Written by wildchildtammy

08 Mar 2014

I had a really interesting experience a weekend ago. I had thought that I was a pretty good judge of people, and what they would and would not do, but I was surprised by the people that weekend!

First, some background to at least 3 of the people.

Andre and I have known each other for years- our parents were house-friends, and he is about the same age as I am, so we would play together as kids when the parents visited. He has grown to be a fairly stocky, muscular kind of guy, quite bright and he has done very well for himself over the years.

He moved to Johannesburg a short while after I did, bringing his (then) new wife Sandy with. Because we had known each other, and they did not really know many people in JHB, we often saw each other, Andre, Sandy and me, for movies, braai’s and so on .So I know them quite well, but not VERY well.

Sandy and I did get to know each other quite well. Well enough for her to share with me that they had a fairly “open” marriage, and she was allowed to meet and fuck other guys, as long as she told Andre! She is an estate agent, and has to be at houses on weekends when they are on show. So she takes whoever she wants to fuck to such a house when no-one is there!

I did not get the impression that she was all that keen on Andre seeing girls on his own, but she said that they had had a threesome on a few occasions. (From what I know of Andre, I think he was fucking other girls without telling her, but anyway). She did not seem to be suggesting that she or they were interested in me as a partner, maybe because they felt that my previous friendship with Andre might make it weird to now fuck together.

Now Sandy has a twin sister, not identical, but very close- it’s quite odd, normally twins are either identical or very different- Sandy and Esme’ just look very similar, but you can easily tell them apart up close, although to someone who does not know them, it may be difficult at times.

Esme’ had been living in Johannesburg for many years, and was married although I had only met her husband Johan once or twice

They are both sort of blonde, Sandy colours her hair more blonde that Esme’, about my height and with nice slim figures. I know that Sandy has had a boob-job a while ago, but I had no idea whether Esme’ also had one done.

A weekend ago I was invited to Andre and Sandy’s house for a lunch-time braai. They have a lovely home in Benoni, with a big garden and a very big (electrically) heated pool-(it’s often so hot it’s like a giant bath-tub- not really my idea of a pool!) and a nice pool-room area with a Jacuzzi, a bar and some couches, lounge chairs and so on.

When I got there, there were maybe 20 people already there. The afternoon was nice, relaxed and fun. We swam, talked, and danced a bit to the music and so on. One guy in particular seemed to always be around me- Paul. He was very good-looking, and nicely built, but not really my kind of guy- very full of himself and happy to share about his Porsche, his fancy house and so on. He was very well-travelled, so at least when he came to chat every so often we had something to talk about!

When everyone started leaving at around 1800, I was also going to leave, but Andre asked me to stay, relax with then for a while, and maybe have a light supper. Eventually, it was just Andre and Sandy, Esme’ and her husband Johan, me.

And Paul!

We were all sitting in the pool-room area, listening to Neil Diamond, and just chilling. Even Paul had calmed down and stopped trying to impress me. I may be a bit slow, but it only later occurred to me that this was arranged, so that Paul could spend time “alone” with me- maybe Sandy was trying to find me a boyfriend!

Sandy and Johan were sitting on a couch together, as were Andre and Esme’ – so husband with sister-in-law. Odd. And Paul came to lounge on the edge of the big day-bed where I was lying.

I was quite tired after all the sun and food, and lay back and closed my eyes, listening to the music. I felt Paul sliding up nearer to me, but did not open my eyes or react.

After a while, it had all gone quiet in that no-one was talking, just the music playing.

I opened my eyes a little- Andre, sitting next to his sister-in-law, Esme’, had pulled her bikini top down, and was sucking on her nipples! I looked over to see if Johan was watching his wife- he wasn’t, but only because he had his head on Sandy’s tummy, and was licking his way down to her pussy!

This was news to me- I had no idea that they played with each other’s wives, but Sandy’s comment about her “open” marriage now made sense.

As I watched, Andre undid Esme’s bikini top, and took her boobs in his hands. She had not had a boob job it turns out, and she had really cute, small, pointed boobs, with hard pink upturned nipples. As he sucked on her boobs, her hand was inside his shorts, massaging his cock.

Johan had by now reached Sandy’s bikini bottom with his mouth, and pulled it down so that the top of her pussy showed. He was licking and sucking her pussy, her eyes closed, head back, one hand under her bikini top playing with her nipple.

Clearly, this was going to be an interesting evening

Paul was lying next to me by now, watching me watching the two couples. I still had my eyes a bit closed. I felt his hand on my leg, just above my knee. I was not sure that I actually wanted to do much with him- I was very chilled and not really in the mood for sex, but I figured a little bit of play would not hurt.

I rested my hand on his tummy, and stroked his very hard six-pack. He took this as a sign of encouragement, and let his hand slide up my leg, coming to rest a few centimetres below my bikini bottom. The feeling of him stroking my leg was nice, and he felt nice. I parted my legs a little bit. He let his hand go higher, touching around the sides of my bikini bottom, next to my pussy. Then he very gently let his hand rest on my pussy, waiting to see what I would do. I put my hand under my bikini top and played with my nipples.

