Written by wildchildtammy

06 Feb 2015

2 weeks ago I was invited to go away for a weekend by a guy I have been on 3 dates with.

(My English teacher would kill me … that should read: “a guy with whom I have been on 3 dates”)

Anyway, Paul is a really nice guy, quite a bit older than me. His wife died a few years ago, and we met at a friend’s birthday party last year.

He asked me out, and I really enjoyed his company. He is polite, funny, very educated and knows how to have a good time. The fact that he is also rich does not hurt!

What I like about him is that he treats me like a queen - he does not grope and “demand” sex, although the one occasion we did sleep together (after the second date) was fantastic- relaxed, fun and very nice in every way. We did not sleep together on the next date as he had to go overseas the next day and needed to pack, but he also did not push, which was great.

He is aware that I have, let’s say an “adventurous” sex-life, but we have never gone into detail - he has not asked and I have not told. He does know about my GF Gabi in Italy, but again he did not pressure me into any details, so he is aware at least at some level that I am bi-sexual.

(This long story has relevance to what happened, so bear with me!)

Paul has a magnificent, super-luxury imported caravan which he bought when his wife was still alive - they loved camping - but in style. I was flattered when he asked me to join him for a weekend away with the caravan, as I know it must have memories of his wife for him, and to have another woman there must be difficult. So the plan was to leave around 9 on a Thursday morning, for the roughly 2 hour drive to the caravan park near the Vaal Dam. We would stay there on the Thursday just chilling, and then go to the dam on the Friday to meet with a friend of his who has a big yacht moored somewhere, and go for a sail overnight, coming back on Saturday, braai at the caravan park, and then go home.

What enticed me, apart from liking Paul, was that he knows I am friends with a girl by the name of Li May, a Chinese girl I met at the party when I first met Paul, and May would be there too. The owner of the yacht had invited her, as they had just started dating. Small world.

A word about May. (Chinese names are written back to front, so Li May means her surname is Li, her first name is May). What Paul did not know was that I knew May was seeing Richard, the yacht owner, because she told me so. We struck up a friendship at that party where she was with a much older Chinese man. After a few drinks, I asked her about the age gap - May is 25, and he was not under 55!

She was reluctant to discuss it, but when we got to know each other, we really liked each other and saw each other several times after that, when she told me her story.

May worked for a couple who managed a few women who provided “services” to wealthy clients. These services were to accompany men on dates, trips, functions, overseas travel etc. While it sounds like an escort service, it’s not really - the fee does NOT include sex as a guarantee - IF the escort likes the man, and IF he treats her well, she will have sex, but there is no promise. So it’s more like having a beautiful, willing date, than hiring a pomp for the night.

In fact, very few assignments are for less than 2 nights, and the women go overseas and travel locally a lot - an assignment within JHB is the exception. There are no more than 4 or 5 women “on the books” at any one time, and there is no advertising - it’s all word of mouth. It’s VERY expensive and VERY exclusive. The women are all beautiful, well-educated and intelligent and comfortable in any company.

May worked for them for 3 years from age 22 to now, when she met Richard, and decided to stop - she had had enough anyway, she said.

May is also bi, as I found out when I talked about Gabi - although May has never had a girlfriend as such; she has played with girls, although she prefers men most of the time.

She is a lot of fun, with a very naughty sense of humour, and very pretty - delicate features, shoulder-length, jet-black straight hair, the most delightful almond-shaped eyes and a flawless skin. She is petite, slim and in great shape (as she would be at 25!), but seemed to have bigger boobs that I would have expected on such a small frame - maybe enhanced?

Paul and I left his house around 930 and drove the 2 hours towing the huge caravan.

It has an enormous double bed, a dining room/lounge, a biggish bathroom with hot and cold water, aircon and central gas heating for cold nights. It’s beautiful, although not something I would spend my money on. (I think it cost him the better part of R400k when he bought it)

We arrived, he set up the caravan while I helped where I could, and we chilled for the afternoon, swimming and reading. Being a Thursday, the park was quite empty, so we had the facilities to ourselves.

