face and started to cum. She took both hands, spread my cunt-lips and rubbed my clit hard. I came in a rush, juice squirting down my legs onto her face. I collapsed next to her in a heap, trembling. Kim had finished with the guy who was fucking her and rolled towards us. She put both hands between Lexis’ legs and pushed one hand half-way into Lexi’s cunt, fisting her. Lexi bucked and pushed back, and Kim just kept pushing more and more of her hand in. Lexi gave a small scream. She grabbed Kim’s hand and pushed it all the way into her cunt, as she came. Kim’s hand was soaked, juice running out of Lexi onto the carpet. Nellis’s younger brother was staring at this rigidly, his hand on his cock which was now hard again. I waved at him to come over- he had lost his inhibition, and walked over with his cock sticking up. I said to Kim to suck him till he cums again- she did not need a second invitation- she knelt in front of him, took him in her pretty mouth, and started sucking. I felt for his balls, and fondled them. I let one had go to his bum- he tensed at first, but as I stroked his bum-hole he relaxed and I put the tip of one finger into his bum. After a few minutes, he started to jerk his hips and pull at Kim’s head. I thought she would make him cum on her, but she kept going, and pulled him deeper into her mouth. He came in her mouth, shuddering as he did. She kept suckling until he had stopped, swallowing all his cum. Later that night Lexi and Kim both fucked Nellis again, taking turns together one after another for about an hour, so I guess by the time he got married he had learned a few new tricks to keep his wife happy! Brett came back to my house after the party, as he had not fucked me at all that night- we fucked till early in the morning when he went home to his wife. Don’t think she got any action from him though!

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