He ran his finger up and down over my slit, pushing the fabric in softly so that the lips showed in a camel-toe. I unclipped my bikini top, which has a front fastening, and took it off. My nipples were very hard and standing up, and as his finger ran up and down my slit, he leaned over and began to suck and nibble on each one in turn.

At this stage I was really only planning to maybe jerk him off, as I was getting horny , what with his attentions and watching the others, but I was not sure that I wanted to go further with him.

Esme had taken her bikini bottom off, and Andre was kneeling between her legs, his face at her pussy. She had a bikini trim, with a neat light brown/blonde triangle of hair between her legs. His tongue was flicking at her slit, and his one hand was around his hard cock, sticking out of the front of his costume.

Sandy was also naked, as was Johan. He was sitting on the couch now, and Sandy was lowering herself onto his cock, watching her husband lick her sister’s cunt. Sandy’s boob job was nice, not too big, and her boobs looked firm but not unnatural, maybe a 34c.

Sandy was fully shaved with a Hollywood wax, her smooth flat stomach ending in a neat, tight slit

Paul slid his hand under my bikini bottom, and his finger traced a line along my by-now quite wet slit, parting the lips a bit. I was starting to decide that maybe I would give him a blow-job, when I looked down at his costume.

I opened my eyes fully, and looked again- this had to be a joke- there was no way that the bulge inside his costume was real. It looked like he had a rolled-up small towel in the front of his pants, filling the entire front, and pushing up at the draw-string at the top. His finger was now in my cunt, sliding in and out, and I was getting wet.

I just had to see what was inside his shorts! I reached further down, and stroked it- it felt huge! I lifted the front of his shorts, and the head of a really, really big cock stuck out. I pulled at his shorts, and he lifted his bum s they could slide down.

I have seen a lot of cocks, but this was one of the largest I have ever seen. Not only was it long, it was also very thick. He was completely shaved, so it stood out even more!

I put my hand around it, and it only just fitted!

I stroked it, and as I did it got harder and if anything evens a bit bigger. This was going to be fun!

I slid off the daybed and knelt in front of him. I took the huge head in my mouth, and sucked on it, running my tongue around the head. I took as much as I could into my mouth, but most of it was still outside, so I held it in the palm of my hand, wrapped my finger around it, and massaged it.

He leaned right forward, and put his hand between my legs, his fingers in my cunt, his thumb resting on my clit .I moved up and down as he did so, letting his fingers go deep into me, riding his hand.

After a while, I took his cock out of my mouth. I said to him that we could try, but there was no way he was going to put all of his cock into me. If he wanted to, he could put the head in slowly, and we would see from there. I said that if he suddenly thrust when he was in me, I would pull his balls off!

He wanted me to lie down, but I said no way. I would control the movement.

I got up and sat above this huge cock. I took a condom out of my bag, and put it with difficulty onto his cock, and then lowered myself slowly onto it.

I took the head and rubbed it along my slit until it was inside the lips, and then I let a little of it go in. As more and more of the head went in, it felt like I was going to burst- it filled my entire cunt, stretching the outer lips till it almost hurt, pushing against my clit at the top.

He had my boobs in his hands, and licked each nipple in turn, as I moved very carefully up and down to see how far in it could go. After a while, it got the point where is started getting really sore, so I grasped his cock around the shaft at that area, so it could not go deeper by mistake, and rode him up and down, each time stopping where my hand was around it.

He lay back; eyes closed, and moved only a little as I went up and down. I was too worried I would get hurt to have much fun, but he seemed to enjoy it. He began to grunt, and then gave a series of small jerks, and I felt him cumming inside the condom, squirt after squirt, till he relaxed.

I got off him very slowly, the cock sliding its length out of me for what seemed like forever!

I sat next to him, took the condom off, and put my head on his chest. He said that it was great and that many girls would not even allow him to try to enter them (I said I was not surprised!)

I looked at the others. Both girls had got off the couches, and were on the floor, kneeling, facing each other, their heads next to each other. Their brother-in –law was behind them, fucking them doggy-style.

The two sisters were being pounded hard, the guys really driving into each of them.

Johan started groaning, and with a grunt pulled his cock out of his sister-in-law, pointed it at his wife, and squirted a stream of cum at her face. Esme’ had her mouth open, but most of it ended up in her hair and on her back.

Andre thrust even harder into Esme’, and came inside her cunt, ramming his cock in as his brother-in-law watched his wife getting a load of cum in her.

All four collapsed on the floor, and I could see Andre’s cum leaking out of Esme‘s cunt as she lay on the floor.

Sandy looked at me, at Paul’s slowly receding huge cock, and smiled- clearly she had seen his cock before, and knew what I was in for!