That night, after a wonderful braai, we sat under the stars and toasted marshmallows, then went to bed. It was such fun in the huge bed (it’s the full width of the caravan, 2.5 m and 1.9m long!). I let Paul start "seducing” me, kissing and cuddling. I could feel that his cock was rigid from the start, and I let him rub against me as we cuddled.

Once he had kissed for a while, he moved on to my boobs, then down my tummy. I parted my legs, and he lifted them over his shoulders, kissing and licking my pussy deeply. He was very good, and I was really aroused. After a while I took my legs down, pulled him up to me, and turned around to suck his cock. He got into the 69 position and continued with my pussy while I took his cock in my mouth. He was very turned on and was moving his cock in my mouth, pushing it in and out as I sucked.

I did not want him to cum just yet, so I turned back and lay on my back. He climbed on top of me and slid his cock into me. When he was fully inside me, he stared to fuck, quite hard, grinding the base of his cock against my clit area each time. I could feel his cock in me, and my clit was getting stimulated. He mouthed my nipples, kissed my throat and the sides of my boobs.

At times, he would not pull back out, but stayed far in my pussy, just moving from side to side, rubbing on my clit hard. I felt an orgasm starting. I pushed back, hammering into him as I felt the warmth start. He kept up the pressure, and a delicious orgasm came, flooding me. As I began to make sounds as I came, he allowed himself to cum - we came together, moaning and shouting as our juices mingled. He kept fucking until he was sure I had finished.

We lay there a while; then he rolled off me and put his head on my boobs. I fell asleep almost immediately, as I do after good sex. I sleep for 10 minutes, in the deepest sleep you can imagine - out like a light. Then I woke up, and went to the bathroom to clean up. He did so after me, and we lay there on the bed, looking at the sky through the skylight, content. The next morning, I awoke to the smell of coffee - Paul was standing at the kitchenette area, coffee made and biscuits on a plate.

We had coffee, went for a walk, and then got ready to go to the Dam. We arrived there at 10, and parked at the Marina at Deneysville. Standing on the jetty, we saw Richard and May on the yacht already - it is a big catamaran, quite new I think judging by the condition.

There is a small (very small!) dingy which took us to the yacht, and we threw our bags into it, climbed in and the guy drove us out to the yacht where it was anchored in the marina harbour.

Climbing aboard at the stern, Richard greeted us - I had met him once before, but did not know him well. Paul had met May when she was with Richard, but did not know her either.

May came up from the cabin - she looked lovely - she had on VERY short white shorts, a baggy white t shirt and a huge floppy sun-hat, her black hair framing her doll-like face, and, typically May, beautifully done makeup. We greeted, and May showed me to our bunks below. The yacht has sleeping for 6, but it’s more comfortable for 4. We stowed our bags and went back on deck.

Richard cast off, and we motored out of the harbour. Once out, he unfurled a sail, and the light breeze pushed us along at a gentle rate. The nice thing about a catamaran is that it does not heel over. It's tiring to be on a mono-hull yacht where one can never really find a place to sit or lie because the angle of the deck keeps changing. We sailed for a few hours, May and I lying under an awning on the fore-deck, the guys mostly at the wheel at the aft deck.

Around lunchtime, May and I went inside to the galley to prepare salads, while the guys looked for a good anchorage to stop for lunch. Richard found a small cove, lowered the sail and dropped anchor. Once we were stable the guys started the braai hanging over at the stern (and if any guys reading this think that their braai at home is expensive, go and cost a full stainless steel yacht braai! They say that you will love yachting if you like standing under a shower fully clothed tearing up R200 notes!)

I was wearing my gold and white bikini, and May had on a tiny black bikini, the bra part barely covering her nipples, and a thong bottom. She did have quite big boobs I saw, full and firm, and her bikini bottom showed prominent pudenda, her camel-toe clearly visible. We had both taken our tops off earlier. I noticed the guys trying not to look!

May had cute boobs, a lovely shape, with quite big brown nipples.

I remarked on her boobs, and she said that they were natural, and at home, in China, were a source of embarrassment, as guys went mad for them, wanting to grope her on every occasion, because Chinese girls are generally quite small-boobed, so her bigger boobs are unusual to them. She said that during puberty, when they started to be bigger than the other girls’, she would bind them with a scarf to keep them flat so that the boys did not try to fondle her in the school hall.

Lying there under the awning, it was hot - no breeze in the cove, and no movement of the yacht to cool us down.

“Want to swim”? asked May. (She has the nicest accent -she went to school in the USA, and has a slight American accent mixed with a slight Chinese sound at times.)

"Sure", I said, “but I only have this bikini and then a one-piece - and I don’t want to get this wet just before we sit down to lunch.”

"So we swim without" she said.

"Altogether without?” I asked, ”nothing?”

"Why not?” She asked. "Paul has seen you nude, Richard has certainly seen me nude, so what’s the problem?”

"No problem” I said. ‘Let’s swim!”

We stood up, took off our bikini bottoms, wrapped the towels around our waists and walked to the stern where the swim platform (and the braai) was.

The guys made some comment about joining us in the water soon. I could see the interest in their eyes as we walked towards them topless - while each had seen “his” girl nude, neither had seen the other girl nude - so it must have been a turn-on. (And if I say so myself, we both have nice boobs and a nice figure, so the sight of us walking along, boobs swinging, must have looked great.)

We looked at each other, dropped our towels on the deck and climbed down to the platform. The guys stood and stared! I almost laughed out loud - their faces were a sight to see as they realised that we were both nude!

We dived in, swam in the cool water for a while, and then climbed back out.

The guys could not take their eyes off us as we dried ourselves, trying to be unselfconscious about our nudity. May was not fully shaved - she had a neat triangle of trimmed, soft straight pubic hair ending at the top of her pussy. The pussy itself was shaved, and she had quite a prominent “mound of venus”, which looked very sexy.

I was as usual fully shaved, as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

We carried our towels and went to lie down again until the braai was ready. Without discussing it, we both left our bikini bottoms off, and lay under the awning, nude. The guys kept looking over the cabin cowling, trying not to make it obvious!

When lunch was ready, we put our bikinis back on and went inside out of the sun to eat. The guys did not say anything, but there was a new excitement in the air for sure! We sailed some more that afternoon, till about 6 pm, and then anchored at an inlet out of the wind and out of sight of other yachts.

May and I wanted to swim again, so we did as before - off with the bikinis and into the water. We teased the guys that they were too chicken to take off their costumes, so they did and dived in. We lazed in the water holding onto ropes from the yacht, then got out and went to lie down to dry off.

May had had quite a bit to drink at lunch, and was a little tipsy I think. We lay next to each other, first on our tummy then on our back. The guys sat nearby having a beer, and glancing at the pussies and boobs on show! (Aren’t sunglasses wonderful - I could see exactly what they are looking at without them seeing me!)

I closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth of the late afternoon sun.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my tummy. I opened my eyes. May had her hand on my tummy, running her nails idly up and down, tickling me.

I smiled at her, and she smiled back, moving her hand lower. Her fingers were now at the top of my bikini line. She ran her hand back up to just under my boobs, then tickled the underside of my boobs, and brushed over my nipples with her long nails.

I smiled again to show her that I was ok with this. She immediately took her hand down toward my pussy, and I felt her nails right at the top of my slit.

I reached out to her, and put my hand right on her pussy, on the trimmed hair, my fingers resting on her smooth slit, one finger on her clit area. I probed with that finger, feeling her lips open. She shuddered and opened her legs a bit. Within a few minutes, we both had a finger in each other’s slit, playing slowly.

We had not said a word or even looked at each other again - just lying there playing.

It was quite sensual, lying in the warm evening air, the sound of the water lapping against the hull, feeling her gently arousing me. No pressure, no rush, just warmth.

As we both became more aroused, I looked up to see where the guys were.

Rich and Paul were sitting on the cockpit roof, beer in hand, watching silently. They both understood that this was a girl thing, not an invitation for them to have sex - and they were content (I guess!) to watch and enjoy two women pleasuring each other.

May rolled over towards me, and put her head on my chest, taking a nipple in her mouth, caressing it with her tongue. She slid down, licking my tummy, till her mouth got to the top of my pussy, then she worked her way back up to my neck. I felt her boobs as she slid down - they were full and firm, but natural, the dark nipples erect and hard. She lay on top of me, cuddling and kissing my neck and cheeks - it was so nice and almost innocent in a way. She got off, and lay back. I leaned towards her, took her face in my hands and kissed her long and hard on her mouth, my tongue searching her mouth, feeling her soft lips. We kissed for a while, and then got up and walked, nude, to the cabin to put on our tops, and make dinner.

Over dinner, the guys were quiet, and I could see that they were thinking about what they had seen, and what it might mean for their chances that evening. I guess it’s every guy’s erotic fantasy to watch and play with two girls having sex, so the night ahead must have looked interesting to them both! After dinner, we sat outside a while, and then, when it got cool, went into the cabin. Richard put on some music, and we sat around chatting and just chilling.

I was of course sitting next to Paul, and I lay against his chest, relaxing and feeling good. May was lying on a couch, her head on Richard's lap.

We were both still in our bikini bottoms, but I had a beach-wrap on, and May had on her oversize t-shirt.

The cabin was by now quite dark, with just the navigation lights giving some light inside.

Paul turned to me and kissed me, and we cuddled for a while. He put his hand under my wrap, and cupped my boobs, fondling my nipples. I was immediately aroused, and snuggled closer, putting my hand on his crotch, feeling his cock under his shorts. He was already hard, and I stroked his cock, feeling the shaft and the head clearly.

He wanted to get up, I think to go to the bunks to continue, but I was content where I was, and was happy to continue there - I knew that May would enjoy having all of us in one place, and would not be shy to fuck in front of others. The trick was going to be to get Richard and Paul to feel comfortable with it!

May and Richard were also kissing, his hands under her t shirt. She lifted herself off Richards lap, and took her t-shirt off, and then lay down again, but this time with her face down. She undid his board-shorts zip, and put her mouth onto his cock. He looked up at Paul, who glanced at me. I undid the waist-tie of Paul’s shorts, reached into his costume, and took his hard cock out, and put it in my mouth.

Both guys now realised that May and I were happy to go ahead right there, and that they were going to get fucked in front of each other.

Paul was rock-hard and very turned on. I sucked his cock for a while, playing with his balls, and letting my fingers tickle his anus. He moved his hips, excited and ready.

I stood, took my bikini bottom off, and straddled him. I sat astride him, and guided his cock into my, by now, very wet pussy.

Once he was fully in, I rode him, flexing my hips not only backwards and forwards but also is a slight circular motion - guys say that it feels amazing, like their cock is being gripped and aroused all around. As I did this, he reached up and fondled my nipples, my boobs just in front of his face.

I get kind of lost in myself when I fuck like this on top of a guy - it’s almost like masturbating, more than fucking, as I am in total control of the speed, depth and feeling - all he has to do is lie back and enjoy it. May had also taken her bikini bottom off. She got onto the cabin floor on all fours, and Richard mounted her from behind, kneeling behind her. I saw that he had a very nice cock, uncut, quite thick. He put it in her pussy, and within a minute was ramming her hard.

We both fucked like that for a while, the soft music punctuated by our sounds of fucking and breathing. May and I both wanted to move to a different position at the same time. She got up as I got off Paul. I smiled at her, and she walked over to where Paul and I were. She took me by the hand, and guided me to the couch on the other side of the cabin. She sat me down, and then pushed me back so I was lying on my back. Climbing above me, she got into a 69 position, and buried her face in my pussy. I pulled her cunt down to my face, and licked her slit, sliding my tongue into her cunt, feeling for her clit.

She opened my pussy with her fingers, and rotated her tongue around my clit, pushing some fingers into my cunt at the same time.

I was VERY wet, and she got quite a few fingers into me, thrusting them deep in me. I did the same, and was surprised that I could get four fingers into her easily, ramming them in, feeling her cunt tense around them as I pushed. I was getting very turned on. I looked at Paul - he was sitting watching, riveted - his hand on his cock, masturbating vigorously, as was Richard.

May lifted her head from my cunt, and turned to look at me.

“Want to swop guys?” she whispered.

“Ok” I gasped; her fingers had not stopped their work!

She looked over at Richard, and motioned with her head for him to come to her.

I did the same to Paul.

The guys came over, not quite sure what to expect.

May and I were still lying in a 69, her on top of me.

Richard went to May, where her head was at my cunt. She took his cock with one hand, and pulled him to her face. I think he thought she was going to suck him, but she moved her head to one side, and pointed at my cunt beneath her face. He looked at Paul, then at me. May pulled on his cock, dragging him forward with it. He knelt between my legs, and May positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. May's bum was in the air above my face. I took Paul's hand when he got close enough, and guided him to kneel behind May's bum. He took her hips in his hands, and I put his cock on the outer lips of her cunt.

Within a second, he slid his cock into her, all the way - she gave a little gasp of pleasure as it slid in, then I felt Richard's cock enter my cunt - thicker than Paul’s, but not as long. He began to fuck fast right away - clearly very horny and ready to cum soon I guessed.

As Paul’s cock thrust into May, I put my face at her cunt again, and licked her clit as Paul’s cock went in and out, also licking his cock when I could. May felt this, and as Richards’ cock entered me, she fingered my pussy hard, rubbing my clit, and trying to get a finger into me along with Richard's cock. When that did not work, she used her hands to pull my pussy lips apart, and found my clit with her tongue, sucking on it.

It was so erotic, watching Paul’s cock ram into May while licking her cunt and feeling Richard in me - I was massively aroused, soaking wet and excited as could be.

I fondled Paul’s balls as his cock went in and out, feeling May's pussy juices running down him, onto my face.

I think that both May and I realised that the guys were not going to last much longer - they were after all not used to this sort of sex, and it was to be expected that they would cum soon.

May wriggled a bit and pushed Paul away from her cunt, and then got off me while Richard took his cock out of me also. Standing up, she took Richard's hand and led him back to the other couch.

She lay on her back on the couch, and Richard entered her from the front. She raised her legs straight up into the air over his shoulders, her feet pointed like a ballerina as he crouched above her and pounded straight down into her cunt with his thick cock.

I pushed Paul to lie flat on the couch where we were, his cock throbbing and slick with May’s juices - he looked ready to cum any second!

I wiped his cock with a serviette, knelt between his legs and said to him:”cum now, like this!” I took his cock in my mouth, and sucked it hard, massaging the shaft as well. I ran my tongue around the head and licked at the sensitive part in front, nibbling it.

As I took his balls in my hand I tasted some pre-cum, and knew he was ready.

I sucked even more, and massaged the shaft faster and faster.

I felt his whole body tense, and then warm, salty jets of cum hit the back of my mouth - more and more cum, my tongue full of cum, some dripping down my chin. I kept sucking as he shot out his cum into my mouth - it seemed like forever! When he was completely done, and still, I took his cock out of my mouth.

I looked up at him, opened my mouth so he could see the cum in it, closed my mouth and swallowed it in two swallows, wiping the rest off my chin with my hands. He was mesmerised, trembling slightly. I figured he probably was not ready for me to kiss him on the mouth, so I kissed his sweaty tummy and chest, and lay down next to him.

Richard was fucking May hard, her legs still over his shoulders, her cunt as wide as it could go. He went very fast, then stopped, and with a loud shout began to cum in her cunt as he started ramming into her again. He went on for a long time, May keeping up the movement, locking her legs around him now so that she clenched her cunt. When he was done, he stopped, waited, and climbed off her.

May was not done yet though - she put her legs down, with her knees bent and wide apart, and put one hand between her legs.

With the other hand she pulled at a nipple, while her hand disappeared into her cunt, almost fisting herself. She slammed her hand deep into her cunt, hard, a few times, then closed her legs on her hand and thrust even harder as she came, yelping and moaning. When her orgasm subsided she put her legs down, and curled up in a ball, her hands between her legs.

A while later we went to our bunks, got cleaned up, and went back outside to sit at the stern to have our coffee.

When we finally went to bed, Paul said that it was the best sex he had ever had - he had never expected me to allow him to fuck another girl in front of me, and had never had a girl let him cum in her mouth, let alone swallow his cum.

I asked if he was ok with Richard fucking me, and he said that, when we had first swam nude, they had joked that they should try out each other’s date - little did they know what would happen!